A Message from Lady Portia

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Channeled by Giselle Koy

Lady Portia here.

It is seldom I come through for these channelings because my energy works to infuse projects with the necessary finesse and refinement. For example, on a mathematical formula, there may be a missing quotient or process which I can provide: I am a cosmic chemist if you will for I work with components and specific ratios.

I had a lab in France which was well funded. I worked side by side (between : ) Lord St. Germain and his dear friend Casanova who was at the time plagued with human drama but nonetheless quite effective.

What is important here today is the general mixture of all things from the sub-atomic to the galactic. For as we all know, all elements must show up in the correct proportions. We can make all technologies needed to be seeded for the overnight salvation of Mother Earth. Tune in for specifics such as 1) Converting sea water to drinking water and 2) Burning off all toxicity. There is a way to dissipate anything toxic through holy purification fire. The I AM FIRE.

This is not a concept. This in not an etheric thought. This is a true purifying force, it is just not visible from you dimensional perspective.

Light violet fires everywhere with the intention of engulfing all toxicity off the planet. All toxicity is a big subject for it includes environmental, emotional, mental, galactic and personal.

Where do you think the word firewall comes from? The violet flame is the Original Firewall of Protection, although it does so much more. It is the true alchemical blast needed for the planet today. Let us set off some Violet Flame Bombs everywhere.

Use Positive Imagination for all you desire and let all desires be in line with the cosmic good. Serve and remember. Remember and serve. Positive Imagination is alchemy: one of the highest forms for it is the true manifester, using the most effective energy, that of thought form. Here is where mastery can come in.

Yes! This is your alchemical thought of the day. How much Positive Imagination can you use?

I appeared recently in New Orleans in the salon of Gertrude Stein. We did much to shift the planet by our ‘thinking’ and our seeding of thought forms through the vehicle of creativity and artistic ventures. That was one of the beginning ‘think tanks’ of using the intelligent thought form to seed consciousness with direct manifesting through the mixture of science and the arts. Magellan, DeLeon and many other adventurer/explorers were channeled through. Madam Blawatskly (sp) came too. This was a pocket of masters in the 21st century. St. Germain, Casanova, Gertrude, Madam B and her lover Louis Pasteur, Tesla: all renegades with Positive Imagination armed with downloaded scientific technology. You have yet to see all these seeds sprout. For now, be well and thrive in your Positive Imagination, the Ultimate Alchemy.

This alchemy was not present until now because human DNA and the collective consciousness had to rise to a certain level. That level has been achieved so this divine alchemy is now activated. The mixture has not been correct til now of Positive Imagination, DNA upgrading and the collapse of time that 4D consciousness (instant manifestation) is now providing.




Lady Portia

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I loved this message from Lady Portia!  I was connecting with her while reading it and was lit up with energy from head to toe.  Thank you for bringing this BEAUTIFUL message through Giselle!

Lady Portia

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Jon, tis my pleasure, truly!