More Contact With My Spiritual Guides, Part 1

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-Hello friends. If there are any that were worrying my last ‘Contact with my guides’ message was too short, worry not! This latest message is so long I have had to divide it into two parts. This is because I am channeling six different beings. Now, I wish all to know, the content of this message is mostly relevent to my own Life and past. Disclosure, First Contact and extraterrestrials are not really discussed, and being that I am contacting my personal guides, the message is for the most part centered on myself. Even still, I think the information presented here is very interesting, and some of what is said can apply to others. Much Love, (Galactic Love Reporter) Wes Annac :)-
Me: I wish my guides to be with me at this time, I wish to have a conversation. All guides who are with me, if such is your intent please state your names.

I AM Archangel Michael

I AM Archangel Gabriel

I AM Archangel Hatton

I AM Solara

I AM Adama

I AM Archangel Wesley

Me: Friends, is there anything you collectively wish to share with me?

My Guides: Certainly Dear Wesley! We wish so dearly that your presence in our cloud cities could be more frequent, as you have much training to continue now that you have re-discovered us. Now is the time to fully come back to us, back to your Divine and Inner roots. As you do so, so will the world. You will see what we mean very shortly. Now Dear One, we know you have been through many struggles, and it seems to you that many bad things just happen out of nowhere. Are we right on this Dear One?

Me: You are correct. I have felt from time to time that random negative events seem to manifest, and a lot of the time it is when I am attempting to give Love or meditate or channel, you know some form of Lightwork. Where are you heading with this Dear Masters?

My Guides: Well, as you have been learning nothing just happens. Everything happens for a reason, and these negative events are meant to sort of ‘jarr’ you awake. We understand this concept may be a bit hard to grasp, but bear with us. Some of the times you wish to sit and channnel, meditate or anything else, there is a part of you that is asleep, and this part of you needs to be jarred awake in order to bring your center to completion. Think of it as a trial, a test if you will, and if you can pass said test then you can move on to your Lightwork with much ease. Indeed, have you noticed that when you try to avoid these obstacles, things in general seem to get a bit tougher? Lessons can not be avoided Dear One, so we ask you to take whatever happens in stride. What we are saying to Dear Wesley can also apply to many more souls as well.

Me: Ok I understand friends. Still, it is a bit difficult, but maybe I am just holding myself back.

My Guides: Indeed Dear One! When you allow those thoughts in you are holding yourself back immensly, and you are creating the very situation you complain about!

Me: Understood friends. Now, I wish to speak with you individually. My intuition tells me that the order in which you presented yourselves to me is relevent, so I will have you speak in that order. We shall start with Archangel Michael.

My Dear Archangel Michael, I have read your words through the internet, and I have felt the Love coming off of them. Many souls channel you for messages, and I have to say I never thought you and I had a very close connection, nor did I ever expect to be publicly channeling you. After the recent experiences we have had together however, my mind has been completely changed in those respects, and I feel a great closeness to you and a great Love for you. I guess I would like to know why when I originally read your messages, I did not feel the familiar ‘snap’ I usually do.

AAM: Dear friend, there are many reasons why you were not entirely familiar with me at first. A large part of you comes from The Pleiadies, tell me did you feel an instant connection when you first discovered the Pleaidians?

Me: I have to admit, no I didn’t. I originally felt a strong connection to Sirius, having been primarily reading SaLuSa’s messages.

AAM: Indeed Dear One. When you first heard of me and when you first heard of the Pleiadies, you were not yet awakened enough to spark that familiar remembrance. However, much has changed and you have grown oh so much, enough to be able to consciously visit our cloud cities and communicate with souls like myself, whom you are actually very close with, although even now you still have yet to understand how close these ties really are. We have been bringing Light to all of creation for so many millenia, Earth has been your latest self-assigned venture and you have done oh so well, as have all other Lightworkers and starseeds currently incarnate on your world.

Me: Thank you dearly for speaking with me Archangel Michael, I now think it is time to move on. My next guide I wish to speak with is Archangel Gabriel. Friend, I have heard of you only from a biblical aspect, could you tell me what ties I have to you?

AAG: Dear Wesley, we are closer than you realize. While you think I have been quiet, my influence has been just as prevelant as your other guides’. Earthly words can not effectively communicate our closeness, but the packages of information I AM sending you should help explain things a little better, in a spiritual ‘language’ you can understand. To make a long explaination short, the ‘Cloud Cities’ you have been visiting when you visit us have been your home longer than your home on Erra has been. These ascended cities are our base of operations generally and you are partially correct in assuming we are from an ascended aspect of your planet. These ascended civilizations and societies move as we see fit, as we always have plenty of worlds to travel to, to offer our subtle influences. We wish you could understand what our influences have been doing for your world, but soon you will. We can say that we have much to do with helping your friends from the stars rid your sky and atmostphere of pollutants.

Me: Thank you for communicating with me Archangel Gabriel. I am enjoying your increasingly familiar presence more and more. I now wish to speak with Archangel Hatton. Now friend, I have never thought you to be an Archangel. I have seen your messages on the internet, though I have to admit I don’t think I have ever seen messages from an ‘Archangel’ Hatton. Now, are my mental channels fogging up your name and making me think you are an Archangel? Or are you really an Archangel? I am sorry but I wish to know.

AAH: Dear One, you concern yourself too much with labels. Yes I AM Archangel Hatton, the Hatton who’s messages you have read is a part of my soul, an extension but is not actually me. I AM a different being than the Hatton who’s messages you have read, but as I said we are a part of the same oversoul.

We: Ok, understood, though only partially. Are you not both ascended beings?

AAH: Indeed we are, but we are on different levels in our growth. Examine the information I have sent you regarding the other Hatton, he is an ascended soul such as myself and he wouldn’t mind speaking with you. Though he has not been one of your personal guides, all of us ascended beings care so deeply for you all and would send our communications and Love in an instant, if only you were to pick up on them.

Wes: Ok, thank you dearly Archangel Hatton. I may have you elaborate more on this subject in future channelings.

This marks the end of part one. I will be posting part two, my conversations with Adama, Solara, and Archangel Wesley very soon. Stay tuned!!

Much Love, Wes Annac