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Atlantis & Lemuria Latitudes and Longitudes

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There has been speculation about the very existence of the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria for literally hundreds of years. Yes, they did exist, but all records of their societies’ existence for over 50,000 years were destroyed, with the exception of the writings of Plato and legends.

The continent of Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, but most of it perished in an enormous natural disaster when a line of volcanoes, bisecting the continent on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, all erupted approximately 31,000 years ago. A few remnants remained—the Bahamas to the south, a few islands off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire, Bermuda and the Canary Islands. These islands were also wiped clean by the tsunamis that followed. There were seven other islands slightly to the west of the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that I’ll cover below.

Before the natural disaster, the continent of Atlantis was in the shape of a parallelogram. To the east, Atlantis came within 30 miles (48 kilometers) of the African Coast, then named the Land of OZ. To the west it ran parallel approximately 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the North American coastline.

Please keep in mind these latitudes and longitudes act as BOUNDARIES for the continent. The Atlantean Continent was contained within these boundaries.

Northern edge: Latitude 47° N

Southern edge: Latitude 30° N

Southern tip: Latitude 26° N, 18° W. Longitude

Western edge: 75° - 80° W. Longitude

Eastern edge: 17°-18° W. Longitude

The Antikythera Mechanism

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The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient computer used to calculate astronomical positions. It is a true wonder of ancient times. This short video reveals details of the device and it's functions.

Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years

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By:, 07/10/2013


All Giza Pyramids

A monumental discovery with four years of comprehensive Geo-archaeological research has failed to reach mainstream audiences for some reason.  The most active pyramid site in the world dating the pyramid complex back 25,000 years has also released scientific evidence supporting the theory that the pyramids were used as an energy source.  The recent study reveals energy beams transmitting electromagnetic signals unexplainable by our science in what is now documented as the largest Pyramid complex in the world.  Overwhelming evidence, supported by scientific research from all over the archaeological community proves that our recorded history is wrong concerning turn changes religion, science and academics.


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Ancient Underwater Forest Much Older Than First Thought

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Fish swim through an ancient forest found 60 feet underwater about 10 miles offshore from Mobile, Ala., on Aug. 30, 2012. Scientists who examined the trees remarked on how well preserved the wood was. The forest was apparently buried under a thick layer of sand for eons until it was uncovered by giant waves during Hurricane Katrina.


MOBILE, Ala.  — An ancient forest found 60 feet underwater about 10 miles offshore of Alabama is much older than originally thought. collected samples of the trees during a scuba diving expedition to the forest. Those samples were sent to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for radiocarbon dating and found to be more than 50,000 years old. Scientists who examined the trees remarked on how well preserved the wood was. Cut into a piece and the unmistakable aroma of newly sawn cypress blooms up, despite millennia spent at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Experts pool knowledge to tell the complete history of Scotland

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GFP Note: This is a follow-up to a story we posted in July: Doggerland: The Real Atlantis, Just Off Scotland. - 2/03/12

Telling Scotlands Story uses comic-book style to bring archaeological mysteries to life, including a prehistoric North Sea tsunami

Telling Scotlands Story uses comic-book style to bring archaeological mysteries to life, including a prehistoric North Sea tsunami

EXPERTS from a wide range of disciplines are pooling their skills and knowledge in a bid to piece together a comprehensive record of Scotland’s past.

God help me politics in the dining room!!! NO no no!!!!!

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My dinner was infested with a discussion on politics. I can't stand it. I tried to leave. They told me to sit down. I sat down. WHY did I sit down? They went on and on talking about horrible thingsand I felt so hot I took my wig off at the table and I said PLEASE! I cannot talk politics! I cannot stand this!!!!!

Finally someone came by and began talking about the wonderful thanksgiving with dancing and singing and I saw my chance to leave and I ran out of the dining room, went to the front desk and asked the staff to pray for me. I ran into one of my dinner ladies in the elevator and I was not going to get in the elevator with her but she promised she would not talk politics anymore. I went up to my room and starting crying violently, my body hurt all over and I began to wheeze in asthma again, happens so rarely but it happened tonight. They CAME TO MY ROOM trying to apologize and tried to explain why this talk about politics was so important and I shouted at them, "Can't you see that this hurts me? Now you have told me of people who died that I didn't even know about and I feel helpless, they are dead and I COULD NOT PROTECT THEM and they said well, war just happens and we can't control it and I said NO!!!!! We have to change human nature! We all have to love, we all have to want peace, we have to talk about peace and not war, we have to give up on war because when we kill people we are also killing the planet! And I asked them to declare peace on earth and they said they would do it privately and I said PLEASE do it publicly so that it will inspire others to have hope and they both refused to declare peace on earth pubicly, I do not understand why.

Humanity and the ancient War of the Gods

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Messege of the day- jesse loya


"There are multitudes and societies that live through out the vastnes of space,
These multitudes and societies have known this planet since the very beginning.
It was in a lost ancient galactic war when humanity was genetically changed from their origin and slaved,
And it is a universal law that does not allow advance civilizations to interfier with the development and evolution of younger species.
Thats why humanity has been kept in a lack of information and in a lack of communication by a great enemy,
This galactic war was called the War of the Gods.
When light lost the battle and darkness took over, humanity was enslaved,
In time humanity forgot who they really were and forgot the whole history,
The truth is outhere. And deep inside our dna. Our chakras. In our Awakening."

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