Heal your relationships with a Soul Love Reading by Gaia Earth Star

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Heal your relationships with a Soul Love Reading by Gaia Earth Star: experience soul love and fulfilling, joyful relationships with every soul in your life!

This reading will help you understand the gifts each person in your life is bringing to you as well as what gifts you are offering them. As you understand why a particular person, be it from your family, friends or business, is in your life and vice-versa, you will be in an empowered position to create healthy, loving and harmonious relationships with them and able to navigate all of your relationships with more compassion, clarity, joy and gratitude as you assist each other to grow emotionally and spiritually, being your authentic self. Unconditional love is the core base of all relationships, and this reading will help you see the bigger picture, allowing you to experience the highest vibration of love called Soul Love. - We Are One ♥

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Méline Lafont ~ The web of I AM Presences of Cosmic creation is detaching her beautiful grid of consciousness from the lower pla

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(As shared previously, my current messages under my own name will be labeled under Lady Portia, for we are One and the same with no separation.  Much Love, Méline ♥)
We see much turmoil going on, for we are seeing the reflections of our physical selves emerging out of duality.  These scenes are hard to grasp for the mind while the heart chooses to ascend, reflecting these inner heart choices into your outer world.  Now as Ascension is taking place, true desires and manifestations are grounding into the centre of the earth plane, demanding our full consciousness and the balance of Self, in order to be able to cope with this.
The importance of loyalty to Self and to the heart is now being reflected in the minds and understood as being a key factor in this all.  The true heart desire will shed the light in all situations for it is the desire that plays the will of manifestation.  It is the desire that reflects our heart knowledge as well, for it speaks of what we are, what we form, bring and know.

Frank Chester

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Published on Mar 20, 2013 by LotusGuide


It would be difficult to pin down what Frank Chester does but it has a lot to do with his research on Platonic solids, consciousness, energy, sacred geometry, art and science. See what I mean, just watch the interview :)



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