Poem of the Leavening Heart

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Endeavor to fill leavening tides of proclaimed somethingness

Calling out to Be-ing of great lasting endorphins

Incredulous sands prolapsing before starting

Courage step toward me dearest chord

Arising doubts streamlining past attempts

Will the abandonment follow me into open fields?

Is happiness possible in such grim circumstances?

Where has Love gone, where has empathy strayed?

Finding trust again through forgotten friendship

How have I gone so long without you and not noticed it was you all this time I needed most

When I am with you I forget what surrounds me in circumstance

Oh Heart of Grace beyond, May this playful rhythm leaven thy discontent

May I be unbroken and never without before within again. Bless the Birth of courage before the feet of ecumenical wisdom

Bring to me in all moments of turmoil your gentleness so that we can soak as One

I love you for no reason at all

Will you let me love you? And if so bring me to your surface so we can interact, and then move beyond forgetfulness