The Truth of Who You Are

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Greetings, Dear Ones!

Today we wish to speak to you about your perceptions of who you are. As you continue forward upon the path of living from your Hearts, the true nature of who you are will become clearer to you. There is so much that has been kept from you and that you have forgotten about the truth of who you are. 

There is the saying on your planet that we are very fond of: “We are all spiritual beings having a human experience”. At the core of this statement is the beautiful truth of who you really are. We know that when you go to the quiet place of contemplation and meditation that you can feel the truth in this statement. From where we stand we see you as vibrational beings of Love and Light and your physical appearance is quite secondary to your true identity. 

From our perspective you are merely another aspect of The One. We know that for many of you this is an ideal way of thinking of yourselves and that many of you strive to relate to one another in this way, and yet there is still so much importance placed upon your physical representations. 

Master Lanto: You are Glowing Orbs of Light ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ October 8, 2013

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Master LantoMaster Lanto:


Hello dear friends, the Light of all Creation and Love that you are. I speak today about energy, about light, and about the radiant quality of it. By now you are increasing your radiance tenfold with each breath you take, with each surrender to the energies that are impinging upon you for the good and love of all.

By all means you are not alone. Thousands and millions of you take part in this grand awakening – human, celestial and galactic. And let it be known that you are all such an integral part, for you are all a piece of Creator, filled with the full magnificence and abundance of Creator.

And with that you can create all you need, all you want and all that is necessary. Let no one tell you differently. There is no formula. There is no creed. There is no waiting around for a specific event; you are doing it now, sweet ones. You carry the torch. You are the link. You are the substance of the light that is carrying everything forward into this new world of Abundance and Light and Love that only you can perceive in your own capacity.

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: Glow In Your Own Unique Divinity ~ Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~July 12, 2013

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Yeshua.glowuniquedivinity.imagesCAF21XM9Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:


Greetings from afar, as they say, but really from not so far away, at least Now in your perception, as it has always been that we of the Celestial and Galactic Realms have been very close to you.

It is now your perception that brings us very close and we revel in the delight and opportunity to have this closeness, and opportunity to impart our wisdom and support for all of you hardworking Lightworkers; and yes, you are Celestial and Galactic Beings as well. You are beginning to accept this and realize it more and more, dear ones.

I beseech you to realize it more every day, to be in the cognizance of it, to be in the joy of it, to place yourselves in your rightful places, down deep within your divinity, with all the powers and clarity it provides for you. The more you acknowledge this quality and identity in you, the more revelations and beautiful opportunities and experiences you will have.

Yes, we have talked about this many, many times with you, but you see that we refine it more and more each time and bring you back more and more to this realization so you finally get it and live within it, dear ones.

Not so long ago, eons to you, but really only a blink of an eye away, you prospered and reveled in this milieu of divine identity; you played within it and you thrived within it. Please know you are approaching that same presence and reality again. The more you let go and surrender to the truth of it, the more you can enjoy it and realize it.

Creational force

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This was the day of Love, energeticly we are aware that it encompasses all things and dimentions. When pushed with older energy of maybe impatience or upset of numerous sorts, we can consiously say to ourselves, oh yeah I have the option here to use love to ease this into a balanced possibility. Yes we are aware.


 I truely am seeing a greater form taking place. As I grow and experience my own universal self and coming back to the knowledge of my heart (soul) I am recognising my divine image and becoming comfortable in it. Thats a fairly big feat for me. lol Each day I am seeing how I can implament my love into the mix of this golden light grid. The greatest gift we can give is our LOVE, so hence I will live this. This is the name of my dream.


 I am no longer worried if Iam going to "get there" I already know I am loved and will get to were I need to be. Upon meditation and spending sacred time with Source, I heard words of encouragement, and future creational potential. This will be, I feel it deeply.


 One Heart, One Spirit, One Love in joy  this is the standard in which all things will be created.  




Oriannubis   02/14/2013

The Truth

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open your eyes the truth is at hand
it’s sweeping over all the land
no longer will it be denied
no longer will it hide

In the beginning was the word and the word vibrated
with the truth and the light it resonated
like a mighty trumpet it sounded
and life here on earth was founded.

the holiness of creation is within us it is who we are
the kingdom is at hand the kingdom is not far
the creation is part of you and me we were there
at the beginning yes we were there.

Update!- World Liberation Event: Operation First Contact

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         Im currently waiting on intel from COBRA for the plans of the Los Angeles World Liberation Conference. I have also contacted Drake, InLight radio and more to get this to start happening in all regions asap!  Stay tuned. Please Support.           

This is an event for the awareness of WORLD LIBERATION, DISCLOSURE AND ASCENSION!

"Make Believe"

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Linear time is a “make believe” construct, a component of this reality we call the third dimension.  It’s doing one heck of a good job!  Nothing feels as immediate and fleeting as time.  There is just never enough, it is speeding up or I am running out of it.  Any way you look at it, it seems to be ruling my life right now.


Sleep is another 3D habit that is changing.  I am nodding off while in a crowd or wide awake at 2AM.  The other day I was taking a walk with my partner when suddenly we could barely move forward or lift our feet.  We were exhausted!  We went back and immediately passed out.  I set my alarm for one hour later.  We both woke up at the same time, completely refreshed.  It felt as if we’d been asleep for hours.  Only about ten minutes had passed in linear time.  Ten minutes!  We were floored, this did not feel right.  It was sort of mind blowing.  I was most definitely “someplace else” and had been re-charged.  A health issue resolved itself within moments of awakening.  It was sort of miraculous. It looks like the next dimension is already here.


So here’s my plan for navigating this rapidly progressing “time” we are in.  I’ll intend to go there again, every time I sleep.  I will sleep less, feel more energized and get more done – thus solving the whole “time” thing.  This is very cool.


There is so much going on globally and personally right now.  This weekend we “Reboot The Grid” and intensify this awakening.  I have a physically active string of weeks coming up; concerts, shows, family visitors, vacations and seminars are all inside one tightly packed month.  I will blog here, yet not as often.  I will also be ascending.


Like A Duck

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Quietude is defined as “the state of being quiet; rest; calmness”.  That feels about where find myself.


“Freedom isn’t free” is a misnomer, or else it depends on your definition. Freedom means “exemption or liberation from the control of some other person or some arbitrary power; liberty; independence”. In a military sense, the phrase has been used as justification for war.  On a more personal level, freedom becomes synonymous with uninhibited love, expansion and peace.  In a surprising and unexpected way, it is where I am today.  This is a glimpse of our future, of what I imagine it feels like in the “next dimension”.


Historically on earth empires rise and fall.  The beings we label “dark” (1%) insatiable lust for wealth and power consumes their host (99%) and can no longer be sustained.  This inevitable collapse is what we are witnessing right now.  The populace has been spent, literally.  Those that would own us must feed someplace else or alter their way of life.


The situation that brings me this peace is that I no longer worry about money.  There is none.  I’ve reached the bottom.  It is no longer a matter of juggling; it is a matter of keeping food in the house until things change.


Things are really clear now.  I work when there is work to be done and relax when there isn’t.  Somehow, my internal fretting has stopped. Nothing is as important as I once imagined it to be, except life.  Sustaining, enjoying and loving what I have are all that I am focused on.


Message from Yeshua ~ Be The Divine That You Are ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~4.8.12

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Message from Yeshua ~ Be The Divine That You Are ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~4.8.12


Greetings beloveds. I come before you on the eve of this glorious day, to all those celebrating this day, a time of renewal, but mostly of acknowledging your Divine Self. This has been a day of rejoicing, in preparation of greater things to come. Love abounds. The significance of today is not just of resurrection of one being, but of a new beginning for all.


Take a moment now to ponder your essence, your True Self, dear ones, which is Divinity. Yes, each and every one of you is Divinity. Some of you are not in complete awareness of this fact; some of you are only allowing the awareness of it to bubble up occasionally from your consciousness. In whatever way you may want to look at it, through whatever eyes you may want to look at it, it is your True Essence.


More and more of you are beginning to grasp the complete weight of it, beginning to dance to the full chords of its celestial song. Your Soul Song is harmonizing quite well now with others’ Soul Songs, and what a beautiful symphony you are creating. Behold the wonders that the notes are creating in your outer world, dear ones, my comrades of Peace and Love. What a joy you are to behold!


Embrace the Joy that is bubbling up more and more from your depths, from your consciousness, as you dip into the Reality you are creating. “The Wonders never cease”, as they say. You are not letting it. You are creating more and more Miracles as you try out your wings and your powers of Creation.


You are on the precipice of many more Wonders, and all will see the effects before much time has passed. And time is relative, as you know, so consider it a done deal, as it really is, for you are just to reveal the effects of its manifestation as you uncover the Truth.


Thirsty for More!

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What is sizzling is kept beneath the surface, while we move forward with day jobs and holidays, purchases and chores that seem at best mediocre and pale in comparison to what we feel is the real “juice”.  Nothing we do on a day to day basis holds much fascination.  We are having a tough time caring.


What’s the point?


The point is whatever we declare to be the point.  All that we’ve created up until now holds relevance as it is our life; no one forced us to create it as we have.  Yes, we’ve been led to believe things that are not, in fact, true, but we’ve had our hands on the wheel the whole time. 


You chose to be here now and experience life in polarity while being conscious of oneness.  The sensations, frustrations, emotions and impatience are par for the course – you set it up like this for the experience!


Oh and what a ride it is!  Extremes of emotion are delicious examples of this humanity.  At a core level we are emotionally driven – it is our focus that births creation – our desires create our life – our beliefs manifest into our day to day.  Let’s enjoy the extremes going on for us right now, energetically participate in each moment and get all the “juice” out of it we can.  We are at choice.  We can ignore, toss aside or deeply feel each interaction.  What will you do?


I have never really been fond of juice oranges.  Give me a Navel orange, every time.  Juice oranges are thin skinned and too much work.  They may be full of juice, but not real tasty to eat and a lot of effort.  When they are in the refrigerator, I mostly ignore them unless I am desperate for fruit and there is nothing left.



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