Ringing our own bell

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Our eyes see, our ears hear, yet it is our heart that knows.  There are truckloads of sources vying for our eyes and ears; each convinced that their version is the one we should listen to.  This too, is one of those sources.


Reality is subjective, colored by our beliefs.  The power in that statement shouts – “YOU ARE SEEING WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE SEEING”.  Followed by “BELIEVE WHAT SERVES YOU, AND IT WILL BE ALL THAT YOU SEE.” 


Each day, we discover, uncover or expose more “truths” that have been hidden from our eyes, deliberately or not.  We are waking up.


Here’s the thing, the tendency to look for an outside source to feed us the “truth” is addictive.  Awake now, we are still a bit groggy and highly susceptible to control.  We’ve been fed this diet for so long now, we crave it.


Like Pavlov’s dog, when we hear the bell, which in this case is the loudest, most familiar and convincing source, our automatic response kicks in.  We then desire the food being offered, ingest it all and are once again satisfied – we’ve bought it hook, line and sinker.  We look no further; we believe this recent bit of news.


Our life is once again distorted by this new belief system, this latest information.  Here is the real power we may be missing in all this – we are the ones creating the distortion.  We are not only capable of more than we’ve been told; we are actually doing more than we’ve ever given ourselves credit for.  The deepest truth kept from us has been in the hands of those who have controlled events up until today.  Understanding that we will see only what we believe, they have been systematically controlling what we should believe.


"You Shall Not Pass!"

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Yesterday, I experienced a moment of “really?”  It happened while reading the latest message outlining catastrophic earth changes for the planet this year.  For a moment or six, I forgot how this works, and believed the “rubber suit” was real.


Remember the earliest of monster movies?  The ones where, if you wanted to step into the action, you had to forcibly suspend your disbelief in the reality of the creature – EVEN THOUGH YOU COULD SEE THE ZIPPER ON HIS COSTUME?  For the full experience, you’ve got to buy the “rubber suit”. 


It’s not that yesterday’s messenger was unreal.  It’s that reality is subjective.  Reality depends on what you expect.  Reality for each of us is created by each of us.  WE ARE THAT POWERFUL.


This 3D world is mesmerizing, overwhelming, thrilling and yummy.  It is easy to forget who made it that way.  It was, and is, us. 


We are the most powerful beings in our worldYOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS CREATING YOUR LIFE.  The reason we’ve become so popular with the celestial and galactic beings is because of our power.  We are doing a really cool thing here, and we are doing it together; without even knowing it.


M-Theory: Deciphering Your Reality

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"The only thing that's real is experience, that's it. Everything else in that sense is simply a symbol, a reflection of experience. The only thing that's real is experience; Physical reality is not real empirically unto itself. There is no OUT THERE.......THERE IS NO OUT THERE, that's the illusion. It's all here, it's all now.


In my last blog Consciouly Unconcious: Exploring The Quantum RealityI talked about reality as it is shown to us by our brain. What we see, taste, touch, smell, and hear are only in fact electrical signals, THAT'S IT. In other words, the world we EXPERIENCE is all occurring in our brain! However real this holographic world may seem, it exists no further than our minds. One of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, has a quote that speaks beautifully to this concept: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Although the world we see around us is very convincing, it is only an illusion of our mind.

The Ascended Masters: "You are All Glorious Gods of Creation"

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Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I wish to speak with you on this fine day. I have some questions for you today and I know you wish to tell us a few things of your own as well.

Ascended Masters: Hello Dear Wesley! We are delighted to be opening up communication with you today. We are so very proud of all of you Lightworkers who continue to hold the line and manifest so many miracles every day, whilst dealing with the daily difficulties of surface Life on Earth. Now, what would you like to know dear soul?

Wes: Thank you friends, here is our first question:

"What is the most beneficial action we can do to help shift the collective conscious of humanity towards the light with out infringing on others free will?
Is there a meditation that we could do that would help benefit Mother Earth and humanity?"


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