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I hereby request of the Galactic Free Press to assist in a humanitarian effort to neutralize and heal Fukishima and our Pacific oceans together in harmony. With your database of citizens, we can get the collective numbers needed to create a massive shift on planet earth for the scheduled earth healing on December 3rd.

May everybody help and join. May everybody help and share!!


Middle East Flood Threat Continues

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Iraqis make their way through a flooded street after heavy rain fell in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim).


Unsettled weather has targeted the Middle East for the past week and more flooding rainfall will be possible through the middle of the week.

Heven and EARTH has been Fully Reconnected!!!

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Through Series of Alignments up till today and 12 more Alignment of Gates and portals today. Heaven has been successfully Reconnected to Earth with Blessings of Infinite Mother / Father- All Gates were full opened for next Alignments and gates to be opened.

Enjoy all from the Cosmos Galaxy, Universe, Planets, Solar and Humanity and All of God's Creations.


Blessing to all


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Earth's Water Likely Came from Very Early Asteroid Strikes

Desert Gypsy's picture - 10/2/13

GFP Commentary: Asteroids, meteors, and comets are often used to bring new life forms and codes to planets, as well as materials and water.

World Action Plan Emerging to Combat Asteroid Threat

Earth got most of its water from asteroid impacts nearly 4.6 billion years ago, shortly after the solar system first took shape, a new study suggests.

Researchers studying a meteorite that fell to Earth in 2000 found evidence that the water in its parent asteroid disappeared soon after the space rock formed, when its insides were still warm. Asteroids that slammed into Earth several hundred million years after the solar system's birth were thus probably relatively dry, scientists said.

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The New Earth is Rising…Fully Realized

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Created on 07/01/2013


imagesWe are here to help with more information on this subject.  There is a quickening of energy right now that is flowing from prime source to the Earth in a beautiful way.  We are delighted to be here with this our messenger she is working with us in order to do her planetary service.

Before a being, can pass through this stage of development, they must be in service to community as well as humanity first, several initiations will occur. With this great change happens, purification begins, before the initiate is robed with there Mastery, to do this work.

We are the Archangels, who come today to work in this realm, for only a short time. As you make your choices to Ascend in this lifetime, the process begins and the disciple of Christ, walks the Earth, with steadfast love and support for all beings.

As the initiate looks at every human being as the Christ, the love expands out to the masses. An initiate will hold the codes and keys, to enter the temples of the Earth, and above, to ground the energy here.

The sparks of light, you all came in on, will be remembered and reactivated. The masses are waking up, in phenomenal proportions, this is due to the energy from the Christed Light,  coming to the earth at this time.

The exquisite sounds of Nature, streams of energy weaving in and out of creation,  enfold our very being,  like a bride to a groom. The flower is an example, of this creation at work.

It  opens to the Sun’s light.  The flower, the stigma, ovule, connecting to the Mother, to create a new birth. The incredible love that occurs is effortless, it just is, not forced or manipulated. It happens, even without our knowing.

Inspiration for the soul

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Energy Gifts Are of Earth Forever

a message from Brenda Hoffman
Tuesday, 30 July, 2013 (posted 31 July, 2013)
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Dear Ones,

Thousands of words have been written and spoken about the miracle of the next few days’ “Lion’s Gate” energy burst. Many relay that you will manifest all you wish. That you will be healed. That you will move into joy.

But according to many, such manifestations are true only if you chant this or do that. There are rules for this major boost. If you review those rules/dictates/actions, you will realize that these rules are yet again society dictates. Of course, if these rules or actions feel joyful, they are right for you. But please do not believe that you must do this or that within a certain period or you will not gain the manifestation boosts many are touting.

During this week’s Creation Energies Internet channel, we discussed that this Lion’s Gate energy burst would shift everyone on earth. Those of the light. Those thinking of becoming part of the light. And those who have no idea what the light is and do not care. How is it possible that those who do not chant or meditate with the “right” words or request assistance in the “right” way will shift also?

This energy burst is opening the heart energies of all entities on earth including microbes and amoebas. It is not a burst just for the Lightworker advance team or for those who many label Illuminati. It is a global shift of massive proportions. The end product of which is yet another step closer to love, joy and peace FOR ALL.

This massive transition cannot be completed if only those “in the know” experience it. You can center energy within your being in many ways from meditation to walks in nature. But those actions do not exclude those who do not understand, care or know how to draw energies to themselves.

How the universe works: Clockwork and Creation (video)

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The Extinction Protocol, 7/31/13

Scientists have discovered that our solar system is very unique. Earth is located in a star system that is by no means the norm in space. As a matter of fact, our solar system appears to be the exception. A stunning exception, in the way it’s laid out to actually foster the very conditions on Earth which makes life possible. In the universe at large, chaos, explosions, and mind-bending collisions between massive celestial bodies appear to be commonplace. After you watch this video, you may never see our little blue planet quite the same again.

Earth’s Gold Came From Colliding Stars

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Universe Today, 7/18/13, Jason Major

Collisions of neutron stars produce powerful gamma-ray bursts – and heavy elements like gold (Credit: Dana Berry, SkyWorks Digital, Inc.)

Collisions of neutron stars produce powerful gamma-ray bursts – and heavy elements like gold (Image credit: Dana Berry, SkyWorks Digital, Inc.)

Recent research by scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge, Massachusetts has revealed that considerable amounts of gold — along with other heavy elements — are produced during impacts between neutron stars, the super-dense remains of stars originally 1.4 to 9 times the mass of our Sun.

The team’s investigation of a short-duration gamma-ray outburst that occurred in June (GRB 130603B) showed a surprising residual near-infrared glow, possibly from a cloud of material created during the stellar merger. This cloud is thought to contain a considerable amount of freshly-minted heavy elements, including gold.

Large sunspot group now 11 times wider than Earth

Desert Gypsy's picture, 7/7/13, Deborah Byrd

Each of largest spots in this sunspot grouping - called AR1785-1787 - are as wide as Earth.  Image via NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

One of the biggest sunspot groups of Solar Cycle 24 emerged near the sun’s southeastern limb several days ago and since then as been stretching and lengthening. It is now more than 11 times as wide as Earth, according to, which also said:

These sunspots are a sign that the sun’s southern hemisphere is waking up. For most of the current solar cycle, the northern half of the sun has dominated sunspot counts and flare production. The south has been lagging behind–until now. June brought a surge in southern sunspots, and the trend is continuing in July. This “southern awakening” could herald a double-peaked Solar Maximum due in late 2013-early 2014.

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