Fibonacci Happiness

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Fibonacci Happiness


If daily you incrementally increase your “Happiness & Joy Quota” using the mathematics of the Fibonacci Golden Spiral…


Just think where you will be a year from NOW!


Let’s just take a quick look at what the first few Frequencies of the Fibonacci Sequence are telling us.


The Golden Spiral of Creation

0- Out of the Vortex Energy of Infinite Potentiality, the Individual (1) comes together with another Individual (1). Combining their Selves/Consciousness they give birth to the Group Collective Conscious Mind (2), which in turn gives rise to the Creation of Joy (3). This Joy then affects and propels the Constructive Change (5) necessary to Manifesting a World existing within a Secure Physical Reality (8)…

The Frequency of Happiness & Joy will, (and are), Create a Planet of Peace and Equality. This is where we begin in manifesting a Secure Physical Reality for our Planet and Everyone on it.

Begin today increasing your “Happiness & Joy Quota”.

Be a part of the Great Constructive Change!



Blessings of Happiness & Joy from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


VIDEO of Opening Song, "SCOTT HUCKABAY| SANTA CRUZ| DIVINITREE 6/21!" 528 Love Frequency ❤

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"Tuning the guitar to the 528 frequency:

First, you need to recalibrate the A440hz based tuners to A444hz which gives us a C of 528.008. The 444Hz is, close enough, the correct “A” pitch tuning using the Korg Chromatic tuner. If you set this Korg tuner to 444Hz (instead of 440Hz), then the tuner will guide you tuning every string (EADGBE) of the guitar. This is the simplest way to tune your guitar as A=444Hz closely approximates C(5) at 528Hz. You do not want to tune to an A flat. You want to go a little sharp, but not quite a half tone.

Pure Love Alignments

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Powerful Pure Love Alignment - A PURE NEW Frequency Transmission.


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A Trinity of Pure Love Alignment Keys are now available to YOU!! Three Powerful Keys born from advanced ascension frequencies of Purest Light.


Experience the frequency in this video and see what your heart says. If you like what you see then contact us for information on the Pure Love Alignment Keys.


They are the vital missing links needed to connect Humanity back to our True Essence.


Time is of the essence, the new frequencies coming to the planet are here to help you re-connect in ways not possible before.


The New Earth is here, raise your vibration and connect to these PURE frequencies.Take your place in The New Earth.

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Emotions in Realtime

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Here's all the proof you need to see how your emotions affect your heart, very interesting experiment I think everyone should try.


goto the google app store and download this free app called Instant Heart Rate


Then while using the App, think Loving Thoughts, Gratitude, Etc.  and watch the reaction, and then think of something that makes you angry, I thought about the Cabal, but it was really hard to muster Anger anymore, I'm assuming that's a good thing. LOL


Just try it out, very interesting the realtime response, it works by your camera measuring the variation of color in the tip of your finger.   Very accurate as well, because I clocked it manually. 


Just thought I would share that with everyone!


I send loving light to you all!



The brightening of your own light brightens all light. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

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The brightening of your own light brightens all light. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


You are well aware now that much has changed and is changing. You are well and truly in the midst of it now. Your acceptance and determination to utilize what is happening for the best will carry you far. Do not measure yourselves by what others report, nor either be surprised to experience the same or entirely different things in your new selves. You have your functions to perform and others have theirs. Each of you is where you need to be to do what needs to be done. At some point you will begin to understand that, but it will be long before you are able to understand the full impact you have upon your world.

We do not ask for you to trust our words. Trust your highest being that your smallest gesture, your smile, your love causes chain reactions far, far beyond what you are able to see. You may never know what wonderful thing occurs thousands of miles and hundreds of days away as a result of the uplifting feeling you cause in a friend or neighbor. In any case, the brightening of your own light brightens all light.

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ Accept the Light Fully ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ May 3, 2012

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:


Hello and Greetings, all of the Light. As you take yourselves deeper and deeper into the Light and don the monumental undertaking of your birthright, we remain at your side in eternal service.


Many now have reached a pinnacle of energy. Part of what you are experiencing is indeed a new influx of all-encompassing refined energy, a very purified and concentrated energy that you are now ready for.


A new level has been reached, Dear Ones. Once you see the full manifestation, you will never want to go back. You are going full speed ahead, with ever-increasing help from the Spiritual Realm.


Please allow for many more ratchets of your frequency levels by paying close attention to your physical bodies and the changes in them. Many of you are experiencing deeper meditations and some disorientation and discomfort, which may make it difficult to continue regular activities that have been the norm for you up until now.


Do not fight it or feel discouraged, for these changes are the very thing that will bring you more solidly into the new energies. Abide by your present heart-based thoughts and feelings in the Now moment and proceed from there. This is the way to open new patterns of thought and ways of being that you would be unable to access if you were to adhere too closely to your old schedules and patterns of thought.


M-Theory: Deciphering Your Reality

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"The only thing that's real is experience, that's it. Everything else in that sense is simply a symbol, a reflection of experience. The only thing that's real is experience; Physical reality is not real empirically unto itself. There is no OUT THERE.......THERE IS NO OUT THERE, that's the illusion. It's all here, it's all now.


In my last blog Consciouly Unconcious: Exploring The Quantum RealityI talked about reality as it is shown to us by our brain. What we see, taste, touch, smell, and hear are only in fact electrical signals, THAT'S IT. In other words, the world we EXPERIENCE is all occurring in our brain! However real this holographic world may seem, it exists no further than our minds. One of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, has a quote that speaks beautifully to this concept: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Although the world we see around us is very convincing, it is only an illusion of our mind.


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