What is a Relationship-Oriented World?

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A relationship oriented world would be one operating on the Principle of Interdependence…understanding Oneness, and Unity of All Life. Presently, the pervasive mindset of society is focused on the needs and desires of the individual, rather than the collective. The relationship-oriented world includes every living thing and an appreciation and reverence for the delicate balance of life as a living interconnected system. We must live in a symbiotic relationship with everyone and everything, that is, if the world is to last.

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The Devil Made Me Do It!

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thedevilmademedoitLOGODefinition of the Devil: An imaginary nemesis used for blame, so that a person does not have to change or accept responsibility for his or her life.  The “devil” is used by many religions to frighten followers to behave and blindly follow dogma. Instead, individuals should be taught how intrinsically good they are, thereby empowering them to live from their heart wisdom.

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Waking Up

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Hispanic woman in bed with arms outstretchedFor those whom are interested in waking up to know their soul more intimately, you may want to chose the feminine way to meditate, which is an interactive process. But then again, Mother Teresa used prayer, and Rumi chanted and danced.  

There is no hand-me-down formula for contacting your soul and basking with the Sacred. The key is: to become One with what you are doing.

Remember, waking up and meeting your soul more intimately results from embodying your spirituality and making your own rules.

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Think Outside the Box

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Allow your soul to create your personal meditation style. Do not get stuck in the thinking that you do not know how. Be fluid, creative and follow your inner-wisdom. When you become rigid, following someone else’s prescription for meditation, you are destined to block Spirit's flow and not get the results you seek.

gratitude2Many people begin their meditation with a prayer and invocations. In the Feminine Way of Meditation, you simply love God-dess. You sit in gratitude and in awe. You make love to Spirit. You bask in Spirit’s love, you feel it, and in return, you love Spirit back.

You give thanks from the deepest part of you, for what you have, regardless. Release things that no longer serve your life’s journey. This can be accomplished either by internalizing your thoughts, or if no one else is meditating with you, you can speak aloud.

You may choose to have some periods of silence or you may choose periods of loving and gratitude – both are meditating; however, one is interactive and the other is not.

In the Feminine Way of Meditation, think of creating a rapport or relationship with your soul and God-dess, as you would with a friend. The Relationship is developed through love and communing – intimate conversation. You may communicate either aloud or in your heart-mind.

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Choosing Not to Judge Isn't Always Easy

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On our last trip to Disney World, I hopped a tram to cross the park quickly. Once on board, I couldn’t help but notice an older man who was also standing. Finally, a gentleman got up and offered me his seat. I nodded and smiled in appreciation and sat down. Next I looked around to see if some younger person would give the older man a seat. An amiable gentleman scooted over to make room for the older man. How kind, I thought to myself; however, the older man refused the gesture. Yet it was more…he declined with an air of disdain. I was dismayed.

sending_loveHow could this seemingly nice older white man turn down this offer? It occurred to me that he had turned down the seat because the man who scooted over was black and overweight. I could read his bigoted energy. It telegraphed that he was prejudiced against almost everyone and everything. Most importantly, it reflected that he truly disliked himself. Life had been tough on him and out of fear he had become the antithesis of his soul.

I wanted to kindly judge him because he represented an old ugly paradigm. Instead, I began to send him love and compassion (admittedly this was hard at first.) Realizing I, too, was heading down that same slippery slope by judging him, I then sent myself love and compassion. Perhaps a judgment might have been justifiable by some, instead, I made a choice and went into my soul, and remembered we are One.

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3 Spiritual Truths to Ponder

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It is only our longing that awakens us to Wisdom…into the arms of the Divine.spiritual_truth

Wisdom is only wisdom when the mind is emptied of its own per-conceived thought forms.

There is an entire Universe within each one of us. We do not need to develop or create anything; we only need to remember or discover things.

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Maya, Goddess of Illusion

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In Vedic philosophy, Maya is the Goddess of Illusion. Maya means the illusion from a limited consciousness, or the absence of Wisdom. One who knows life only through the physical and mental aspects, and has become enmeshed in the illusion…the covering of the true Self.

Maya is not real, since it disappears on the dawn of Wisdom. Maya is the veil that each person must remove before she or he can see behind it ro the Creator of All Life.

Ponder: Maya originally meant wisdom in the earlier languages of many cultures, but its meaning has transformed over the years to mean "illusion."

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Wisdom Incarnates All

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We each have been incarnated by Wisdom, God-dess. She infuses All Life, and lives as each and every life form: humans, animals, plants, water, earth, planets, etc. It is Her Heart that supplies the energy to All Creation. It is Her Breath that fills our lungs with sweet air and breathes us. It is Her Awareness and Creativity that pulsates through our cells and Her Dream that we live in. If we look to Nature and equally honor all It encompasses - be it the peaceful or wild and wonderful expressions of Her Being - we will have a greater respect for the rest of our family...all creation.

When we erroneously remove Wisdom/Sophia from Nature, we can easily abuse and say we have domination over It.

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The Dark Mother and Her Power of Transformation

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Each person must eventually come face to Face with the Dark Mother. She is the fierce devouring energy that unravels us so we can heal and become whole once again. She is the complementary balance to Light – the pure rich darkness from which we are nurtured and birthed.

When organized religion took away the The Dark Mother, they took away our connection to Nature, the cycles of seasons and the moon, death and rebirth…. When this happened, we no longer knew how to deal with aging, death, change, or transformation. People became confused about how life worked.

The patriarchy demonized and distorted the Black Mother because of her power of transformation – transformation through darkness. The patriarchal God is solely of Light – the only "darkness" you see is when he loses his temper and throws lightning bolts of condemnation and judgement – you know, the ominous wrath of God stuff (very similar to the Greek God Zeus). The Black Mother's nurturing was removed when the patriarchal version of God was promoted. Church Fathers maligned Darkness and contorted Her gift of transformation to suit "The Devil," thereby creating a sanitized God.

PARTHENOGENESIS: women's long-lost ability to self-conceive and give birth to avatars.

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Hello my galactic brothers and sisters! This may be the beginning of a very interesting blog for us all. The link provided here will take you to an article I began in 1982 which has been added to and re-written a number of times. It represents over 40 years of searching, re-searching and contemplation. 

Part 1 is a crash course on parthenogenesis. Part 2 is about a dear sister/friend of mine who, after a prolonged fast, conceived and gave birth to a child----without benefit of a man. She conceived while meditating and encountering a light of bliss. There is sadness in this story, but it is a divine sadness and will nevertheless leave you with some hope.

We truly have entered the time for the Return of the Sacred Feminine. This also will bring about the Return of the Sacred Masculine. (We're working on it, right guys?)   ----Namaste, Den Poitras.



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