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A pixie was recovering from major surgery and in her moments of wakefulness was scouring the internet for interesting sites. When she found this place of love parties she thought she had found a place to party. Being an aging hippie, the pixie began to party as hippies do. Not realizing that this is a serious site. Although to hippies the party is very important. When the pixie realized that this is a serious site she freaked out. She tried to tell people who she was but she miscommunicated. The pixie will not do this anymore. The pixie will not return.

In the place of the pixie will appear the august goddess of no place and no time. We will from this time on regard this as our workplace.


Goddess of Harmony daily invocation to the 13 Goddesses to be free of struggle

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Beloved Goddess of Charity, Goddess of Peace, Goddess of Purity, Goddess of Liberty, Goddess of Harmony, Goddess of Justice, Goddess of Victory, Goddess of Hope, Goddess of Faith, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Light , Goddess of Unity (Rose) and the Goddess of Music. We open our hearts, receive and ever rejoice as the Great Goddesses pour forth Their Divine Attributes to Humanity at this time.



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