Reality Check, 2.0

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Reality check everyone who read’s this. The illuminati, are going to be playing out their role’s of taking the side of evil, while, we who discover this and decide to take a stand against it, are taking the roles of good. This is however a game, so keep that at heart. I know those of who you read this, and see the word’s “Life is a game” upset you, but this is the truth.” We have a responsibility to our fellow family member’s on this planet, that is to take care of each other, and be there for each other. However, to reheart us all again, we all have contract’s that we agree’d upon before birth, that determine our experience throughout this journey on the planet. Essentially, all we can experience forever, is working with the inevitable. Now that being said, the entire contract before birth, literally determines, who live’s and who die’s. What part’s being’s play, good, bad,  and both covertly, all of us together as one whole family on this planet, are playing these role’s and not a single person is excluded from this. NOT ONE.

Galactic Interplanetary Waves = Ripples Through ALL Dimensions (As Upon Earth, then Outward to All Dimensions and All Universes)

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Galactic Interplanetary Waves = Ripples Through ALL Dimensions = Your Ascension (As Upon Earth, then Outward to All Dimensions and all Universes)

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===   ===   +++   ===   ===   ++++   ===   ===   ===   
                         ASCENSION CLASS 47

       by SANANDA (Lord Jesus the Christ, Ascended)
              channeled through Rev Deb Wright
                       "The Domino Effect"


This is the lesson that you shall have concerning planetary,
galactic, universal, All That Is ascension.


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