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Not very often we hear from DAYTONA BEACH of all places and UFO activity.

Suffice it to say (not saying Im the only one) Im the only one I THINK in that are with previous connections to outside ET people.


HOWEVER, as in SAN DIEGO as of late...we have some sort of sightings that the military has said they were NOT involved with.


Some sources say SPEC OPS, I tend to lean on SPACE CRAFT of ET origin. What ELSE can BUZZ BOMB awake a entire city of thousands if its not military? It looksed from the feed I did see on youtube as if a Grey or Pleadian craft.


Now I know there are crazy pilots out there but DAYTONA is no stranger to aviation, hell, they practically raise pilots there, so they know its not aircraft doing this.


SEEMS through whatever source I made definite contact via TV6 audio. Problem is IM not pushing enough wattage, and cant do so legally without a THOUSAND dollar HAM  radio(and licence). BOTH SAN DIEGO and DAYTONA(noticed for some time before I left) have this unique quirk about TV6, a far left FM band audio, as if the TV station is transmitting there by blind accident. Its not, thats how TV6 specs are written for some reason. LOCAL TV6 analog ALWAYS transmits FAR LEFT FM radio bands.


Problem is, there is no TV6 at least in CORAM or SUFFOLK COUNTY or Id be reciving it. The bands are clear on the radio. SO either Im not PUSHING ENOUGH POWER or someone upstairs isnt paing enough attention.


SLOW HELL may do the trick. MORSE SEEMS a tad open. SOOO CLOSE and yet so far from contact it isnt funny.


Will do my best when I get up there, full contact is coming, but I have a whole nother life out there.


SO for those that can make contact...IM outside of NEW YORK. SOME ET race is looking for me and it seems urgent.




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I've put together a short timeline of events near Yakusk...heres how they are playing out:


We have a falling craft, blinking over the area.

We have a crash landing.

We have a Russian coverup shortly thereafter.

We have MEOWing over Russia Airspace after the incident, and pilots are known on several occasions to spot or hear from a UFO.




This time, fresh out of McCaffery's DOONA SERIES.


Not only are the LION/CAT people HERE, they have crash landed and are looking for survivors, as happened at A51 near the time of my disappearance.(or birth if you look at it differently)

Hedgehog or not, thats a pic of me and Lord Wolf elsewhere. Thats what we do. And its Just like Lord Serena to write about us like McCaffery does.


Russia better handle this situation DELICATELY. THESE are ALLIES, these Sekhmet and Sirian-like folk.

BAd news..

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I hate telling bad news, Id rather shooting people doing things and reporting of whats up for 18 hours straight. (THANKS CHIEF!)


2009 was the last straw. Even Moraney from Andromeda said we WOULD NOT support this type of action. And I know some of you believe me when I say I witnessed this in 2009 before I left SAN DIEGO. Because I did.


We will not support the blowing up of ANY of our ships.Matter of fact most of us spaceborn races condemn it as an act of violence.An ACT of WAR.


So close to PEACE negotiations here. SO if anyone knows who took it out, now is the time to tell.


The FBI has a NO-FORN order out on OCCUPY PROTESTERS, thanks to BOEHNER. Time to diseminate that ALL-FORN.You have RIGHT to know. FUCK the FEDS and anyone standing behind a security clearance telling you otherwise.






I dont care what world you live on.

Women Banned From SPEAKING by Christian Union!

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Published on Dec 18, 2012

Christian extremism in the UK? The Bristol University Christian Union banned women from speaking at events and teaching at meetings, unless they are accompanied by their husband. Tweet!

Find out even MORE here:

Do you think there's any justification for what the BUCU is doing here?

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Message to the general public and the winner is???

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After it's confirmed to the public that Obama Will retain this office, soon will come the revelations of the major events that those awake are eager to see fulfilled. However those who have not an ear for it will be shocked and overwelmed by the truths they are soon to learn.


Some will run and hide due to what is approching, some will want to take their weapons of "mess-distruction" and hunt down the ones responsible for the mess the Elite have put you in.


We are in the time that every eye shall see what has been hidden from us for a long, long time. What your are about to "see" won't be a pretty site indeed, but well worth the wait after the dust settles.

The ones involved with the Illuminati/cabal that up until now run you, own you and control you, will all be removed from their respective offices, some will be imprisoned and held for arraignment just before we the people rain on their evil heads, some will be shipped to other planets where they may best learn from the karma they have made, the most evil of them will be remove from Earth and incinerated.

The cabal was hoping for another "minion" in this important office that would follow their evil lead, but not this time. This will not be allowed as "The Highest Authority" of ALL has decreed that peace will now rein on earth for the next thousand years. There is no more nukes allowed to detinate for the purpose to kill and or distroy. War will soon become something of the past and forgotten.


Make Corporate Media Irrelevant | Interview with Peter Phillips

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Published on Oct 9, 2012 by breakingtheset

Abby Martin does an in depth interview with the former Director of Project Censored, Peter Phillips about the biggest stories censored by the corporate press and how to become the media.
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