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Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are “Not Good Enough?"

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Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are “Not Good Enough?"

Everyone on this planet understands that being human involves moments of self-doubt, hesitation, and/or wondering if we are “good enough” to reach our goals and fulfill our desires. However, for “light workers” or those on the spiritual path, these feelings are often more pervasive, intense, confusing, and even paralyzing. Rather than fleeting moments of feeling unsure, our episodes appear more difficult to overcome, and almost foundational or at the core of our awakening process.

As light workers, most of us consider ourselves to be human beings of powerfully energetic and universal fabric; connected to all on this planet and beyond; and part of a bigger picture regarding the future of our  species, our planet, and the cosmos. So, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we tend to over-think, feel insecure, dwell in self-doubt, or get overly impatient with ourselves--even in situations where we would likely show understanding and compassion for someone else doing or thinking the exact same thing?

It is true that we can point our fingers at different life events or critical people whose hurtful words and unkind actions may have nurtured our sense of uneasiness or “unworthiness.” However, a root cause that all of us in the awakening process seem to share is the feeling of “not fitting in,” no matter how good we are at faking it. Why? Unfortunately, being more “awake” on this planet still means being truly different than 99% of the population in genetic frequency, “sensitivities,” and perspectives. 

TWIN FLAME VIRGO's: A D'Vine Journey 71-73

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B. Michael September, 05th Sulfur, Louisiana

C. Marie September, 05th Phoenix, Arizona

step fathers born October 05th...10 years apart

Michael, October, 05th 1944

Jimmie October, 05th 1954

Paul Anthony 12/21/1970- 10/09/2007

Joel Gillespie 09/02/1971- 10/09/1996

1900's Great Grandparents 1900's

Noah Tomlin & Adeline Tomlin

Gracie Tabor & Bradley Tabor

And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters asswaged;

Genesis 8:1

1920's Grandparents 1920"s

Loyd Tabor 09/04/1922- 12/25/2012

Minnie Tabor 01/22/1928- 05/14/2002

Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting

righteousness, and  to seal up  the vision  and  prophecy,  and to  anoint the most Holy. 

- Daniel 9:24  


Sunday Morning Musings with My Higher Self/Twin Flame ~ How To Deal With The Intense Energies

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By: Admin, 02/09/2014

twin flame love and union

The energy is so intense now and many going through their transition are experiencing symptoms that can be alarming, myself included. I asked Michael to please explain to me a little more of what I can expect to experience as a result of these ongoing changes occurring, in particular with my family. At first I didn’t understand what he was telling me, so he explains it in more detail:

Think of it this way. You are vibrating at a higher frequency than any of your family members and you already feel as if you exist in two different worlds. That is because you are in reality existing in two different worlds, but on the same dimension, 3D. But soon you will experience yourself existing in higher dimensions also. Co-existing if this helps you to understand it better. You will maintain consciousness of both 3D and higher dimensions of consciousness. Your reality will be either, depending on which you choose.

Will I have to lower my frequency in order to ‘live’ or exist in 3D?

Where to Find the Twin Flame Union - A Message from Jesus via Giselle Koy

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It is I, Himself, representing the Divine Masculine.

A word to the Divine Feminine:  As you ask Him to show up in your life, so shall He show up.

It shall not be the job of the Divine Feminine to birth this Man—it is not her job.

Women, hold space for men to make their transition but do not feel the need to nurture them like children. Notice how they “show up” in life.” That is what is being called for. For how they show up tells you everything.

As beggars, as children, as wounded men, as patriarchal, abusive, disrespectful—OR as strong, solid, inner directed/connected, empowering, supportive, creative men. Men who have direction. These are the men we call for and these are the men we will see showing up for just as the divine feminine is embodying so too is the divine masculine.

Yes, these higher beings are stepping in – Be Patient and Hold Vigil. This is the high ground where many twin flames will find each other. Yes, higher selves, higher beings, embodying.   

Face to face, eye to eye and melted in an embrace—in balance, joy and forward motion into a higher form of love in which divine destiny work can be done.

Sacred SEX

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Before I retire to Bed to read my book about China and Communism Rule, which is right timing! I must write this.  I read a lot of misinformation about this and Pleidians etc.


What I wish to state is this (I think?)


God Essence is Pure Energy of Love.  


When two or more come in my name, so shall you know Love, feel love and speak love.


The body may also absorb these intense pure energy , the Holy trinity of male female and holy spirt or MotherFatherGod.


Much fantisising about this subject do I read, yet it is an area, that needs to be allowed to flow into all that IS.


It is the same as when that wonderful light of God descends into the physical body, the union is private and sacred between only you and god, and the journey of love begins.


The same for Twin Flame Sacred Re-Union.  


When asked or when healing, I advised God is like the Sun, all warm and glowing, Love.


When asked about Sacred Sex, I am almost saddened that SEX comes into this.  It is the joining of The Two Souls within the Eyes of God into Oneness.  How the physical couple explore this, is their business only.  


Once the Reunion has effected within the Heart of God, and the particles of love flow, it is this same love that explodes each cell into love.  


This is why it is named Sacred.


Sacred Love, Eternal love, Infinite Love. 






Transitional Awareness - Soul Family, Twin Flame, Community and Belonging

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For so long many of us have been held separate from our soul family, however everything is changing. Learn more as I share what's changing in our world as we shift from the old system to the new. <3 Daniella 

A Love Letter from Lady Portia to Saint Germain Channeled by Giselle Koy

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Tis I.

Writing to my beloved. Yes my work of alchemizing balance in these turbulent times is all consuming yet you do get my attention. For you get more than my attention. You sit as the source for much inspiration. As I see your superior role in Ascension, I rise to my role of balancing, and in this way, we meet through our most sincere efforts.

Yes, I feel a meeting close at hand and I prepare as any woman would – annointing myself with oils and sacred perfumes of her holiness, enchanting expressions, gowns of deep green and blues, hair of shiny oakwood color and a pure heart beating at the mention of your name.


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by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix  
Dedicated to *M* because you know "who you are."

 \\\\\\\\\\\\//\\\\\\\ 101 /////// 202 \\\\\\ 303 ////// 404 //////  505  \\\\\\\\\//\\\\\\\\\\


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I sense I may know who you are. I suspect you have given me hints.

But I am not certain, by far, as my feelings are always intense.

I constantly reach out to help -but sometimes my perceptions are wrong.

Like now, I am writing a poem - when what we need is a song.

I tried with my pen and ink to draw a picture of us,

But - I do not think my drawing was worth all the fuss.

We were quite deeply engaged, but not quite fully entwined.

The part that I couldn’t connect had to do with the mind.


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