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Doggerland: The Real Atlantis, Just Off Scotland

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The Scotsman
Published on Tuesday 3 July 2012 10:28

Oil companies and fishermen helped scientists to gather information on Doggerland.

 A STONE AGE “Atlantis” that once flourished on a vast plain now covered by the southern North Sea is to be brought to life at a major public science festival from today.The lost world of Doggerland, which vanished beneath the rising waters following last Ice Age – separating Britain from the rest of Europe – has been recreated in 3D for the first time by Scottish scientists.

The images of the now hidden underwater Mesolithic world – together with artefacts of its dramatic past dredged from the sea bed – will be unveiled at the annual Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London.

~Wellness News~ Top 3 Healing Flowers

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Top 3 Healing Flowers



“Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity,” wrote Victorian author, artist and conservationist John Ruskin. Indeed, research has proven that multitudes of different flower species possess natural compounds essential to healing. 


Certified medical herbalist Sara Stewart Martinelli, owner of Three Leaf Concepts—the parent company of Boulder Tea Company, Three Leaf Farm and a number of restaurants and teahouses—individually blends many of the teas served in her establishments. Here are three of her personal favorites.


Sweet violet (Viola odorada)



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