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Archaeologists Unearthed 300,000-Year-Old Hearth

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By: MessageToEagle.com, 01/29/2014

MessageToEagle.com - A team of Israeli scientists recently discovered in the Qesem Cave, an archaeological site near present-day Rosh Ha'ayin, the earliest evidence - dating to around 300,000 years ago - of unequivocal repeated fire building over a continuous period.


The team is headed by Profs. Avi Gopher and Ran Barkai of Tel Aviv University. Dr. Ruth Shahack-Gross of the Kimmel Center for Archeological Science at the Weizmann Institute has been involved in this archaeological research since excavations began, and she collects samples on-site for later detailed analysis in the lab.


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Edward Snowden has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

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By: Brian Fung, 01/29/2014

Edward Snowden photographed in a hotel room in Moscow, Russia December, 2013. (Photo by Barton Gellman for The Washington Post)

(Barton Gellman for The Washington Post)

Edward Snowden spent the last year revealing some of the government's most tightly held secrets, kicking off a massive debate about the proper role of America's intelligence services. Now, a pair of Norwegian politicians have nominated the NSA leaker for a Nobel Peace Prize. In their nomination letter, Baard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen, who hail from the Socialist Left party, said Snowden's revelations "contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order."


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Farmer Reports: GMOs Causing Deformities, Birth Defects in Piglets

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Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 01/29/2014

Thanks to Monsanto’s genetically modified crops and creations, one pig farmer in Denmark is sounding the alarm on what he believes are deformities caused by genetically modified feed, crippling the pigs he raises. According to The Ecologist, farmer Ib Pedersen has found piglets born with spinal deformities, visible growths and abnormalities, and even conjoined twins. He blames glyphosate—the herbicide found on genetically modified crops.

A primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, glyphosate is a weed-killing chemical routinely sprayed on crops that have been genetically-modified to withstand it’s killer effects. Glyphosate has been found in staggering amounts in human urine and is not only found in our food, but in the water system.


GM crop ban extended indefinitely in Tasmania

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Natural News, By: PF Louis, 01/29/2014

(NaturalNews) Tasmania recently extended its ban on GMO crops indefinitely. This move will enable the Tasmanian island state of the Australian Commonwealth, located 150 miles off the southeast coast of mainland Australia, to maintain export leverage to European nations and others that won't import GMO foods.


For more on this story visit www.naturalnews.com

Ukraine leader offers concessions

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Associated Press, By: By JIM HEINTZ and MARIA DANILOVA, 01/27/204

Ukrainian protesters are continuing to put pressure on President Viktor Yanukovych’s government. Yankovych’s government said Monday that it would withdraw an anti-protest law that has sent thousands out into the streets of Kiev and other cities.

KIEV, Ukraine – Ukraine’s beleaguered president on Monday agreed to scrap harsh anti-protest laws that set off a wave of clashes between protesters and police over the past week, a potentially substantial concession to the opposition that stopped short of meeting all of its demands. In a possibly major sticking point, a proposed amnesty for arrested protesters would not be offered unless demonstrators stopped occupying buildings and ended their round-the-clock protests and tent camp on Kiev’s central Independence Square, according to a statement by Justice Minister Elena Lukash on the presidential website.


President Viktor Yanukovych has been under increasing pressure since he pushed the tough laws through parliament, setting off clashes and protests in other parts of the country in a sharp escalation of tensions after weeks of mostly peaceful protests over his rejection of a deal to deepen ties with the 28-nation European Union.


EU Eco Groups Slam New ‘Agent Orange’ GM Crops

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By: Sustainable Pulse, 01/27/204


Testbiotech, GeneWatch UK and the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe, have today published a detailed report on the herbicide 2,4-D. They warn that the growing of genetically engineered plants is likely to increase the spraying of the “agent orange herbicide” 2,4-D and that if approved, it could be imported into the EU as GM animal feed. Several applications for the import into the EU of genetically engineered plants that are resistant to 2,4-D are currently pending. Some of these plants have been engineered to be resistant to several herbicides at once. Especially in the US these GM plants resistant to 2,4-D are close to being allowed for commercial cultivation.


For more on this story visit www.sustainablepulse.com

Benjamin Fulford Update 1-28-14 “Cabal mounts counter-offensive but with limited impact as arrests continue”

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk24And that is the entire piece that is visible at 1018 HST (2018 UTC). There’s no initial piece, that Ben usually publishes. So here’s what you may do, search the internet for the title of this piece and you will find it. I found one and will post here the first few paragraphs, and post the full article after 3 days.


Cabal mounts counter-offensive but with limited impact as arrests continue

The criminal cabal that illegally commandeered most of the world’s financial system is causing turmoil in in many places including Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq and is also trying to derail the peace process with Iran as part of a broad offensive planned at their Davos gathering last week, according to multiple sources.

However, this is not stopping the ongoing and accelerating global purge of cabal agents as can be seen from continuing arrests and exposures of cabal crimes and pedophilia networks. For example, this article about Tony Blair’s good friend Colonel Gadaffi has just appeared.

Ban: Hawaii First State to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

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Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 01/25/2014

plastic bags banned 263x164 Ban: Hawaii First State to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

Even with reusable shopping bags, most individuals inevitably end up with some of the annoying thin plastic ones around, perhaps shoved under the kitchen sink. Well in Hawaii, people will be dealing with a lot fewer of these plastic sacks as that state recently became the first to ban the bag at checkout and restaurants.

Honolulu County became the last of the state’s counties to ban the bags, completing the state’s ban as a whole, according to NBC News. Retailers have three years to get rid of their supply and come up with alternatives. The success of the bans is attributed to citizen action and conscientious Hawaiians. After all, it didn’t come from the legislature, but from all four county councils.



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