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How the Galactics Reason

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The 2012 Scenario
Posted by Steve Beckow

August 8, 2012

SaLuSa’s message today was quite synchronous with an intention of my own: An Hour with an Angel intends to interview Commander Ashtar next Monday and ask him about secrecy. That discussion is more generally intended to shed light on how the galactics proceed with various matters by taking this one instance and looking at it more closely.

What do the galactics need to keep secret and why? What unfortunate consequences could result if something secret becomes public knowledge? Who decides what the galactics will discuss and what they won’t? Do the galactics make timely disclosure of that which no longer needs to be kept secret?

The discussion is being held for us as ground crew, Earth allies, lightworkers and starseeds – and SaLuSa discusses a matter here that has been moulded or shaped by the galactics in part in secrecy so let’s have a look at what he says.

Archangel Michael: The Passport to Ascension is Love

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Aug 7


Steve Beckow: This is one of the most informative interviews that I’ve heard from Archangel Michael. He answers questions like will the Earth disappear from Third Dimensionality when we ascend? Will children and pets need preparation to ascend? Will our houses and apartments be the same? Will we arrive with all our powers instantly available to us?


He tells us that the passport to Ascension is love. In another place he gives the example of an African woman who knows nothing about Ascension or ascended masters, etc., but who is pure and assures us that she will ascend. He says that Ascension is available to everyone. There is no exclusivity about Ascension.  Very reassuring. Next week we’ll have Commander Ashtar, who we had earlier planned to have on today along with AAM.


The Pressures on President Obama

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2012 August 4

Posted by Steve Beckow

Today (Aug. 4, 2012) is the President’s birthday and no one is under more fire and pressure from the dark than he is.


Periodically the cabal floats rumors that the President has taken an action that threatens free speech or promotes the possibility of martial law, etc. One such announcement concerned what was billed as an agreement to turn the Internet kill switch over to the Department of Homeland Security. Archangel Michael corrected my interpretation of that announcement.


Steve: Lord, … I’d like to ask you about some late-breaking news stories that seem to deserve comment. One is that there’s a story up on the 2012 Scenario site that President Obama has signed an executive order turning control of communications over to the Department of Homeland Security.


Could you tell us what this move signifies, please? Why would the President hand the internet kill switch to DHS?

What is It Likely We’ll See on August 4th, 2012?

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2012 August 4

by Steve Beckow

Happy birthday, Mr. President!

What is it likeliest we’ll see on August 4, 2012?


(1) Some sort of galactic recognition of President Barack Obama’s birthday?


(2) Total ET/UFO Disclosure?

(3) An energetic event?


(1) Highly probable.  August 4 is President Obama’s birthday and it may work to recognize it in some way, especially to take the attention off the reigning head of state in Britain, Queen Elizabeth, who is a leading Illuminati figure. (1)


Making Sure We Understand SaLuSa’s Important Annoucement

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2012 July 30

by Steve Beckow

It’s important to review what SaLuSa and Mike Quinsey have said right out of the starting gate. Stephen has said what I’m about to say here. Andrew has.  But I worry that, even though we’ve been crystal clear, some people will not see it or catch SaLuSa’s drift.


I’m also being compulsive about it because I’ve just been raked through the muck on a particular discussion group for exactly these misunderstandings.  So perhaps we can avoid a repeat by going over the details.


SaLuSa has confirmed what Sierra Neblina said (1) and what the two crop circles at Manton Drove and Windmill Hill have indicated (see below). (2) That is NOT that Disclosure will take place on Aug. 4 or even Aug. 5 necessarily, but that the divine deadline after which the galactics have the ability and authority to decide when to disclose their presence to us passes on August 4.


Steve Beckow ~ Clarification On Disclosure Rumors And Evidence ~

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Already reports and comments are coming in that suggest that people believe that the 2012 Scenario has said that Disclosure will happen on August 5, 2012.

No, that’s not something we said.


What we’ve said here is that there’s evidence (not conclusive evidence, but suggestive evidence) that the divine deadline before which the galactics have to honor the freewill choices of Earth’s governments will pass on August 4, 2012.


If this evidence is a true predictor, it doesn’t bind the galactics to disclosing on August 5.


No one here, and perhaps not even the galactics themselves, know when Disclosure will happen. You’ve seen that a shooting in Denver can potentially put back the plans for Disclosure by removing President Obama from Washington.


UFO/ET Disclosure ~ What, Where, When, Why and How?

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2012 July 29
by Steve Beckow

Many readers can remember waiting for Disclosure in October 2008 and the huge disappointment when it was called off at 4 p.m. in the afternoon.  Yet no occasion has seemed so promising as these 2012 Olympics to see it happen. At the risk of getting everyone’s hopes too high, we repost today an article written last summer around this time reviewing all matters to do with disclosure.


Certainly if Disclosure were not to happen at the Olympics, it cannot be far off.


What is Meant by Disclosure?


Push Me, Pull Me Steve Beckow

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Posted by Steve Beckow

How timely that these events should be transpiring immediately before I have a reading with Archangel Michael. And what he had to say may be of interest to you. I don’t think I’m the only one by a long shot who may be going through circumstances like this, either now or later.


Since I wrote that piece this morning (1) I’ve gone through vertigo and awoke after a nap with the feeling that I was letting go of (it actually felt like disgorging) probably everything that could be let go of. As well my memory is almost not working at the moment.

If it weren’t so darned interesting to watch and be a part of, I might be a mite concerned. But we all know that we’re being pulled like taffee round about now so, hey, push me, pull me.

I asked AAM what was going on.  He replied:


On Ascension ~ Part 5/6 ~ What is the Nature of the Light Uplifting Earth?

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2012 July 25
 by Steve Beckow

Given how many people are new to Ascension, we repost this series from 2011 to introduce new readers to aspects of Ascension.


Increasing Light Causes Ascension

SaLuSa made a number of interesting comments recently that demonstrate that the Light forces who are working to bring Ascension to this planet are doing so by increasing the light quotients hitting the planet.


He made his comments specifically in light of the popular revolt that has hit North Africa at this time (Feb. 10, 2011) and explains that increasing light is behind the dissent. He said:


“With our presence even if you are not fully aware of what we are doing, the energies around Earth are playing upon the consciousness of many who see it is their duty to take action.” (1)


The Transition to Peace

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The Transition to Peace

2012 July 25
Posted by Steve Beckow
Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Below Steve Shares the Company of Light Heavem is Not Here. He just does not Read The Galactic Free Press! AS We ARE HERE, and WE are Walking With You Home Into The Light! All is Underway We Love You Love The Earth Allies~ AKA The Company of Heaven.

I’ve had quite a few discussions with people since writing the article on peace descending. (1) And a common theme that’s emerging is that people are having difficulty adjusting to the lack of apparent action around us.


When Archangel Michael told us that the celestials preferred to use containment to mass arrests, a lot of us were irritated. It’s as if we wanted the ritual, drama, and completion that mass arrests might have brought us.


We didn’t seem to care much about the risks of loosing a genie that we might have difficulty putting back in the bottle. We seemed to want action.



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