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Time to Say Goodbye

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by Steve Beckow
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Music can be so healing. For me no two songs assist me to make transitions within myself more than Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli’s Time to Say Goodbye and Andrea Boccelli and Marta Sanchez’ Vivo Per Lei [I Live for Her]  It may be true to say that I have listened to these songs more perhaps any other apart from my all-time favorite, Pachelbel’s Canon.

And for me it is indeed time to say goodbye. With the re-election of President Obama, my sense is that we’ve passed the starting gate of the events that can be said to lead in a direct manner to Ascension.

The number of people identified as being in containment – Christine Lagarde, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Jamie Dimon, Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin, Bashar Al-Assad, the Bilderbergers, the entire Committee of 300 and in fact all major and many intermediate players of the global elite – must surely convince us that the grip of the old order on the planet has been loosened forever.

SaLuSa of Sirius on President Obama ~ Part 1/2

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Written by Steve Beckow

Many galactic and celestial sources deal with our spiritual unfoldment or interpersonal relationships and adaptations.  They don’t focus on contemporary affairs. Among the very few commentators who do, SaLuSa of Sirius, channeled through Michael Quinsey, is, in my view the fullest and best.

SaLuSa was at one point the leader of a group of commentators that included Diane of Sirius, Ker-On of Venus, Ag-Agria and Atmos of Sirius and others. But lately he alone has been reporting to us on the battle to subdue the cabal and spread the Light that will see us ascend at the end of this year.

What has he had to say about president Obama? His support has been unwavering. He’s described the President’s difficult position surrounded by the dark who have continually been maligning him and causing many lightworkers’ support to waver and fall. SaLuSa has detailed the President work for global peace and maintained that the President’s best work will come after the cabal is out of the way.

Descriptions of Obama

What Do We Mean by “Ascension”?

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 by Steve Beckow

Ascension in the modern context refers to an event that will occur on or before Dec. 21, 2012 that will see those who are willing and have assimilated sufficient light to endure higher-vibrational settings leave the Third and Fourth Dimensions and enter the Fifth.

The Third Dimension is the Physical Plane that the so-called “living” inhabit. The Fourth Dimension is connected to the Third and is the Astral Planes that the so-called “deceased” inhabit. Of course there is no death. Life itself is continuous, the soul inhabiting and dropping various bodies and passing through many lifetimes on the universal journey from God to God (more on this later).

In this Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, people or souls will see their physical bodies change from carbon base to crystalline base. This change in composition will enable our bodies to survive in the finer-vibrational setting of the Fifth Dimension. Everything needed for changes like these is already encoded into our DNA.

Suspense Around NESARA Continues

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2012 October 13

 by Steve Beckow

Let’s review the bases for our optimism that the announcement of NESARA is only days away. NESARA predictions have been the graveyard of lightworkers. We’re torn between reporting the indications from our sources that say it’s in the immediate offing and not wanting to disappoint those who have waited so long.

But we’re assured by our sources that we’re very close to it. I know it’s been frustrating for people to hang on so long, for any major announcement.

Archangel Michael said on Oct. 8, 2012:

Archangel Michael: It will be in place very shortly. No, I do not mean soon, I simply mean shortly.

SB: What’s the difference between shortly and soon, please, Lord?

AAM: Days.

SB: Days. Okay.

The Vision Statement of the Peace Foundation

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by Steve Beckow


Some time ago, either in 1982 or 1991 – I no longer remember which – Iris Hone of Vancouver, Canada, established the Peace Foundation, whose object was the securing of world peace by the year 2000. After Iris, Gordon Scott took over the foundation until his death a few years later.

They asked me to write the Vision Statement for the Peace Foundation, which I did. Iris and Gordon were out in their target date for world peace by twelve years. Who would have known back then? Here is the Vision Statement for the Peace Foundation. (Who knows who wrote it?)

The Vision Statement of the Peace Foundation

Achieving World Peace Now! Oct. 10, 2012

The Declaration of Human Freedom

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by Archangel Michael

Thank You to Steve Beckow

Every being is a divine and eternal soul living in a temporal body. Every being was alive before birth and will live after death.

Every soul enters into physical life for the purpose of experience and education, that it may, in the course of many lifetimes, learn its true identity as a fragment of the Divine.

Life itself is a constant process of spiritual evolution and unfoldment, based on free choice, that continues until such time as we realize our true nature and return to the Divine from which we came.

No soul enters life to serve another, except by choice, but to serve its own purpose and that of the Divine from which it came.

What Will Ascension be Like? ~ Part 2/2

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 by Steve Beckow

Depiction of Archangel Michael

(Continued from Part 1.)

What Dimension Will We Go to?

S: And on one side [of Ascension] we’re in 3D or 4D, and on the other side we’re in 5D?

AAM: Or higher. (1)

It is the elevator to the Fifth. And further, there will be some who simply choose to keep going [to dimensions higher than the Fifth]. But as a collective, that is the plan. (2)

Archangel Michael: The Declaration of World Peace

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By Steve Beckow

Oct. 8, 2012

Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return. Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching and realizing peace.

There comes a time in the affairs of worlds when the forces of disintegration can no longer resist the forces of attraction, when hatred and division can no longer overpower love and peace. There comes a rebound in the councils of worlds, a pushing back from the people which none can stand against or fail to honor.

At this time, the people of Earth will see an outbreak of peace, overpowering all that divided, wounded, and killed. It has been decreed by the Highest that the Earth, after eons of wandering in the ways of havoc and war, shall once again return to the ways of peace. Against the wave of love that is sweeping the Earth, political and military leaders will prove powerless.

What Will Ascension be Like? ~ Part 1/2

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2012 October 8

by Steve Beckow

Many people wonder what Ascension will be like. To address that desire to know, I’ve taken salient quotes from Archangel Michael’s readings or Hour with an Angel interviews, and put them together in one place for easy reference.

Part 1 is on the experience of Ascension and Part 2 is on the dimension we’ll go to, Earth’s progress, disappearance or no disappearance, and the certainty of the event. Please be aware that not all sources agree on all these matters. Archangel Michael’s is the version I prefer.

Will Ascension be Gradual or Sudden?

Steve Beckow: Is [Ascension] going to be a shift that happens in a moment, or is it going to be a gradual shift?

Matthew Ward: President Obama is a Major Factor in the Master Plan for the Golden Age ~ Part 2

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Written by Steve Beckow

Continued from Part 1.)

Matthew, Hatonn, and SaLuSa have not wavered in their support of the President or retreated an inch since before he was elected. They have at their command resources for knowing that are unavailable to us and I trust their opinion.

Matthew Ward says that “US President Obama is a major factor in the master plan.”

“Some see his administration moving boldly in new directions, others see it following the same policies as the former administration, and still others see it acting on too many fronts without well-defined objectives. To all who regard with pessimism the decisions and actions thus far, we say: Wait and see!

“Despite the formidable situations Obama inherited and the determined opposition of Illuminati members of Congress and those who are acting under that dark group’s influence, whether by bribery, blackmail or death threats to family, he will pursue his visionary course to benefit his nation and the world.” (1)


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