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“Disclosure Announcement Being Pushed Up the Chain of Command”

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2012 September 17

 by Steve Beckow


Very meaty, substantial Hour with an Angel today with Archangel Michael and Geoffrey West. On the Disclosure video, on pre-NESARA, on political events in the world, and more.

What Archangel Michael said about the Disclosure video quite surprised me. Here is an immediate transcription of that red-hot news.

Apparently the video is going up and down the chain of command of the media and political leaders. It really has been a full announcement of Disclosure, and probably succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you, Graham and the Inlight Radio hosts.

Steve Beckow~ Our Greatest Challenge

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Matthew Ward and SaLuSa have said repeatedly that the people who may have the most difficulty when the truth of our history is revealed will be people of a strong religious background – this may include religious leaders, religious orders, fundamentalists, etc.

The task of lightworkers is to see that as many as possible ascend. That’s why we incarnated, many of us leaving higher dimensions and other planets to come here at this time to assist.

So not to judge or separate ourselves from anyone, but to understand how we can better assist those groups whose native impulse would be to reject Ascension, let’s look at what the galactics, masters and celestials say about the strongly religious whose views might see them oppose the idea of ascending.

Matthew Ward confirms that reaching the deeply religious will be our greatest challenge.

Much Ado About NESARA: An Update

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2012 September 16

 by Steve Beckow

Original Banner for the Galactic Roundtable discussion group, 2009


NESARA is ready for introduction, apparently, and is just awaiting the right moment. At the same time, lower-level members of the cabal, not in containment, are causing as much mayhem as they can and their latest wrench in the works – an anti-Muslim movie – has caused a short interruption. But we’re told matters will soon be back on track.

Perhaps you’re aware, as I’ve been, that it’s been very, very quiet recently, aside from the outbreak of violence in the Middle East. This may have been because we were on the verge of NESARA’s introduction.

Resistance Causes Persistence

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Resistance Causes Persistence

Posted by Steve Beckow


You can either be with your feelings … or turn to  Ida Rolph

Perhaps you’ll permit me to expand a little more on the theory behind the article “It’s OK to Mope.” Especially since some of us are doing such deep clearing work round about now.

Some of us have grown up thinking that we need to resist our unwanted feelings.  We may have been taught as children to control ourselves, be restrained, not give way to emotion, etc.

The Victorian generation, which I studied as a young historian many years ago, believed that we grew by suppression.

My generation at the time I was studying history was all about creative expression (letting it all hang out, etc.), but the Victorian generation was all about creative repression.

It’s OK to Mope ~Steve Beckow~

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A lot of people these days are saying they are moping, kind of dragged out, not inspired, etc.

I was this morning. In the bath, moping, wondering when the party would start.  Even though I know that arrangements are going ahead behind the scenes, I still wanted things to go faster and get more exciting. And my friends overseas were in the same boat and others in the East, etc.

I described it to a friend as being like standing outside the gates of a New Year’s Eve public bash that said it would open at 7:00. And then they said 8:00. And then 9:00. And finally at 10:00 they opened but by then I had lost a lot of my enthusiasm.

Over the course of the day, as more and more exciting things were discussed, I emerged from my down space. But even if I hadn’t, what a friend in Europe told me was very deeply interesting. Just unto itself.

She pointed to all the messages that said that we’d need to go down into the depths of despair before we emerged on the other side. She cited the latest message from Kryon on the matter, some things that Adamu said, and even Archangel Michael the other day saying all our “what ifs” are emerging.

There Shall be No More Death ~ Part 3/3

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2012 September 13

 by Steve Beckow

We conclude our series on health and longevity near and after Ascension by looking in more depth at what our new bodies and our experience in them will be like.

More on Our New Bodies

Some people believe that we will simply have bodies of light in the Fifth Dimension. Matthew Ward tells us that is not so. In his answer he goes into the history of the changes to our physical form.

“Yes, in fifth density you will have bodies, you won’t be ‘light beings without form.’ This is an excellent question as it begs clarification of how your current bodies can function along Earth’s ascension pathway. Souls that absorb the light, which is constantly available to all, are changing at cellular level from carbon-based third density bodies to crystalline-based bodies that can survive in the higher frequencies.

There Shall be No More Death ~ Part 2/3

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 by Steve Beckow

Let’s continue our discussion of the new health conditions that will occur near and after Ascension. In this article we look at new healing technologies and the fate of diseases and pests. In the article after this, which will conclude this series, we’ll look at our new bodies in depth.

Self-Healing and New Healing Techniques

On the subject of self-healing, SaLuSa said recently:

“You have untold powers that will come to you as you approach the end time, and you will take these with you and advance them to even higher levels. Healing for example would become instantaneous by the power of thought.” (1)

In July of this year, he offered a substantial discussion of the way to approach self-healing.

T-100: 100 Days and Counting

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2012 September 11

by Steve Beckow

The countdown clock at the foot of this site numbers 100 days today, September 11, 2012 – 9/11. One-hundred days until liftoff. T-100.


Viewed from my perspective, everything behind the scenes that I’m aware of, and much of it cannot be shared, is expanding in significance, demanding that lightworkers become more conscious, calling on us to raise our maturity levels, asking us to true up to our commitments,  etc.


One reader wrote to me a short while ago and accused me of trying to take a “fathering” role and said it was neither wanted nor needed. I hear that the mission I’m at work on sounds like that, but I can neither yield to such an allegation and cease what I’m doing nor allow myself to become afraid of facing comments such as that.

There Shall be No More Death by Steve Beckow

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There Shall be No More Death

 by Steve Beckow


Periodically I hear from people whose partners are afflicted with disabling diseases or whose parents are ageing and just hanging on.


To give hope, to those who are handling this kind of situation, let’s review what our sources say about health, expected technologies, our new bodies, etc., so that the maximum literature is available to those who need to read it themselves or give to others.


“The door to Ascension is wide open,” SaLuSa tells us, but “but nothing will be allowed to enter unless it is of the higher vibrations.” (1) “There will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections.” (2)

The Lightworker’s Mission

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2012 September 7

 by Steve Beckow

Whether we’re called wayshowers, gatekeepers, ground crew or something else, starseeds are here to anchor love into the Earth, educate the newly-awakened, model calmness and balance, go first into the new, and remain last until all have transitioned.


Starseeds and other lightworkers are a vital component of the Earth allies, SaLuSa tells us.


“When we speak of our allies we generally refer to those who are Lightworkers, at the front of activities that are occurring with our backing.



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