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~LOVE REPORTER Anrita Melchizedek~

~Authentic Spirituality in Action ~

~by The Elders~

Welcome sweet Ones, we welcome you as Light workers, star seeded Ones, teachers, healers and wayshowers ~ We welcome you as One with All That Is and honor you as these Keepers of Light and Ambassadors of Light.

To start with, let us take a moment to center, breathing deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, just finding that place within yourself of harmony and peace and Love.  And now call in the overlighting of your I Am Presence, your Master Guides and Guardian  Angel and all other Beings of Light that you personally acknowledge and wish to join you now.

~High Council of Orion message for 6~23~11~

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~High Council of Orion message for 6~23~11~




Welcome beloveds, we come to share our guidance and support with you. Many of you will be wondering when all these changes are going to settle down, many of you will by this point perhaps wonder if life will ever return to “normality”. We are here to guide you with this and to help to settle your fears about the changes and what it means for you as humans on planet earth.


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[LADY T SHARES  A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE  ABOUT THE INTENSE ENERGIES AND THE SHIPS PREPARING FOR DECLOAKINGS AS HER RESPONSE TO THE LAST EDITION OF THE GALACTIC FREE PRESS  http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/galactic-free-press-solstice-edition-prepare-decloakings-intense-energy-incoming


I know this is true.

My body has been "buzzing" with this energy and excitement!

~Entering 0~point ~ The return of the Bewinged Ones~

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Entering 0~point ~ The return of the Bewinged Ones~


Beloved Co-creators of life, beloved sisters and brothers realize, that you are now being given an opportunity of transitioning into the space of 0 point thru the magnificent portal and interdimensional doorway of this powerful Solstice. This message is an invitation to do so and an offer for a sacred initiation by which you can purify yourself to do this transition with ease and grace. Because it is not a matter of whether you are able to, but whether you are willing to let go of all vibrational patterning, which is not in alignment with love and unity consciousness. To enter this space of 0 point energy, you will have to adjust your vibratory rate to match the frequency of unity consciousness and free yourself from all 3D vibrational patterns.

~Lightworkers Arise! The Time is Here!~

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~Lightworkers Arise! The Time is Here!~

By Love Reporter  Kriss Erickson


I am channeling, but channeling from my own ancient memories from the Before Times, between corporeal lives.  So I don’t have a name of the energy being channeled, except to call it the “Kriss”.


A Kriss is a doble-edged sword with a wavy blade that was traditionally sharpened to such a keen edge that when wielded by an expert, it could remove a limb, a head or even cut an opponent in half without the opponent even seeing it coming.


Energetically, the Kriss is an entity that cuts to the heart, removing what isn’t needed, bringing the truth to light without consideration of personality or ego.



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~ Spiritual egos~

~Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, from Galactic Central. WE are Your Earth Allies here on your Behalf as Representatives of Your Future Selves~Galactic Humans, and WE are The Ground Crew for First Contact. With you Present in the Physical Manifest is US, Mother and Father God, and We Love you Unconditionally.~


~The Divine Deadline for Disclosure Has Passed ~ ~June 20, 2011, by Love Reporter Steve Beckow~

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~The Divine Deadline for Disclosure Has Passed ~


~June 20, 2011, by Love Reporter Steve Beckow~

Much of what SaLuSa talked about today (June 20, 2011) was very interesting to me. Certainly the pace has picked up on our (editorial) end. It seems impossible to keep up with all that is happening. And SaLuSa says the pace is only going to increase.

We’re trying to read everything, research, but not necessarily post everything. The speed at which we’re moving makes it likely that we’ll make more spelling and format errors than usual, forget to divide articles, get some videos wrong, and make other mistakes. Please just let us know if something has gone amiss in our haste and we’ll correct it.

I did want to address some matters here that arise out of what SaLuSa and others have said. If time permits, I’ll be issuing other articles as well, because Disclosure is apparently imminent.

~6~21~11~Sirian Council of Light: Seeing With The Eyes of Faith=LOVE~

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Tuesday, 21 June, 2011 Tuesday, 21 June, 2011


~Sirian Council of Light: Seeing With The Eyes of Faith=LOVE~

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled as it is seen in a full spectrum of possibility that has not existed before this time.  As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of energetic time prints, that they announce to the world.  As earth walks forward into newly formed dunes of progression it will seem and feel as if one is left completely alone. No one beside them, to hold them, to help them, to assist them or so it seems.

~High Council of Orion Love Message 6~22~11

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Welcome beloveds, we are blessed with another opportunity to communicate with you at this time. We guide you all that illusion is becoming stronger for those who are not yet awake, many of you are now beginning to experience the emotions of those who are unaware of the changes that are happening across the planet. We guide you to have love and compassion at all times for those who seem to be completely unaware about the process that you have named “ascension”.

~6~22~11~~Imposing your will on others can only succeed for short periods~

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 ~Imposing your will on others can only succeed for short periods~

06~22~2011 by Love Reporter John Smallman

Humanity is approaching the moment of transition from its illusory, egoic, and self-centered way of living into a state of loving harmonious cooperation, in which awareness of the oneness of each one of the seeming billions of you breaks through into your consciousness. It is readily apparent to you that your egoic and self-serving way of living is a recipe for global disaster on a scale that would almost certainly destroy humanity, not to mention all the other life forms that the planet supports. And at last your almost totally egoic thought, “WTF are we going to do to ensure and enable our survival on Earth?” is leading to some sane reasoning, because there is undeniably something of interest for everyone in that essential line of thought. You would call it “enlightened self-interest,” which it undoubtedly is, but as you all get involved with the big issues, your small egoic ones, which have been dividing you into warring factions for so long, will have to be overlooked, bypassed in the “interests” of the wider, more pressing general emergency.


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SaLuSa 22~June~2011

Many of you have just participated in meditation and other forms of acknowledgement concerning the Summer Solstice. It has been heart-warming for us to see your response, and it is a measure of how seriously you take your responsibilities as Lightworkers. These occasions are more meaningful when you join in, and the result is that the level of Light on Earth is lifted up yet again.


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