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Mount Shasta ET Event Update

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The Intergalactic Forces are now present around Mount Shasta and are becoming stronger as the Events of this week are nearing.

I'll be sending out updates frequently.

Ascending into the New EarthStar Creation System

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Ascending into the New EarthStar Creation System

The Avatar Center of the Avatar Mother Universe has begun the creation of the New EarthStar Original Living Creation System which is now available to provide its ongoing basis to creation of the Ascended EarthStar Living Creation and Civilization by the EarthStar Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization.


The ET Events are becoming activated

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The ET Events which are set up for next week are becoming activated now so that the members of the public are prepared for this dramatic and planetary series of Events to establish the future ascension of this planet as a showcase of universal life.

It is also beginning to empower those who are the willing participants in the planetary ascension process and to allow them the freedom to do their parts in this ascension process.
The planet is experiencing these developments as they occur to the betterment of all life and people throughout the planet, and are increasingly effective as they continue to develop.
This planet has a unique life of multidimensional nature which must be preserved and allowed to evolve to its destined expressions of universal potential.

The ET UN Event and other events

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Now that the ET Event at the UN next week has become public knowledge, there are other ascended ETs who have joined in this great endeavor to quickly rectify the imbalances in the biosphere and insure the continued ascension of this planet to its exemplary state in the universe.

Some of these ascended ETs are preparing to make an extraordinary public event at Mount Shasta which will greatly increase the ascension forces throughout the planetary grid system and further stabilize the planetary ascension grid which will empower the work of those who are committed to increasing the planetary ascension and creating the new ascended planetary life.
This and other such ET Events will be announced soon.

Wake up Call: Hatonn, August 04, 2015

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I am here today to give you an insight as to what will be coming in the coming months. It is about to break loose and it will hit the fans in a few days. It is going to be so fantastic that some of you won't believe it.


As I say these things I realize that it could confuse some of you. It could be that there will be those who will not be able to comprehend, much less see the changes that are already in place and will be exposed. It is a matter of many of you seeing these changes because you have not only been a part of their creation, but also a part of the ones who will be incorporating them into your life's mission.


I am Hatonn, and I come once more through this one, because we will be working together in the times to come. It will be a reunion of sorts, and in that it will be a re-enactment of that which we have already done on another parallel. That parallel is designed to meld into this one once enough people are able to see the promise that it holds for them.


The ET Event and Public Contact

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The ET Event next week at the UN in NYC is the first in a series of public contacts designed to begin the interactions of the public with various ETs who are commissioned to work with the people of this planet to alleviate the serious issues which are endangering the life and ascension of this planet.
The planet is a multidimensional sphere of life which is of unique importance to the entire universe, and is in need of ET assistance to rectify the imbalances which have occurred in its biosphere, and to assure its continued ascension as a living planet of unique potentials.
The public policies of the planet must be considerate of the entire planetary life and evolution, and of its ascending position within the universe.  And these policies must be implemented soon to prevent very serious environmental consequences from occurring.
The members of the public who are concerned with these issues are to receive the necessary information and assistance to successfully correct these imbalances.

The Major ET Event Next Week

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The arrival of one or more ET craft in the vicinity of the UN building in NYC is still planned for sometime next week, and is a harbinger of other events soon to follow by craft and ETs who are commissioned by the greater galactic life of Ascended Ones to assist this planet now in its ascension and its becoming a showcase planet of great perfection for the entire universe.

Upcoming ET event...

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 I am receiving information from a group of ascended ETs at Mount Shasta that there will be an historic ET event next week which will begin the interactions of the public with some physically present ETs and their physical craft.

Your planet is being swept clear of all negativity that is ready to be released.

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We come to you with exciting news! A wave of huge proportions is building and will reach your planet within the next few days. Your planet is being swept clear of all negativity that is ready to be released. How much this is, depends on the person. Each person is feeling themselves being challenged in many ways so that they may make great changes in their life even if the outward appearance is small. We understand that for those of you who feel caught in a circle of thoughts, emotions, life circumstances, this will seem not to be the case. We assure you however, that all that you are experiencing in these moments is designed to prepare you for what is coming. Many of you who are sensitive can feel that building of an incredible event, a beautiful moment in time. Even those who are not aware of the extraordinary events unfolding feel that something is changing as well. For some they have no way to define what they are feeling and go into fear. Let us be clear, there is nothing to fear.

This wave is designed to propel you forward and help accelerate your growth. 


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