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Synchronicity 101 or Should I Say 11:11?

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What is synchronicity?
A dictionary defines it as: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity as a causal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.

see synchronicity as al of this, yet so much more! It is something that excites me when it occurs in my world. We can take it as a sign that we are in the flow of the universe. It is like a cosmic wink that we are loved and we are on the right track and in the flow. In the flow refers to going with the direction our higher self is wanting to take us.

How to Know the Dreamspell Calendar

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What is the Dreamspell? It is a tool to observe cycles called a synchrometer. A Sychrometer is an instrument for measuring synchronicity and a perfect measure of cosmic time which helps us to attune to those energies. It is a system that is an overlay on the traditional Mayan Tzolkin (an ancient system by the Maya of observing cycles within cycles) that was downloaded by Jose Arguelles via meditation, and based on the mathematics of cycles in the Tzolkin, also called the Mayan Longcount. Through observing the Dreamspell each day and thinking about it helps us move toward the larger galactic cycles into timelessness.

Wikipedia explains the purposes of the Dreamspell as such:

1. To synchronize human beings with our "galactic roots" by tuning us in to the spiritual energy from Hunab Ku, a being Argüelles asserts is the governing deity of the Milky Way Galaxy. (AKA Great Central Sun, the center of our Galaxy.)
2. To convert humanity from thinking that Time is Money to thinking that Time is Art and thus give human beings more scope for their creativity.

Divine Council for Planetary Service, Lighting up the Grid, and Swimming with the Cosmic Whales

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A Divine Council is a meeting that is in sacred space with the Councils of Light and our personal guides present. We also include the elementals, Mother Earth, and crystal and animal consciousnesses who sometimes wish to speak through us, commune with us, or communicate. If you are not familiar, it is a group meditative experience which allows those in presence and unity who attend the call to receive energetically or via vision or multidimensional sensing guidance from source in relation to the topic at hand. It is for the purpose of planetary service and assisting our own ascension process with the practice of unity and whatever guidance and activations come through. I don't often share about Divine Council but I felt the multidimensional messages and the idea of lightworker service in this fashion might be of interest to some of you.

Communion with All Life

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The trees wish to share from there perspective what it is like to be. They communicate in telepathy and remind us that we are one with them and one with the all. The trees consider themselves each a tree within a greater whole or wholes. The first whole is the forest that they inhabit, and then the other plants, animals and life forms. They share that they feel themselves as the earth and are inbedded in her, Mother Earth, and have become her through the roots and the exchange of energy and matter with the Mother or Mater, the Latin word for mother. They  show us that minerals are her life force and we see minerals as a different thing. They absorb the life force of the Mother and give back their life force with the all, the One. We see minerals as a small constituent that helps us be healthy, a necessity like vitamins that comes through our food. We see it as a virtually irrelevant, tiny, and not so important thing. Yet the trees see our and their exchange of life force with Mother Earth as our continued bonding and blending. They show how the minerals in our blood connect us to Mother Earth and allow us to be a part of her and her a part of us. It is through experiencing each other as ourselves. 

Experiencing the Eclipse and Beyond

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photo by Angie Love

The Eclipse day, for me was magnificent. I started the day meeting with a friend on Skype who lives in Scotland. Ann is a “crystal awakener” and has worked with all the waterways and mountains of Scotland to bring them to 5D. This was a huge job and too awhile. She worked with my crystals that I was bringing to the mountain for a ceremony later that day. Some big orbs including a golden one showed up on camera as I met with her, and she caught a photo of me and the orbs.

Global Heart Synchronization and Activating Light Bodies

September: Through the Fires of Transformation to the Other Side

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As energy sensitive people, we may be feeling a lot of emotions and maybe physical sensations. These past few months have been energetically intense yet also epic in the amount of change happening, especially leading up to August 8 which was 8-8 the Lion's Gate or Infinity Portal. Cosmic rays come to earth for our evolution and enlightenment all the time, but especially on these days and days leading up to these energetic portals and alignments. The year of 2012 was the beginning of the end of time, and also the end of the previous lockdown on consciousness. We herald the door of freedom appearing, and now we are really cracking it open more and more, or it is cracking open for us.

The Month of Power: September

Embracing the Pure Potency of September

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What is going to happen in September? There are some potent eclipses and an Equinox in September. Lots of predictions are circulating which have a range of many perspectives. Some people are concerned and some are ecstatically hopeful. What will happen in the world? Nobody really knows what will happen, and I see these shifts like the recent August 8th Lion's Gate or Infinity Portal Date as days to align the self, to come into balance, and to be more connected with source and embody our higher selves in our human forms. I laugh as I sense the galactic beings are all on the edge of their seats watching Earth to see what happens. That is why Planet Earth is one of the most exciting Reality TV shows for watchers and guardians because we are co-creating, collectively what the future will be. We do that with the vibration of our hearts, our vibrational voting with our level of attunement within and unity with the universe.

I do know that the more we go inward into our hearts, step into love and release negative expectations or fear, the better will be our own experience and the experience of everyone. Let us do that now! Enough hearts can change any predictions toward the good of all. It is really all about our internal mastery, and internal shift within. We are each experiencing the journey on earth as individuals, and we also experience our ascension process individually in our own ways. Yet we are connected and doing it together. It is like timeship Earth is going through some experiences that we as a collective experience.

What Does it Mean to Connect Multidimensionally?

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I wish to make you aware of an important date coming soon, emphasizing what we may be called to do together. Why is the 8-8 important? August 8th is called the Lion's Gate or the Infinity Portal, connected with the Star Sirius, and also the double numbers of 8 and 8 representing infinity. 2015 is also an eight number if you add up the digits as numerologists do, which means it is the 888 portal to infinity. I am seeing that it connects to a grand orchestration by our universe, and our solar system to beam light onto planet earth in a way that brings keys and codes that help us evolve. The light codes come into the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Giza, anchoring this light to earth. Light carries codes, which is light in-formation or light information. The Great Central Sun is transmitting, and it is a grander orchestration for life on earth to receive, along with the planet herself.


Shift to Higher Agreements

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In the potent Equinox portal period, right before the Lunar Eclipse, some dear wayshower friends informed me about something they saw in the etheric planes. It was as if we were cut away from relationships, like the cord were cut. They were old cords represented by telephone wire. They were seeing new fiber optic lines of light were growing between us instead. I took that further, and came to understand that we were released from old karmic contracts, such as soul contracts based on duty, learning, and one's life plan. This allows so much relief to letting go of all that does not serve, and there is great fluidity in relationships. Something is being let go of and also something new is coming in, and it makes our heart sing because it actualizes our dreams, helping us be who we truly are, and harmonizes us. The energy of living your truth and authenticity goes with this shift. We were shifted to this new place which was when the vibrational frequency of the earth had risen enough to go to. It has risen in frequency, which is another blog. In the meantime, the soul contracts were completed and we, those on this timeline or dimensional space of acceleration, I will call it- were moved onto what I call the "higher agreements." We are being called toward those who we work with in the New Earth plane and birthing the New Earth. They are the higher agreements for service and co-creation. I see this as major players in our lives, for roles, and smaller bit players who co-creatively step into our personal "movie" and experience in order to assist what we are here to do,represent, be and experience.And of course, these higher agreements, are in part between and with ourselves and source as to what we came here to do. The experience is on the higher timeline of bliss, joy, service, and abundance. That is, for those who are chosing this and experiencing this as there may be those who will continue to play out dramas and soul contracts on the duty timeline.


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