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Thank You!!

I would like to extend a deep, heart-felt and humble thank you to all who participated in the two week special I recently offered. The courage, tenacity, love and commitment to your own growth and healing amazed me through every hour I witnessed! To each of you; you will be in my thoughts and prayers daily as you continue your journey. I am honored to be a part of it. Blessings! <3

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Release From Bondage

How many times have you moved through your day expecting to get paid? The expectation of compensation is almost subconscious but it is there. A “thank you” expects a “you’re welcome”, a kindness expects a kindness in return. If you do not receive these things, it is perceived as rude, crass or mean. What if, just for one day, you moved through your existence without expectations? When The Universe sends its Unconditional Love it expects nothing in return; the very act of loving is payment enough. When you release yourself from the bondage of expectation, your entire world will change for the better. ~ Creator

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Last Day!

****This is the last day of this special event.**** Are you being triggered by other’s behavior, do you have a relationship issue that just won’t go away or is there a pattern you wish to break? You’re invited to take a forward step in your own healing and growth with a ThetaHealing session. From now until November 15th, I am offering 1 hour sessions for just $60 (regularly $90). Contact me here or at to schedule. Space is limited and will fill up fast so, book now to hear what messages Creator has for you! Blessings to you!


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