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Where Is The Instruction Manual?

Please remember that you asked to be human.  The growth and learning you are receiving now will extend far beyond the life you chose before you started living it.  The changes you are experiencing now, your awakening, are a necessary part of the process.  Yes, it will be painful at times and yes, it may seem that you are not making any progress at all. But, my dear and beloved child, never lose sight of the fact that all the tools you need are already inside you just waiting to be put to use.  You can spend your time bemoaning the lack of an instruction manual or you can use that time to creatively access whatever you need.  The choice is always yours. ~ Creator

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In Your Favor

As you probably know, yesterday we had several young people wounded in a senseless act of violence less than 30 miles from where I live. I asked Creator for some words of solace and this is what I received. I have been asked to dedicate this Writing in memory of those who lost their lives and to those that will be forever marked by the experience.

When you become overwhelmed by the negative actions, thoughts and words of your Earth plane existence, please remember this; for every one of those negative things, The Universe sends out an infinite number of positive ones. It may not seem like it, but the balance has always been heavily weighed in your favor. The only thing that is asked of you in return for this wonderful gift is to send, think, feel and be love. ~ Creator

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Give To Yourself

How much energy are you willing to give a negative experience that is over and done with? In replaying the moment over and over, you are continuing to feed it the power you so richly deserve for yourself. Releasing the energetic charge and closing the circle will allow you to move forward into a new, more positive experience. ~ Creator


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