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Perceptions and Filters

My love, there will be times where you will be misunderstood by those around you and that is okay.  Please keep in mind that they may, and often do, view you, what you say and do through their own perceptions and filters.  There is nothing wrong with this, it just is.  Do not let yourself be swayed by it.  You are on your path and they are on theirs……be Love and all will be well. ~ Creator

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The Sound Of A Heartbeat

Take just a moment and focus on your heartbeat.  That sound has no color, does not speak another language, does not hate or degrade or kill.  Strong or weak, fast or slow, it does exist in every single living thing on the face of the planet even if it is not audible to you.  Please remember this when you have the choice to react with anything less than love. ~ Creator

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Will You Stop Short?

How are you going to approach your existence on your Earth-plane? As always, The Universe gives you the opportunity to exercise your free will. You can both embrace and take in all you can from stretching, growing and moving forward or stop just short of your bliss. The Universe is most happy to oblige. ~ Creator


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