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Love Your Choices

Your life always has and will always be filled with choices.  You choose when to celebrate, when to mourn, when to start living and, yes, even when it’s time to leave your Earth plane.  The one thing you must remember, my beautiful and beloved child, is to not find fault in other’s choices.  Just as you are given the gift of free will, the people you look at today are also given the same inherent right.  Good or bad, love your choices because they are one of the only thing you truly own on your journey. ~ Creator

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The Divinity Of You

Every day, you are presented with things that remind you of your own Divinity and the Divinity of the Universe. Each one is a moment that will move your soul and become a part of the wonderful fabric that is you on your Earth-plane. Take a deep breath and say, “I expect it”, and you will see! ~ Creator

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Emotional Clearing

When you are deep in the middle of an emotional clearing, it seems as if it will go on forever.  The negative emotions will become an assault; wave after wave will continue to ravage your being with what will feel like no end.  As challenging as it may be, my lovely child, please keep breathing and know that the conclusion is near.  To use a phrase common to you now, “What for it….”  Once it is over, take a deep breath, mull over what you have learned and rest assured you have completed another step in your soul’s growth. ~ Creator


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