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Your “Ode To Joy”

What makes a human great?  What is the difference between a Da Vinci, a Beethoven, a Van Gough and you?  Absolutely nothing!  Each of you possesses a fire, passion and a drive that, once ignited, has the ability to change the world.  The only thing holding it back is you knowing that it can be done.  Let that inspirational force move you to create beauty and joy in your life and the lives of others.  It may not be what is called a ‘master work’ by the masses, but it will be beautiful and unique because you made it.  Remember….your very own Ode To Joy awaits! ~ Creator

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Right, Wrong And Perception

What you believe to be right or wrong is wrapped in a conundrum of your perception. It is your place to be accepting, rather than judging, of others perceptions. When you are able to reach a place of peace knowing that each is viewed and loved as they are, you are one step closer to understanding the workings of The Universe. ~ Creator

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Celebrate Your Growth

In spite of all of your hardships, you have made it this far.  Only a perfect creation of The Universe could do what you do on a daily basis.  Growing through and moving past any negative you may have experienced in your Earth plane existence is reason enough to celebrate a little each day.  Embrace how far you have come, how far you will go and remember; I am by your side every step of the way. ~ Creator

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Giving and Receiving

My beautiful child, this is one of the most important lessons you will learn.  If you feel like giving then give all you want.  However, if you feel that you must give to receive something in return then it may not be a good idea to continue.  If you want to receive, then receive.  However, if you feel that receiving is tied to some condition then thank the person and gently refuse.  Compromising yourself or your beliefs for another hinders growth and breeds resentment….the very things you are choosing to release.  Listen to your heart, the truth is there and will always guide you in the proper direction. ~ Creator


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