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Your Winding Path

In the course of your spiritual journey there will be those that say, “How wonderful!  You know you’re completely wrong…..this is the ‘right’ way.”  When this happens, please remember this; each of you was put here for your own special purpose, for your own growth and learning.  No one way is right or wrong.  If you do what your heart and conscience dictates, you will never be lead astray. ~ Creator

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Funny, Funny Love

The funny thing about love; it is unconditional and there is an infinite amount of it but, most humans are afraid to truly immerse yourself in it. Why; because most of what you have experienced to this point has been purely conditional in nature. If you let go and trust it, as you trust The Universe, you would see there is nothing to fear. Release the fear and you will grow in your expression of love. ~ Creator

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The beginning of beauty, knowledge, truth and acceptance always starts within. Yes, you can look at the truths of others, examine, disseminate and think about them; however, it is up to you to decide what to incorporate for yourself. You were not provided with an instruction manual, but there have been maps all along the way. ~ Creator

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Self Love Vs. Loving Another

You may reach a point when you have to choose between love of self and love of another in spite of yourself. One reclaims your power, the other gives it away. What you choose is ultimately up to you and how you want to live the remainder of your existence on your Earth-plane; empowered or enslaved. ~ Creator


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