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Dancing With Darkness

Dear one, there will never be an understanding of your Light until you dance with your Darkness.  Running away from it will always bring a hot pursuit, one that you will never outrun.  Turning and facing it head on, learning to accept and love it as a part of yourself is the only way.  This does not mean letting it control you……it does mean an acknowledgement of its existence. ~ Creator

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How You View It

To you, being seen may mean opening yourself up to ridicule, judgments and being vulnerable to others.  To The Universe, opening yourself up to being seen may mean ridicule, judgments and being vulnerable to others.  “What is the difference?” I hear you ask.  The difference is in the way you view it.  If you can truly embrace and love yourself, what others think, do and say will not matter.  Be who you are, my beautiful child!  Joyfully challenge the status quo.  The Universe is there to support you! ~ Creator

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You Know Not Why

Imagine the first time you look into your (a) newborn child’s face. The purity and hope of The Universe in his/her eyes shines back at you with a brilliance that is very rarely matched. THAT is unconditional love. You know not why you love, you just do. Each and every one of you still possesses that quality. See it in each other! ~ Creator

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When In Doubt

So, my darling child, you say you have a boring life.  You get up and move through your day, do what you need to do, go home and go to sleep only to get up and do it all over again.  You may have a partner, or not.  You may have family that loves you, or not.  You have friends that appreciate you for who you are, or not.  It all seems quite boring, conventional and repetitive.  But wait…….
The very act of you waking is a miracle!  The ability to move, even the least little bit, is a work of art!  Your thinking, reasoning brain is a joy!  The fact that you are alive and learning is amazing!  Please remember these things when you are feeling low and in desperate need to reassurance.  Your purpose is one of incredible power and immense importance.  You are needed! ~ Creator

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Mother, May I?

Release the need to ask permission for your own spiritual growth.  It is not necessary to “check in” with friends, relatives, loved ones or significant others.  Yes, an additional set of eyes can be helpful on occasion, however, if you have to ask before you make any move you are not allowing the process to happen naturally. It is time to start trusting your soul.  The Universe gifted you with the wonderful ability to just know when it is time to move forward……start listening! ~ Creator


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