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There is a moment between one breath and the next when all the world pauses in anticipation.  In this quiet time, The Universe is asking you what you want to do, what you want to manifest and which direction you choose to go because, in this glorious moment, anything is possible!  Seize the opportunity to be and do something great, memorable and beautiful!  Ready…….set………..go! ~ Creator

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TONIGHT ~ Jennifer Farley on No Ordinary Psychic Radio, 8 p.m. Pacific

No Ordinary Psychic Radio and hosts The Celtic Psychic Cassandra Larsen and Rubbizfire are pleased and to welcome back Jennifer Farley. Would you like to be closer in communication with God/ Universe/All That Is?  ThetaHealing helps you develop direct communication with The Creator. Jennifer is an author, ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor who travels world wide teaching classes and spreading the healing arts and techniques of ThetaHealing. Join us and listen to how ThetaHealing can change your life!


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