The Creator Writings

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Your Light

Within you is a spark, a piece of the Divine placed there before your arrival to aid you in your journey on your Earth-plane existence.  As you travel, there will be others that attempt to douse, shove it aside or smother it with unkind words or actions.  It is up to you whether you allow this or not.  Remember that any amount of love, large or small, will keep it shining brightly. ~ Creator

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Even in your darkest moments, if you listen closely enough, The Universe is whispering of all the good that will come from it when all is resolved.  It may be a challenging feat to accomplish, especially when the emotions have taken over, but it can be done.  Allow, trust and know that you are cared for more than you will ever know. ~ Creator

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Lightness Of Being

It is time to release the vilification of those you feel have wronged you.  This does not mean that you condone their actions or words… does mean that you are giving yourself the gift of forgiving and letting go.  And, in the moment when things lift, there will be a lightness of being that can be used to flow toward, move into and embrace your new energy. ~ Creator

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Boundaries And Self-Care

Sending Unconditional Love to a challenging situation or person does not negate your boundaries.  It is perfectly within your right, as a human, to state whether you are comfortable or uncomfortable in any given moment.  You know you better than any other on the face of your planet.  Treat yourself with dignity, respect, love and caring…..once that is in place, the rest will follow accordingly. ~ Creator

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Loving From Afar

There will be people in your life that create, maintain and perpetuate chaos because it is the only thing that makes them feel safe.  Derisive words and harmful actions may be directed at you in an attempt to gain a reaction and attention.  Please remember; these are the people that need your love the most.  It is not necessary to stand by their side and participate in their self-destructive pattern to love them….you can do that from a distance.  Sending love to any negative situation is, by far, the best remedy. ~ Creator


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