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Go Time!

The stage is ready, all of the actors know their lines and cues, and the set is amazing in its design…it is just waiting for you!  Now that the changes are in place, all that is left is to put them to use.  You may not fully understand it yet, but it is ready and waiting.  Think that first thought, make that first move, and take that first step.  It is ‘go time’!  GO, GO, GO! ~ Creator

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Look Past

Ah, my beautiful child….there have been some interesting developments on your Earth-plane, yes?  (Smiling)  Many of you have rushed to judgement on the outward appearance of others.  Interesting, is it not?  What about the heart, the soul and integrity of a person?  If you spend too much time focusing on what is on the outside you will miss the wonderful things residing inside.  Look past……and into… will surprised! ~ Creator

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Embrace Everything!

As you grow, some of you may view your bodies as something to despise; heavy, cumbersome packages that no longer serve you. In embracing your Earth-plane existence in its entirety (including your body), there will be no need to ‘escape’ into your mind. Everything you need is right there. ~ Creator

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The Journey

Some of you have been viewing the changes you have been going through with trepidation and others view them with anticipation.  Neither is right or wrong, it is an experience and it is the experience for which you chose to show up!  However you decide to look at the situation know that you will never be less than you are now…..a beautiful soul on a journey of an infinity. ~ Creator

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Releasing With Love

Remember to breathe deeply, my love, because the work has begun!  It is not necessary for you to do anything in particular, just breathe.  If a challenging thought or emotion comes up during this changing time; recognize it, thank it for its assistance and release it with all the love in your being.  It has kept you safe and secure for quite some time and deserves that honor.  Congratulate yourself on the work well done so far…..and keep breathing. ~ Creator

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The Stirring

Big changes are afoot, my child!  Brace yourself, buckle up, batten down the hatches, and tie it down if you choose not to lose it…..but, it will be happening.  If you have been experiencing the slightly uncomfortable stirring in your core, this is a signal from The Universe that it is about to begin!  Do not panic; these movements are the old beliefs you hold that are in need of release and it is time to let them go.  You cannot move forward with them.  Just like a ride on a bumpy road, one you get past the rough spots it makes the smooth parts all the more enjoyable. ~ Creator


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