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Summer Solstice Special *Extended*

This has been so popular, I’ve been asked to extend this until the end of July! **SUMMER SOLSTICE SPECIAL** Are you ready to change the things you can’t seem to change? Need help with your relationship or self-sabotage/destructive patterns? Or maybe you need some guidance in choosing the most productive path for your life. You are invited to become the best YOU you can be and book a session or reading during my Summer Special! From now until the end of July….. $60 for an hour $45 for a half hour $30 for a two question e-mail reading Space has been filling quickly so book soon! Please contact me here or at

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Can You?

Can you believe?  Can you believe that you are in the right moment at the right time to change everything about you and your world?  Can you believe that you came here for just that reason?  Can you believe it is your given right to do so?  You, in your Divinely Human state, have been gifted with this extraordinary ability.  Use it! ~ Creator

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Waiting For You

I know there has been pain. Circumstances in your life may have made you doubt the flow of The Universe, scream, cry and curse at the wind. Those moments may have made you doubt the existence of your Higher Power. It would be easy to say, “I have always been with you”, but truly hard to understand when you were in the throes of your deep hurt.
The Universe has always waited silently and patiently for you to end your trials, supporting and loving you unconditionally…..always ready, always willing to give to you what you feel you have lost. You may not always believe it, but I am here forevermore. ~ Creator

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The Masterpiece

Take a moment and think about every great work of art ever created by the human hand.  Each loving stroke of the pen or brush shows the beauty of the artist’s soul.  Now….take some time and think of your own life.  Are things a jumbled haphazard combination of events?  Yes, chaos can be art as well, but is it as eye catching as a Monet, Picasso or Da Vinci? (Smiling)  Or is there an energy that flows through it beautifully?
Today you are being invited to make each thought, action and deed your own masterpiece.  Be beautiful, my child…..your life is art.  It is time to start seeing it that way! ~ Creator

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Master In Disguise

A reminder; never be afraid to be amazing!  Even the small moments that you think are nothing are something to someone.  Reach out, expand your awareness, be in love with your Earth plane existence and, most importantly, love and treat others with dignity and respect.  What may appear to be the most ‘lowly’ person could be a master in disguise. ~ Creator


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