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Holding A Breeze

On emotions: Imagine yourself sitting in a lawn chair outside on a HOT summer day… is hot even in the shade. The only thing you want to do is cool down. All of the sudden, a cool breeze comes out of nowhere giving you a bit of relief. Let your emotions be that cool breeze… and gone. The next breeze will do the same thing. You cannot hold onto the breeze, why do it with emotions? ~ Creator

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Judgement Or Love?

Do not allow yourself to become so jaded that you forget to see the person.  What your brain labels a delinquent, a drug user, a thief or any number of negative things is just a human underneath.  Each of you had your own path to walk and you do not know their circumstances, why they do what they do or how they are surviving in this moment.  If you choose not to accept the person within your current framework of existence, then remember to focus on the bright spark of their soul, something I placed there when they chose to incarnate here, and send unconditional love.  That way, instead of walking away with a sad feeling in the pit of your stomach and judgement clouding your mind, you have done all you can (and all that person is willing to accept) to be loving to another being. ~ Creator

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You are on a ledge overlooking a beautiful mountain lake. It is a gorgeous day and so hot! But, you are standing there quaking in fear of the breathtakingly cold water. What are you going to do, wait there until the beauty of the day fades? Or jump in knowing, that once you’re in the water, it will feel wonderful. ~ Creator


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