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This Chinese Herb (+ Iron) Kills Cancer Cells in 16 Hours

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Trueactivist.com, By: Amanda Froelich, 01/24/204


150 years ago Cancer was almost non-existent, but with the inclusion of processed foods, low-quality meat and dairy, and refined sugars into the standard diet, disease and sickness sprung up in the body, and quickly became a human epidemic. To this day, most mainstream medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies dispel the notion that diet and lifestyle choices are related to Cancer, and it is for this reason almost 600,000 still die from the largely preventable disease.

But on the forefront of natural means to combat already developed Cancer and allow the body to heal itself, a new derivative of the wormwood plant has made headlines. In a recent study published by Life Sciences, it was found that artemisinin (the derivative), coupled with Iron, can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in 16 hours.


Iboga, the Matrix, and Pineal Gland Decalcification

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By: Daniel Raphael & Dylan Charles, 01/24/2014

WIKI - Third Eye1

The pineal gland has been at the core of spiritual traditions dating back thousands of years, spanning all inhabited continents. Prominently carved onto Buddhist statues, ceremoniously painted onto tribal faces, and deceptively displayed in the Vatican square, the pineal gland, known as the Third Eye, or Seat of the Soul, is still shrouded in mystery.

One of the culprits to the endless poverty, warfare, and illness in society today lies in humanity’s collective disconnection from their soul and their true divine nature. The key to awakening from this destructive dream lies in the pineal gland, a crystalline, cosmic antenna integrating multidimensional life-source into our five sense reality. Throughout the past few decades however, fluoride and other toxins have calcified this soul-gate, blocking many human beings from their divine guidance and limiting their personal power.

Whether Labeled Organic, Non-GMO or Conventional, Here Are 12 Reasons To Avoid Any Kind of Soy

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Prevent Disease, By: Natasha Longo, 01/27/2014

Soy has become a major source of toxicity for human beings, especially in the last three decades. Not only is more than 99% of soy genetically modified, but sources labeled organic or non-GMO are often exposed to the same problems as conventional soy. If you consume processed foods, soy is almost impossible to avoid. With the exception of wheat, there are few foods that are causing as many health problems as soy in the food supply. Here are 12 reasons to avoid any kind of soy.


For more on this story visit www.preventdisease.com

Herbal Remedies Superior to Antibiotics for Ear Infections

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Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 01/25/2014

herbal drops ear infections 263x164 Herbal Remedies Superior to Antibiotics for Ear Infections

Ear pain can be some of the most intolerable pain there is. This could be why so many people go directly to their medical doctor at the first sign of an ear infection, seeking antibiotics. It’s true that we have an unhealthy dependence on antibiotics and in the case of ear infections, that dependence is wholly unwarranted. The good news is that herbal remedies may be able to replace antibiotics in many cases – at least that’s what some research says.


For more on this story visit www.naturalsociety.com

Bee’s Propolis Found to Combat Aluminum Toxicity and Much More

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Natural Society, By: Paul Fassa, 01/26/2014

insect bee aluminum 263x164 Bees Propolis Found to Combat Aluminum Toxicity and Much More

In an earlier Natural Society article I covered aluminum toxicity antidotes that are necessary in our toxic environment. It’s often argued that aluminum is ubiquitous within the earth’s composition, but it has been pointed out by UK scientist Chris Exley, Ph.D that there is little threat as long as aluminum remains there. But it is obvious that aluminum exposure has become an issue; luckily there are some solutions for handling this kind of exposure.


For more on this story visit www.naturalsociety.com

AdaptingToGrace ~ Eileen Meyer ~ Coming Out As A Contactee: Janine Savient, Rebooting The Heart

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eileenmeyerJanine and I discovered through our Skype conversation (below) that we have quite a lot of things in common. Since she was a child, she always felt there was something very different about her. As an adult she experienced profound physical and spiritual transformations. Through it all she learned how to be here as fully and presently as she can – in her heart, mind and body. Hear about her visit and evolving connection with “The Shining Ones” – light beings who now walk with her as a team. Together they help to lift others up, to heal, and to remember their own heart power, passion and wisdom. It’s certainly no wonder they call her “The Heart Lady”! Our similarities are uncanny – from contact with a “team” or group consciousness of which we know we are a part, to receiving the same visions of traveling all over the world to share the heart healing and wisdom. I’m convinced that we will meet and share the speaking podium one day – with words, song, fun and love. Listen and enjoy my long-distance, yet so-close-to-home-and-heart chat with Janine Savient, from Christchurch, NZ.

Websites: TheHeartLady.net & Facebook.com/beautifulheartlady

The TOP 3 reasons why YOU should be eating LARD by DaNelle

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In a nutshell, eating a traditional diet means you are brave enough to turn away from all the nonsense of food rules thrown at us today and willing to embrace REAL FOOD.  In it’s whole, unprocessed form.  And become NOURISHED.
Which brings us to LARD:
Did you know that YOUR ancestors have eaten lard for thousands of years?  And yes, while we do have a little longer life expectancy than our most recent ancestors used to, it’s not because we eat better…it’s because today we have modern medicine to prevent infant mortality. See, life expectancy and life span are two different things. Life expectancy is not a recorded number of the age people died, but rather an average of all deaths. Considering the high infant mortality rate due to unclean conditions and poor medical care, it would make sense that the average number gets easily knocked down to a low life expectancy. Because of infant mortality rates, the average life expectancy for men in 1907 was 45.6 years, in 1957 it was 66.4, and in 2007 it reached 75.5. The increase of life expectancy is due to a decreasing infant mortality rate which was 9.99% in 1907, 2.63% in 1957, and 0.68% in 2007.

Florida marijuana petition meets criteria for November ballot Reuters By Bill Cotterell

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The issue is still pending before the state Supreme Court, which has until April 1 to determine whether the ballot language meets state standards.

If the petition is approved by 60 percent of voters in November, Florida would become the first southern U.S. state, joining 20 other states in approving marijuana for medical use.

Read more here  http://news.yahoo.com/florida-marijuana-petition-meets-criteria-november-ballot-224151375.html

How to Use Visualization Exercises to Take Your Health to the Next Level

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By: KJ Mclean, 01/25/2014

Visualization exercises are some of the most powerful tools you have to create, maintain and enhance your health.  We have been taught to believe that health begins and ends in the body and that diet, nutrition, and exercise are the keys to lifelong wellbeing and old age, however, mainstream science is now beginning to recognize what metaphysicists have known for ages — that health is more closely related to your state of mind than what you eat.  Visualization exercises allow you to directly influence and shape your thoughts and beliefs, thereby allowing you to create whatever state of health you desire for yourself.


For more information visit www.thehealersjournal.com

Oil Pulling Goes Mainstream – Health Benefits Cannot be Denied by Brian Shilhavy

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“Oil pulling” is an ancient practice in Asia, but suddenly it is catching on in the United States. It involves swishing an oil around in your mouth (coconut oil is the most common one) for dental and other health benefits.

Mainstream media outlets here in the U.S. are now reporting on oil pulling benefits, and even interviewing dentists who are giving positive reviews based on their patients’ experiences. Here are some examples:

Read more here http://coconutoil.com/oil-pulling-goes-mainstream-health-benefits-cannot-be-denied/


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