Wholeness of Being and Natural Remedies

Growing Food Connections Launches Website to Train Communities across the U.S. in Food Systems Planning by Growing Food Connections

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — Growing Food Connections, a research, planning and outreach initiative to strengthen community food systems across the United States, has launched www.GrowingFoodConnections.org as a resource repository for communities looking to broaden access to healthy food and sustain their local farms and food producers through public policy.

Led by the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab at the University at Buffalo in partnership with Cultivating Healthy PlacesOhio State University and American Farmland Trust, Growing Food Connections (GFC) will target 10 “Communities of Opportunity” – communities poised to tackle their food access challenges and agricultural viability – with an intensive program of education, training, technical assistance and extension activities.

Read more here  http://growingfoodconnections.org/news-item/gfc-website-launch/

KEFIR’S 15 EFFECTS ON HEALTH by Healthy Food Solution

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Kefir Fungus as Medicine

Kefir fungus originating from Caucasus for centuries has been prepared as healthy “beverage for longevity.” Its secret for hundreds of years was guarded by the local population. At the beginning of the 20 century kefir fungus has matured in other parts of the world.


Kefir is a thick, liquid dairy beverage, sour and refreshing taste that is obtained by symbiosis between fungi and beneficial bacteria.

Pets and Coconut Oil: An Experiment with Two Cats by Bonnie

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Kitty loves coconut oil

I love my pets, the more I find out about coconut oil, the more excited I get. My cats were rescue kittys. I adopted my male cat Dante in 2007, he had no health issue when we adopted him, soon after about 3 years he was less active living in an apartment, but having lots of toys and running up and down the apartment hall. Soon, I felt it was time to get him a kitty friend.

I went back to the same shelter June 2010 and pick out a female kitty, who looked healthy and was about 6 weeks old and only 3-4lbs. I took my new kitty to the vet to get checked out, and it was soon discovered that she had feline herpes, a respiratory infection which causes sneezing and wheezy asthma. It was very important that Dante be checked out to see if he caught the infection, later to learn that he too has Feline Herpes, but was treated with antibiotics and Lysine and both kitty cats are fine. A few month later,Lana became a chronic groomer to humans and to Dante. Dante has a build up of tartar on his teeth and became over weight by 5lbs, he weighs 17lbs and Lana weight about 6lbs, but she plays hard , she pants alot and a little wheezy.

Read more here http://coconutoil.com/pets-and-coconut-oil-an-experiment-with-two-cats/

Transcending the Negative

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By: Zen Gardner, 02/04/2014
Flickr - Reality1 - Wonderlane

The world has gone insane, clearly. People simply react to whatever is put before them. But this is only apparent if you’re watching. The degree of insanity we’re witnessing has broken all previous boundaries yet it continues to be portrayed as “normal”.

The interesting phenomenon to watch is when personal worlds collide with this manipulated mainstream narrative. That’s where the synthesis takes place that creates the next levels of so-called normality as people subconsciously integrate the swill being introduced into their own lives and hence project it into the society at large.

It’s carefully steered and controlled beyond the comprehension of those they’re puppeteering.

Naringin (in Grapefruit) Reduces Cervical & Breast Cancer Tumors by up to 75%

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Natural Society, By: Christina Sarich, 02/05/2014

grapefruits cancer 263x164 Naringin (in Grapefruit) Reduces Cervical & Breast Cancer Tumors by up to 75%

Studies show how people suffering from cancerous tumors due to malnutrition and cachexia (high levels of inflammatory cytokines in their cells which causes weakening or severe illness) responded exceptionally well to treatment with naringin, a compound found in grapefruit. While laboratory animals have been tested most prominently for their response to naringin, there are hundreds of other studies carried out on people, as well. In many of these studies ‘complete tumor regression’ ensued.


For more on this story visit www.naturalsociety.com

5 Facts About Farm-Raised Fish You Should Know

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Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 02/05/2014

fishes farm1 263x164 5 Facts About Farm Raised Fish You Should Know

Farm-raised fish is less expensive and more widely available than wild-caught. But if cheap and easy to find are our only qualifications for making it into the shopping cart, we are likely loaded up with highly processed convenience foods. Just as you do when you opt for fresh produce over canned, you need to analyze seafood for nutritional qualities and risks, making the best choice for your health not just your wallet.


For more on this story visit www.naturalsociety.com

Using Meditation to Overcome Ego

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Waking Times, By: Debbie West, 10/22/2013


In order to combat the harmful illusion of self that is created by our ideals of who we are based on past experiences and judgments of ourselves and others, we must overcome the ego. The ego-self is created by a complex and powerful overlay of our mind that is designed as a shield to protect us from harm and suffering. The ego unchecked over time expands, falsifying our idea of true self. The result is an unbalanced, disconnected, external self focused solely on safety and attachments with narcissistic concerns about appearance and position, yearning for admiration and superiority and bogging us down with negative and false fear-based thoughts of judgment, anger and resentment. In the quest to overcome the false self or ego self, many have turned to meditation practices which detoxify our minds, cleanse the soul, and reactivate our higher self connection to a universal and compassionate consciousness. It has been proven that positive thoughts and a joyful outlook, combined with a forgiving nature filled with love and gratitude, have the capacity to heal our minds and bodies. Using meditation ignites the spiritual connection within us so frequently manipulated by our ego’s desire to be in charge.


Pine Bark Extract Shows Promise in Treating HIV/AIDS

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Natural Society, By: Christina Sarich, 02/04/2014

pine bark extract hiv 263x164 Pine Bark Extract Shows Promise in Treating HIV/AIDS

Believe it or not, the pine tree has long provided medicine to ailing people. As early as 1534, the North American Indians nursed Jacques Cartier and his crew of French explorers back to health from scurvy. They drank copious cups of pine needle and tree bark tea to replace a severe deficiency in Vitamin C, and also to improve the healing of various wounds. It turns out there are other medicinal secrets inherent in the bark of the pine tree that modern science is just beginning to uncover.


Pine bark extract coming from Pinus maritima, or the French maritime pine tree, is a known antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, and neuroprotective plant compound that has also been proven to inhibit HIV attachment and cell replication.


For more on this story visit www.naturalsociety.com

Redefining Health ~ Throw Away Your Scale

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By: Madison Taylor, 02/03/2014

Health is not a numerical concept and cannot be defined using statistics. Human beings, however, tend to want to quantify well-being into easily understandable figures. We feel compelled to ascribe numbers to every aspect of wellness, from the qualities of our food to our fitness levels to the physical space we occupy. As a consequence of social pressures, we turn our attention away from health and focus instead on the most contentious of these figures—weight—checking our scales to see how we measure up to our peers and role models. Yet each of us is equipped to gauge our relative healthfulness without any equipment whatsoever. When we have achieved a state of wellness, we feel buoyant and energetic. Some of us are naturally slim, while others will always be curvy. No matter what our weight, we can use the cues we receive from our physical and mental selves to judge how healthy we really are.


Walk in the Forest to Heal Oneself

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By: Bhavika, 12/03/2013


Photo: Michael Hanson – Olympic National Park, Washington


Spending time in nature is healing energy for the mind, body and soul. The idea with Shinrin-yoku, a term coined by the government in 1982 but inspired by ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices, is to let nature enter your body through all five senses, and feel at one with the forest. It is about being mindful of your surroundings and the experience. It’s not about extreme outdoor sports or being alone in the wilderness, but about allowing your body and psyche to unwind in the peace of the woods, similar to natural aromatherapy. Ancient wisdom and tribes, who live in harmony with nature, have advocated this for long, and only in recent years there have been studies carried out to prove the health benefits of forest bathing.


For more on this story visit http://fractalenlightenment.com/16617/life/walk-in-the-forest-to-heal-oneself


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