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Senior US senator's report of seeing 'TWO UFOs' was 'covered up' secret documents show

THREE 'highly reliable' US government officials reported seeing TWO UFOs hovering near a train line, but their superiors covered the sightings up, it has emerged.

The senator and three others reported seeing UFO similar to this pictured in a decades old hoax photo

Formerly confidential files obtained by alien researchers detail the account given by senior senator Richard B Russell and two aides of seeing the "flying saucers" TAKE OFF.

At the time, Sen. Russell was on a Soviet-era train during a fact-finding mission to Russia, nearly 60 years ago.

Sen. Russell, was a former chairman of the Armed Services Committee and one of America's most influential senators until he died in 1971 after serving for 38 years.

Documents obtained by the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) said Sen. Russell was travelling with his two aides in the Transcaucasus region on October 4, 1955 at about 7 pm, when  the incident occurred.

He is said to have looked out of the window and spotted two disc-shaped UFOs 'taking off' from a spot near the railway tracks.

According to reports, the documents state how Sen. Russell hurriedly called over aide Lt Col Hathaway and interpreter Ruben Efron to the window, with them both seeing the two crafts 'take off'.

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Earthships — The Ultimate Green Homes

by Audrey Wright


Earthship is a concept of over 40 years and yet the first one ever built in Europe was in 2000. The idea is a trademark of Michael Reynolds  — a US architect. In the 70s, Reynolds envisioned a home which would have three exciting traits — self sustainability, construction utilizing basic and recycled materials for the most part and affordability to the average man.

So, what is an Earthship ?

It’s a home completely or for most of it’s part off the grid. That means no electricity and water networks. There is nothing to tie it to any utility services, which eradicates dozens of potential problems.

But is the Earthship primitive ? Absolutely not.

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The Mysterious Ancient Artifacts of Sanxingdui that have Rewritten Chinese History

Amid the once-tranquil village of Sanxingdui, in a quiet part of Sichuan province in China, a remarkable discovery took place which immediately attracted international attention and has since rewritten the history of Chinese civilisation. Two giant sacrificial pits were unearthed containing thousands of gold, bronze, jade, ivory and pottery artifacts that were so unusual and unlike anything ever found in China before, that archaeologists realised they had just opened the door to an ancient culture dating back between 3,000 and 5,000 years.

In the spring of 1929, a farmer was digging a well when he discovered a large stash of jade relics. This was the first clue that eventually led to the discovery of a mysterious ancient kingdom. Generations of Chinese archaeologists searched the area without success until 1986, when workers accidentally found the pits containing thousands of artifacts that had been broken, burned, and then carefully buried.

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UFOs Spotted Over Philippines

Here's a rough translation:

The reporter said that witnesses captured the video around 11:00PM around the provincial part of Pampanga City. One of the witnesses first saw three V shaped UFO's that looked like spaceships. But they noticed that each ship had three glowing orbs in each corner.

Another witness they interviewed recorded the same lights but earlier in the evening. They said they spotted about 5 orbs in the sky then slowly saw the V shaped UFO's appear.

Jose Mendoza (the Team Leader "Police Cpt" in Pagasa City) said that it couldn't possibly be an airplane because the V shaped ships stayed still in the sky (all three of them). Also, he said that it's definitely not drone either because of it's massive size and since the light from the orbs were so intensely brightly concentrated and still. (source)

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Floating City Witnessed Over Africa

DULALI, Africa, May 1, 2015 /Daily Offbeat/ -- Hundreds of villagers in Africa claimed to have seen a floating inter dimensional city floating above Dulali, in Lanzai South Ward, Darazo, Africa Local Government of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

According to yournewswire, village tea brewer Saidu Meshai Dulali had "just finished his morning prayer at the local Mosque and was stoking up the stove for his day's work when he noticed that the everything around him became covered in an extremely bright light and he believed he saw the heavens falling on his village.

As he looked up "There appeared a wide, large mass of something that looked like a cloud from nowhere and it was flying slowly over the village just at the height of an average tree."

The floating city was also reportedly witnessed by farmer Dauda Mohammed who said he noticed the UFO over the sky when he waking care of his fields. Mohammed also said he saw buildings in the "floating city" in the clouds.

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Mysterious Lights Spotted South of San Diego

Update: Looks like this was just TV antennas.

This video was taken by our NBC 7 crew in San Ysidro. Several viewers also told us about the lights. Some said they appeared to be red, blue, and green and kept flashing and changing colors. Some who saw them say the lights didn't seem to move,like those on a plane or a drone. We put in calls to the military here to see if they could identify what these were. So far, no response.
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Thousands evacuate after Chile volcano erupts

Southern Chile's Calbuco volcano has erupted for the first time in more than four decades, sending a thick plume of ash and smoke several kilometres into the sky, local television images showed.

Chile's Onemi emergency office declared a red alert following Wednesday's eruption, which occurred about 1,000km south of the capital Santiago near the tourist town of Puerto Varas. The area is sparsely populated, with only a few small communities.

Video footage of the eruption, which occurred at around 6pm local time (21:00 GMT), showed a spectacular mushroom-shaped cloud of ash and smoke, that turned red as the sun went down.

About 4,000 people had evacuated from the area and an evacuation radius of 20km has been established, authorities said. 

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UFOs Confront Soldiers During War, Says Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer

"You'd have an aircraft flying along, doing around 500 knots and a UFO comes alongside and does some barrel rolls around the aircraft and then flies off at three times the speed of one of the fastest jets we have in the Air Force. So, obviously, it has a technology far in advance of anything we have.

"I would be told this unofficially. People tell you a lot of things that they don't put in writing or sign their name to. There was always this part of UFOs that, if you got too interested, it could mess up your career. And this is true today even with commercial pilots. I've also heard from people serving in Afghanistan saying they've seen UFOs, and the Iranian news carries UFO reports pretty regularly."

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Chile UFO: Government confirm mysterious object is 'not a known object made by man'

Chile Government

A UFO that was sighted in Chile is 'not a known object made by man', according to the country's government.

Officials released the footage after completing a thorough investigation and have announced in a report that the mysterious object is not one they recognise.

They confirmed that the silver disc seen in the clip was approximately 10 metres in diameter and performed with vertical and horizontal movements that no other aircraft can do, according to Chilean media reports.


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