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Cultivating Depth, Meaning & Deeper Connection For True Intimacy

by Jack Adam Webber, Collective Evolution

Sex is easy, and can provide a form of instant intimacy. But it’s not enough for deeper connection.

While good sex alone can’t sustain a soulful relationship, a lack of a sexual connection usually spells ruin. Sexual intimacy pales in comparison to being deeply seen, respected, and held in a relationship—when a like-minded person participates in our deeper growth and development. This is soul sex.

As a relationship progresses, its depth increases, however slowly or imperceptibly. This process tests both partners: their tolerance, emotional triggers, trust, needs, and true desires. This progression happens in the context of giving and receiving love, both conditional and unconditional.


Conditional love based in agreements is a given for us in intimate relationships, and to varying degrees among different couples. Unconditional love happens as well, though less commonly, as we hold sacred space for our old wounds and disgruntlements, as well as for the ways our partner differs from us and for which we nonetheless offer support.

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Have Governments Actually Been Reverse Engineering Extraterrestrial Technology?

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

Recent CE articles regarding the disclosure of UFOs:

Us Department of Defence Releases A Video of a UFO Rotating In Mid-Air

US Navy Pilot From The Pentagon UFO Video Discloses A Technology That’s “Not From This World.” 

It’s hard to know where to begin when writing on a subject that seems to top the Google search engine charts year after year. It’s no secret that the world is fascinated with the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial life did, and currently could be, visiting our planet, and regularly. The unfortunate part about the phenomenon is that the world rarely sees evidence for it presented in a credible way. Nearly all mainstream media outlets, news anchors, and journalists do more harm than good, discrediting a topic that has plenty of proof behind it. Either it’s not discussed at all, or it’s done through ridicule.

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The Inventor of a Water-Powered Car That Died In A Restaurant Yelling ‘They Poisoned Me’

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

“We recently took a scientific delegation to witness Stan’s work…and came back saying, this is one of the most important inventions of the century.” – Leonard Holihan, from the Advanced Energy Research Institute at the time (source)

Everyday the world becomes aware of technologies that have the potential to halt the unnecessary damage we continue to create using fossil fuels. We’ve been talking about it for years, transitioning our way of  life to be more harmonious with the planet and its natural systems. I’m not talking about solar or wind power (although great), I’m talking about clean and green technology that  render fossil fuel burning technologies inferior and obsolete.

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Super Moon In Cancer: Pursuing Dreams

by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

We are starting off 2018 with a Super Full Moon In Cancer peaking on January 1st-2nd. This will also be the first of two Full Moons in the calendar month of January, making the next one a ‘Blue Moon’ which will also be a Lunar Eclipse. A Super Moon is a Full Moon that is closer in distance to the Earth.

The energies of Full Moons start to build up in the days leading up to it and also influence the two weeks following. It is a period in which the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs which can be reflected as challenges between the themes of those signs and/or it can also be a period in which the energies of those signs can work together. However, this particular Full Moon is more harmonious than most.

We have been in Capricorn season since the Sun entered this sign on December 21st when it started with a conjunction to its ruler Saturn. Capricorn is the sign of ambitions, achievement, determination, social status, practicality, and resourcefulness.  Saturnian themes connected to this sign include responsibility, commitment, focus, and proceeding cautiously and realistically.

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Ancient Alchemical Esoteric Art That Leaves Humanity Clues About The Nature of Consciousness

by Tom Bunzel, Collective Evolution

I’ve long been fascinated by Egypt as a possible connection to ancient wisdom and have written about how I see its art as a portal to a connection to consciousness.

Researchers like Graham Hancock have influenced by sense of these connections and point to the possibility of a source “super” civilization that may have had some of its knowledge recorded metaphorically or artistically in places like Central America, Mexico, Peru, India, China, as well as in Egypt.

Graham asserts that “stuff keeps getting older” and makes a strong case for a cataclysmic event that wiped out such a civilization with a comet impact about 12,000 years ago, approximately the time Plato attributed to the decline of Atlantis, which may be much more than a mere myth.

These theories are beautifully and graphically explored in the web series Magical Egypt.

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New Moon In Sagittarius: Finding Your Truth

by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

We are having a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18 at 6:30am Universal Time which will work out to be late night of the 17th for those in the Americas. New Moons are the start of a new new lunar cycle bringing in a new wave of energy for the coming month.

Mercury is finishing up its retrograde this week which is also occurring in Sagittarius. It began on the Full Moon on December 3rd and will end on December 22nd/23rd. Mercury Retrograde periods are a time of making shifts and adjustments in certain areas of our lives. It is an opportunity to see things in a different way and gain some new awareness around something. It could be about taking a different approach to things that have already been put in place or attempted prior to this period.

It is important to pay attention to what the Universe has been trying to show through both triumphs and complications so that you can proceed forward in a recalibrated way. When the retrograde ends, and in the days following, we may experience increased clarity and a more defined approach to how we need to handle whatever area of our life this period has been influencing. Much of this will be connected to Sagittarius themes which will be explained below.

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US Department of Defense Releases Video of a UFO Rotating In Mid-Air For The Very First Time

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

There are a number of pictures and real video footage taken of Unidentified Flying Objects(UFOs). Some of the videos floating around out there have defied the belief of skeptics for years. Even with the official release of hundreds of thousands of documents by dozens of governments and multiple intelligence agencies, it’s still a topic that can change an individuals world paradigm for the rest of their lives, which is why perhaps so many choose to remain in ignorance despite all of the evidence which now surrounds the UFO phenomenon.

This stuff is as real as it gets, here’s a publication in The Journal of Scientific Exploration which shows a picture snapped by Canadian military pilots of a UFO, which was taken back in 1956 at an altitude 36,000 ft (app. 11 km). It was observed hovering around them for 45 seconds before it disappeared.

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Why I Packed Up Everything & Set Out Abroad – A Journey Of The Heart

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

Right now I am sitting on a plane heading to Toronto from Victoria, British Columbia. I have packed up many of my belongings, abandoned many more, and put the rest in storage. I have packed everything I will have for the next six months (minimum) into one backpack. I am heading out on a journey of the heart.

I’ve always listened to stories of world travellers, or people who have lived abroad for a time, and thought how I would love to do that someday. Little did I know I would actually be able to make it happen. Yet here I am, on my way. I’ll be catching up with the Collective Evolution team in Toronto for a few days and visiting with some friends, then from there, I fly to Mexico, where my adventure begins. I will be travelling south, through much of Central and South America. In 2013 I went to Peru, and last year I went to Costa Rica; while both of these experiences were relatively short, they definitely gave me a desire for more. I knew in my heart that I had to go back, that there was something pulling me there, and I’m going based on nothing at all except this feeling.

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The FCC Votes To Repeal & Kill Net Neutrality: A Freedom of Speech Violation

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just voted to scrap the rules and regulations pertaining to net neutrality. Net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers must treat all data on the internet equally, with no discrimination or charge based on the user, website, platform, content, or method of communication.

With net neutrality in effect, internet service providers legally cannot block, slow down, or charge money for specific websites and content posted online.

With today’s vote, the FCC has scrapped net neutrality regulations, giving internet providers the ability to legally block websites and content, among other things.

It’s funny how this issue, despite being in the public eye for a few years now, coincides with the era of fake news, which has been used by the government to push the blocking of certain content they themselves deem fake, instead of allowing people to decide for themselves. They do this with help of sites like Snopes and companies like the Disney Corporation, which apparently have become the ‘police of fake news.’


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