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Neuroplasticity Sheds Light On The Amazing Fertility Of The Older Mind – How The Brain Can Change Itself

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

If you are anything like me, you may have thought to yourself over the years, Man, I really wish I would have learned another language in high school, or wondered, Why didn’t my mother put me in guitar lessons? Now I’ll never be able to learn how to play. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right?


This common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth, and older minds are still very much capable of learning and mastering new skills.

Emerging studies in psychology and neuroscience are now proving this very fact. They are also showing that continuing to learn and experience new things may actually help you to maintain good mental health and cognitive functioning as you age. It’s time to reconsider any previously held beliefs that we are simply incapable of learning new things after a certain age.

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Research Shows What Living Near A Forest Can Do To The Human Brain

by Amanda Monteiro, Collective Evolution

European research from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany suggests that city dwellers who live near nature experience positive effects on their brains compared to their purely urban counterparts, especially on the amygdala, the brain’s integrative center for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation. When we think of stress or fear responses, we should be thinking of the amygdala.

This research should come as no surprise, since the physiological and psychological benefits of nature are well documented. In our article “How Walking In Nature Changes The Brain,” we explored the study led by Gregory Bratman, which suggested that being in nature can potentially change our brains and positively impact our health:

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New Moon In Libra: Changes In Relationships

by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

We are having a New Moon in Libra on October 19th at 7:12pm Universal Time. This marks a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming lunar month, yet the astrological configurations at this time will be the strongest over the following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon on November 3rd/4th.

Libra energies have been present for the last month — since the previous Equinox, which is when the Sun always enters this sign. As an air sign, it is social and intellectual. Libra is about all types of relationships, as well as balance, fairness, equality, and diplomacy. Consideration of others’ needs is also a theme, as well as anything to do with beauty, aesthetics, and even creativity and the love of art.

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How Your Favourite Chocolate Bars Are Contributing To Illegal Deforestation

by Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

Our love for chocolate is undeniably high, meaning that the demand for cocoa beans is continuously increasing. Chocolate companies make a lot of money off this industry — an estimated $100 billion annually to be precise — and this number is only expected to rise.

Trust me, I get it. I’ll be the first to admit that I love chocolate and eat it regularly. But, our obsession with this bitter yet sweet treat comes at a cost, one that’s far more detrimental than you may think. Our love affair with chocolate is seriously damaging the environment, contributing to deforestation and endangering species along the way.

A new report produced by non-profit Mighty Earth revealed just how damaging the cocoa industry can be for the environment, breaking the chocolate industry wide open by exposing how these companies are illegally clearing protected land.

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Study Finds A Substantial “Very Strong” Link Between GMOs & Multiple Diseases

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

It’s no secret that we are living in a time where chronic disease continues to rise at an exponential rate, especially within the past couple of decades. New evidence continues to mount suggesting that Genetically Modified Organisms (more specifically GM food) might have played, and do play a key role in those statistics.

A study published in the Journal of Organic Systems last September examined US government databases, researchers searched for GE (Genetically Engineered) crop data, glyphosate application data, and disease epidemiological data while performing a “correlation analysis” on a total of 22 different diseases.

Researchers reached an alarming conclusion:

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Carl Jung Explains Humanity’s Major Transition From The Age of Pisces To Aquarius (Audio)

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

Astrology is an ancient art and science dating back thousands of years. It appears in many cultures, but as with most ancient wisdom, much of it was and has been concealed and forbidden from public viewing. Secret societies, both those whose hearts are grounded in the good will for all of humanity, and those driven by greed and personal gain, have also used this type of ancient knowledge. From Atlantis to ancient Sumer, Vedic astrology to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, many great minds throughout the ages have practiced astrology, and for good reason. Despite its many skeptics, astrology has much to offer.

It’s also import to mention here that many of our founding fathers of modern science, especially in the fields of mathematics and physics/quantum physics, were all spiritual mystics.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”- Nikola Tesla

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7 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Mood & Vibrational Frequency

by Jennifer Sodini, Collective Evolution

Within the spiritual community, terms like “raise your vibration” and “elevate your frequency” seem to circulate many conscious conversations. These terms can be taken in a literal sense, as you can literally feel when someone has a low vibe, or a dense frequency, as these circumstances usually lend themselves to less than ideal experiences. On the flip side, when you are feeling good, or a situation is really “light” and vibing high, the same ripple effect of consciousness happens within the space you occupy — and the feelings of goodness can be felt by most anyone who is open to receive that higher state of consciousness.

In today’s world it’s sometimes hard to maintain that high vibe. Time seems to move faster and faster each day, and the pressures of society and structure can take their toll. Life moves by quickly, and if you are unaware, it can drag you down to a bad mood, no energy, low vibration pit. Below, I’ve created a list of seven ways to “hack consciousness” and increase your mood and vibration naturally, so when the low vibe days manifest, you’ll be fully prepared to face the darkness with inner light. 

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Check Out This “Living” Chandelier Made With Algae-Filled Leaves That Naturally Purifies The Air

by Amanda Monteiro, Collective Evolution

Have you ever heard of Julian Melchiorri? In 2014, this design engineer, biotechnologist, and Royal College of Art graduate developed the first synthetic biological leaf, Silk Leaf, aimed to enable long-distance space travel. The leaf absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and, just like a plant, it needs light and a small amount of water to function.

The Silk Leaf project consists of chloroplasts suspended in a matrix made out of silk protein.

“The material is extracted directly from the fibres of silk,” Melchiorri explains. “This material has an amazing property of stabilising molecules. I extracted chloroplasts from plant cells and placed them inside this silk protein. As an outcome I have the first photosynthetic material that is living and breathing as a leaf does.”

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Research Shows How Our Childhood Experiences Can Change Our DNA

by Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

In this day and age, many of us understand that our childhood experiences often define our adult years. Any trauma, abuse, or neglect we experience as children, we carry with us into adulthood, and with this emerging awareness, many people are taking the necessary steps to overcome and release their childhood baggage so they can step into the potential of who they were always meant to be.

Even if your your childhood was relatively pleasant and uneventful, the way you were raised still impacts who you have become, and while most parents realize this, they may not understand the full scope of their impact. Fortunately, this information is becoming more and more accessible and as people unravel their own paths, and let go of what no longer serves them, they are beginning to recognize that if given the right environment to flourish, children are capable of becoming anything they desire. This is a very powerful awareness to have, as it’s the children that will be the leaders of the new Earth.

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Chemists Find A Way To Quickly Remove BPA From Water

by Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

You may recognize the term BPA, as “BPA-free” labels can be found all over water bottles nowadays, and that’s because when consumers found out about the hazardous risks associated with this chemical, they started to protest its inclusion in plastics.

BPA can be found in practically anything that’s plastic, from food containers to water bottles to eyeglasses. Even our groundwater has been contaminated by BPA because we use so much of it, and so it can seep in through industrial waste streams, landfill runoff, etc.

BPA poses a danger to human health because it mimics the hormone estrogen, and can therefore adversely affect the endocrine system. BPA can also negatively affect brain function, the nervous system, growth, metabolism, and the reproductive system.

When all of this became public knowledge, people started boycotting plastics containing BPA, causing companies to respond to these concerns by removing it from their products and labelling them as “BPA-free” so there was no confusion.


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