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The Leap - Ted Slipchinsky

There comes a time when the current of the Divine River becomes so strong that the obstacles which you have placed before it must yield in order it for it to flow. At these moments you may curse the Heavens, but it is your own soul which commands this movement. The obstacles you have created may be buried deep within the muck and the grime of the riverbed; but the accelerating current drives them to the surface, in order to be seen and to be released.

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Gratitude for Life – A Key to Happiness

by Jeff Singh

Most cultures have occasions to consider gratitude - what we’re grateful and thankful for.

In the States, we have Thanksgiving & Christmas to think of something when asked, ‘so, what are you grateful for?'

Even though we may have a year of dramas, issues, and complaints, at least we have a day to reflect.

We consider our family, relationships, the kids in our lives (whether they behave the way we want, or not) - we feel grateful for them.

There’s always that uncle that’s like, ‘well you know, the holidays are a conspiracy.’ - We’re thankful for him too.

We’re grateful for certain people in our lives and the specific things we’ve got - the job, the career, the apartment, the home, the car, the successes and triumphs.

We’re grateful for what we feel is special in our lives.

It’s interesting that we’re grateful for the specifics, but often overlook the basics.

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The Global Movement To Offer Free Yoga To All Veterans

by Lance Schuttler

Last evening my girlfriend and I were watching a documentary called “Free The Mind,” which followed a group of Iraqi War veterans who were suffering from PTSD along with a child who had extreme anxiety and nervous behavior. The veterans underwent a 7 day course of breathing exercises and yoga movements, which yielded remarkable results. The veterans were able to sleep much better and experienced much less stress and anxiety. The little boy also ended up overcoming his specific fear…

After the documentary, my girlfriend and I were talking about it and how inspiring it was to us. I then told her about an organization in our community called Samadhi. Samadhi uses passed on fatigues and turns them into yoga bags. The money then goes to projects that specifically help veterans with yoga and breathing exercises as forms of healing and therapy. More information about Samadhi can be seen here.

After I told her that, she said, “there should be a global movement to offer free yoga to ALL veterans!”

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How to Deprogram Yourself

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Society has undergone a mass brainwashing and it is time for us to deprogram ourselves in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of consciousness.

1. Religion

If a UFO were to land in your backyard tonight, I promise the ET will not have either a bible or money.  Religion has been the longest running form of mind control on the planet and has served to not only keep us separated, but to depopulate the world through numerous wars, Inquisitions and Crusades in the name of “God”.

What religion does not teach us is that we are powerful, spiritual beings without them.

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World View – Our Common Humanity & Global Perspective of Planet Earth

An Insight to Share with the World

Through the daily news we can see that our world is in a state of crisis with the planet and our lives teetering in a crossfire of differences.

Especially in light of recent events in Paris and Syria with heartfelt condolences.

As nations prepare for war, it’s easy to play the blame game and battle the symptoms.

But what we need is to address the root cause of dysfunction.

What we need now more than ever is to understand the conditioned paradigms that tear us apart and get back to our basic humanity and innate intelligence for the sake of our personal relations, social and global change.

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Self-Mastership: Become your Own True Love

Self-Mastership: Become your Own True Love

Written by: Leda de Zwaan (permalink:

A relationship is never the answer to your loneliness. The feelings of emptiness, unhappiness, depression and self-hate are already inside of you. Most people tend to create new relationships based not on what they want, but in response to what they perceive to lack. They look outside of themselves, saying, “when I find someone, I will be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled’.

When they do find someone to have a relationship with, it is exciting and fulfilling for a few months, or maybe a few years. When the original feelings come up again, they start blaming the other person for their loneliness, depression, self-hate and their unhappy life, and may even start to hate the other person. The other person, in turn, may dim their own light, by demanding your energy, time, and your personality.

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Man saves penguin, penguin visits man every day

Here’s a story from the Wall Street Journal of pure, unadulterated friendship sure to warm the coldest of hearts.

Back in March of 2011, retired bricklayer João Pereira de Souza, 71, found JingJing, a Patagonian penguin, covered in oil on the beach near his home in Ilha Grande — a Brazilian fishing island.

de Souza nursed his tuxedoed friend back to health and since then, Jingjing has visited him every mating season for about two weeks at a time. His native land of Patagonia is about 2,000 miles south, by the way.

“When he returns he’s so happy to see me,” de Souza told WSJ, “he comes up to my neck and hoots.”

The two walk on the beach together, surf and — stop, it’s too adorable — share a can of sardines.

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Love In The 5th Dimension

by Trish LeSage
Guest writer,

We all know that there are many different kinds of love.  There is romantic love, the love between parent and child, the love between siblings, the love between friends, the love between pet owner and pet, and many other kinds of love.  However, when we speak of love in the 5th dimension, we are not limited to these kinds of love.  Fifth dimensional love includes all of these kinds of love, and it also extends beyond the confines of 3rd dimension love to include other types of love.

For example, once one reaches fifth dimension consciousness, they automatically begin to feel love towards everyone.  They begin to see themselves in everyone, and they feel a close connection to everyone.  They cannot harm anyone nor anything, and they do not even think of harming others.  They genuinely care about others.  They, in other words, are heart centered.


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