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Documentary Reveals Majority Of People In The World Want To Live In Peace And Harmony [Video]

by Amando Flavio, AnonHQ

Various governments and international agencies claim to be working to make life comfortable for people around the world.

Since the creation of the United Nations, world leaders meet annually to discuss the well-being of the citizens of the world. Some critics believe that this annual meeting is not bringing about any change because the priorities of the world have been misplaced by leaders.

In an attempt to show what is really happening on the ground and what citizens of the world really want for themselves, a group of people have taken the trouble to do the little they can to clarify the global picture for us.

One such concerned citizen of the world, is French born Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Mr Arthus is a well-known and incredible photographer, journalist, and reporter. He is also an environmentalist and a humanist.

To help us better understand the people of the world, Arthus has used his talent to put together a documentary film, titled Human, to show us what we do not see.

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Edible Cutlery Isn’t Only Tasty, It’s Reducing Plastic Pollution [Watch]

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

These utensils are made from millet, wheat, and rice, contain NO preservatives, and have a shelf life of over three years!

Few people think about the plastic they regularly throw away, but these edible spoons are helping to change that. Whenever one consumes a satisfying meal with these edible utensils  – which are made from millet, rice, and wheat, they can eat the spoon, fork, or knife afterward!

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What Happens To Your Body And Brain When You Fall In Love | TruthTheory

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

There are many different types of love. The type which you can radiate to everyone. The kind of love you have for friends. The love you have for an ex partner. The love you have for your family. The love you have for your kids. Even within all these types of love there are many different types of love you can express.

Love is not definable with just the simple word “love” as it has many different meanings. So for clarity, the type of love I am talking about in this article is love you have for a partner or someone you wish to be your partner. The all consuming feeling of being fully and deeply in love with someone or romantic love.

This type of love is a beautiful thing, but why does it happen and what happens to your brain and body when you are in love?

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6 Unusual Affects Meditation Has On Your Body

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

It doesn’t take much searching to find some of the more commonly known benefits of becoming deeply connected on a spiritual level. But for those of you who are not familiar, meditation can help with a wide range of mental and physical health issues and is great for forming a deeper connection with yourself, those close to you and humanity in general.

I know I am not going into specifics and this covers quite a broad range of subjects, but the vast potential of being spiritually healthy is huge and a whole article could be written on each of those benefits, so I shall leave specifics for today.

What I am trying to cover in this article are the lesser known benefits of being spiritually healthy. You might call them the unsung perks of connecting with your divine purpose.

Decreases Need To Sleep

It is well known that meditation is great to help regulate sleeping and while I am not promoting people to sleep less, it may well be the case that you need to sleep less as a result of meditation.

In a study conducted by the University of Kentucky participants where tested under 4 conditions Control, Nap , Meditation and Sleep Deprivation plus Meditation.

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Edible Cutlery: The Future of Eco Friendly Utensils

by Monica Simeonova, Eatglobe

An Indian startup has created edible silverware from a mix of rice, wheat and sorghum flour

Bakeys, an Indian-based company that was launched back in 2010, has created the world's first line of edible cutlery. If not eaten, the cutlery is fully biodegradable within 3 to 5 days or it can be safely consumed by wild animals.This could serve as a delicious and eco-friendly alternative to the disposable plastic cutlery, about 40 billion of which are used and then thrown away every year in the United States alone.

The founder of the startup, Narayana Peesapaty, who is a former researcher from the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), got the idea for creating edible cutlery from the Indian custom of picking food with flatbreads like khakra, a major part of the west-Indian Gujarati cuisine.

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The Ancient Pagan Origins of Easter

by April Holloway,

Easter Sunday is a festival and holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world who honour the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred three days after his crucifixion at Calvary. It is also the day that children excitedly wait for the Easter bunny to arrive and deliver their treats of chocolate eggs. Easter is a ‘movable feast’ which is chosen to correspond with the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox, and occurs on different dates around the world since western churches use the Gregorian calendar, while eastern churches use the Julian calendar. So where did this ‘movable feast’ begin, and what are the origins of the traditions and customs celebrated on this important day around the world?

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United Earth invites People who are passionate about global change to the: United Earth Festival 2016 ­ 19 March 2016

Speakers, innovators, visionaries and festival participants will show and explore emerging innovations and opportunities for global unity. “We are going to make visible the opportunities for global systemic change that are already available. The festival will be a fully emergent flow of synchronistic synergies. When we get our act together and ACT TOGETHER we can do anything.” says Yan Golding, the Festival’s Co­ordinator.

The festival’s program covers a ‘whole­systems’ spectrum of ecological, economic, technological and health solutions, and includes art and conversations. Presenters include:

John D. Liu ­ award­winning filmmaker and champion of large scale ecological restoration;
Jillian Hovey ­ international permaculture teacher and designer of regenerative systems;
Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. ­ wisdom keeper and global integral unifier;

Sabine Lichtenfels ­ author, peace­activist and co­founder of Tamera ecovillage.

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The Secret to Enlightenment: Be Yourself!

The ultimate goal of our spiritual growth is enlightenment, that is what we all wish to achieve. But why do we seek enlightenment? Perhaps because at present we feel that we are not yet what we should rightfully be, we are not yet enlightened. What can be the reason why we are under that impression? In the first years of our life it never occurred to us that we needed to change, we needed to become somebody else, that is, we were in need of enlightenment. Then, some time during our life, that urge arose in us. It is imperative that we examine the circumstances and reasons why that emotion appeared in us, since it is that very emotion that prevents us from becoming enlightened.

Enlightenment is not a remote state of Consciousness that we need to achieve some time in the future, but it is the very heart of our nature.  Our spiritual quest, however, diverts our attention to that imaginary, future state of Consciousness that we believe to be enlightenment. In this way, the spiritual quest detaches and diverts us from our true nature, enlightenment. We are therefore unable to ever reach enlightenment through the process of spiritual quest.

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The Ecstasy Of Surrender - Judith Orloff (video)

"You can sabotage success by pushing too hard. Surrender is the antidote to stress in a world that relentlessly conspires to interrupt creative thought. Surrender boosts your brain's endorphins--euphoric, opiate-like pain killers--and serotonin, a natural antidepressant that allows you to relax, have more fun, and succeed more wildly than ever before. Life becomes easier and more blissful when you can let go."


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