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“Uber Against Hunger” Delivers Leftovers To The Needy, Hits 1,000-Meal Mark

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by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

Restaurants, grocery stores, and even individuals can use the app to distribute prime leftovers to hungry citizens.

It’s astounding to consider that in America, approximately 40% of the food produced goes to waste. Keep in mind, other developed nations waste plenty of perfectly nutritious food, as well, but this reality is ongoing despite the fact that 795 million people go to bed hungry each evening. A number of initiatives exist to help reduce food waste, but real change must begin with the consumer.

To help remedy the conundrum of food waste, a new app called “Uber Against Hunger” has been developed and is presently being tested in Austin, Texas. So far, 1,000 meals that would have otherwise been tossed into the trash have been delivered to the needy.

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Is The Universe Just One Big Illusion?

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Some of the ideas that we will explore in this article are very far removed from the current westernised scientific way of thinking. I encourage you to stay with me, because while they are alternative later in the article I provide sources from plenty of current and prominent scientific organisations that back up the ideas shared.

Many ancient civilisations thought that the world as we know it is in some way a projection of our consciousness and that in fact all that exists, does so within our minds. Also that consciousness is something shared, meaning that there is a collective consciousness that unifies all. For some this may be called god, in whichever form you see god, but for the sake of this not turning into a religious debate we will call it collective consciousness. The Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Mayans and Ancient Greeks all had philosophies and teachings that explored these ideas.

If you look into many of the high achievers of this world past and present, and the secret doctrines of many ancient and secret societies you will find there is a wide held belief that in fact consciousness created matter and not the other way around.

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5 Things To Remind Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

We have all been there, faced with debt, heartbreak, lack of satisfaction or something that has pushed us to our limits. This is a normal part of the big game we call life, but it is not always so easy to just brush it off during the experience.

If you are in a position now where you feel like giving up is the only option, don’t there are many ways you can remind yourself of your worth as a person

You Have The Right To Be Here

You have the right to breathe the same air as everyone else, share the same space as everyone else and as long as you are not harming anyone, live life the way you choose.

Our apologies for being here can manifest in many ways such as anxiety, not participating in things we are interested in and the fear of the unknown. But you, just the same as everyone else have the right to be here! So don’t forget to remind yourself.

You Are Important

We all have our gifts which we can give to the world. Some of us are caregivers, some of us creators and some entertainers. However it is that you contribute to this world, be sure that you do!

Take a note of where you thrive in the world and play to your strengths. There is no point in spending your life trying to be something you are not, so embrace your qualities and know that you are important.

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The Christian Pastor Who Uses Magic Mushrooms to Connect With God

by Josh Mur, The Anti-Media

It’s always interesting to encounter alternative narratives from insiders within an organization. I recently had the pleasure of meeting a very peculiar individual. He is a church pastor who wishes to remain anonymous, so we will call him Pastor Shawn.

I met Pastor Shawn by sheer coincidence when his phone began to ring as he stood in line behind me at a local convenience store. To the delight of my own musically-fanatical self, his ringtone sang the notes of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Manteca,” one of my personal favorite Dizzy songs. Naturally, I felt compelled to stir up a small conversation.

Our conversation led us outside the convenient store, where we stood for about a half hour engaged in a discussion about music, his work as a pastor, corruption in the church, and─astonishingly─psychedelic drugs.

Pastor Shawn shared with me a well-kept secret of his: he is a regular user of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and applies the conscious and spiritual lessons he gains from his experiences to the teachings he shares with his church. I was so intrigued by some of the information he was willing to share that I felt compelled to interview him further. After an hour-long conversation in an online chat, I was not disappointed.

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Indian State Plants 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours, Sets World Record

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

More than 800,000 people in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh joined together to break the world record for most trees planted in a single day.

India is looking a lot greener lately, especially since men and women in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India joined together to plant 50 million trees in a single day earlier this week. The activists took on the task of reforesting the Indian state not only to improve the environment, but to claim massive bragging rights.

Over 800,000 people, including students, lawmakers, government officials, housewives, and volunteers from nonprofit organizations participated in the planting millions of saplings across the state. Their efforts resulted in the country claiming the Guinness World Records title for the most trees planted in a day. Previously, Pakistan held the record after planting 847,275 in 2013.

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Genius! Animal Shelter Enlists Pokemon Go Players To Walk Its Adoptable Dogs

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

An animal shelter is appealing to people who play Pokemon Go to take part in the virtual scavenger hunt while walking adoptable dogs. So far, it’s been a huge success!

If you’ve taken a stroll through your city’s streets lately, chances are you’ve come across hoards of people sitting in groups, staring at their phones.

In case you didn’t know what the cause of this is, it’s an app called Pokemon Go that lets people search and collect virtual characters from the Pokemon show in their neighborhood, using their phone screen to spot the creatures.

Not only has the game brought many diverse types of people together, it’s inspiring a large percent of the public who utilizes the app to get more active.

The app hasn’t even been out for a week, but it’s become a sensation. So much so, the Muncie Animal Shelter decided to recruit players of Pokemon Go to walk shelter dogs as they take part in the virtual scavenger hunt.

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Rock Star Sammy Hagar’s Encounter With 9th Dimensional Beings

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

It takes a lot of guts for someone of public stature to come out and speak about their experiences with UFO sightings. It takes even more guts to talk about your experiences with extraterrestrials. Sammy Hagar is one of these people who I greatly admire, not only for his music and selfless contributions to humanity but for his openness about his extraterrestrial contact.

In an interview with Guitar World magazine, Hagar said:

“I’m a firm believer – have seen, have felt, have been contacted 3 or 4 different times. I have received information that has been valuable in my life from those people, and they have used me.

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These People Are Using Plastic Water Bottles To Cool Their Homes, And The Method Is Brilliant!

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

The simple invention is the world’s first-ever ‘zero electricity’ air conditioner.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re one of the lucky individuals on this planet who has access to electricity and can harness tools, such as Air Conditioning (AC), to stay cool during hot, summer months.

Not everyone is so fortunate, however, which is why an inventor named Ashis Paul developed an ingenious solution to help those in rural, poverty-stricken locations – specifically residents in Bangladesh – cool off.

In three months, Paul’s company developed Eco Coolers, smart powerless air conditioners which don’t require any electricity. Already, 25,000 households around the world are outfitted with an Eco Cooler system, and that number is expected to grow. Many of the systems are behind utilized by Bangladeshi people.

The simple invention is reportedly the world’s first-ever ‘zero electricity’ air conditioner.

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Owl Can’t Stop Hugging The Man Who Saved Her After Car Accident

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

GiGi the owl made fast friends with her rescuer and greeted him with a hug after he returned from a trip.

Last month, a Great Horned owl named GiGi was taken to Mississippi’s Wild at Heart Rescue after suffering significant head trauma. The specialists suspected she had been hit by a car, resulting in a massive concussion.

Gigi was not only riddled with parasites, she was found to have aspergillosis, which is similar to pneumonia in humans. Missy Dubuisson, the founder and director of the Rescue, told The Dodo: 

“This bird was one of the most critical we have ever taken care of, the fact that this bird has lived is beyond comprehension.”

If it hadn’t been for Douglas Pojeky, president of the facility, Gigi may have never received the extensive care she needed. It seems the owl was well aware of this, as she quickly bonded to Pojeky, who is referred to as the “birds of prey whisperer” by rehabilitators in the area.

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Put an End to War in Yourself

To put an end to outward war, you must begin to put an end to war in yourself. Some of you will nod your heads and say, 'I agree,' and go outside and do exactly the same as you have been doing for the last ten or twenty years. Your agreement is merely verbal and has no significance, for the world's miseries and wars are not going to be stopped by your casual assent.They will be stopped only when you realize the danger, when you realize your responsibility, when you do not leave it to somebody else. If you realize the suffering, if you see the urgency of immediate action and do not postpone, then you will transform yourself. Peace will come only when you yourself are peaceful, when you yourself are at peace with your neighbor.

J Krishamurti


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