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Going higher...finally!

We've talked about the spiral path a lot in these posts to help explain how even though it may seem we are repeating issues and patterns over again, we are not going round in circles. Rather, we are always going higher, gaining new insights and awareness, and travelling deeper, seeing clearer into more aspects of our hidden selves.

Until recently, this has felt much like a never- ending excavation process with us wondering, when will it end? Well, we have finally broken through into a new space as a collective, allowing us a very new experience with our spiral path.

We have become experts at going 'deeper', yet the 'going higher' part seemed to have a cap on it. It was as if we could only see or receive so much, but no more. Or it was easy to feel connected for minutes or hours, but not days or weeks. We discovered and remembered many of energy's natural laws - that we are the creators of our reality, that if you can imagine it, it is possible - but it has been a challenge to remain vigilant over subconscious thoughts and beliefs that have ruled the roost for so long, constantly wanting control over our steering wheel.

2015 has brought with it a massive shift. We have received an upgrade unlike any other so far. We have emerged into a higher level of 'the field' than we have had access to before on this grand a scale when it comes to number of people residing in it.

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You do make a difference

As you look out into the world, there are multiple realities existing simultaneously. Don't let the existence of the lower aspects of society and humanity, or even your own self, make you doubt the existence of the higher aspects. When you see the lower end of a see-saw you don't say "See, the see-saw is down, I have trouble believing a higher end even exists. I give up!"

Imagine that you are on that see-saw, with some aspects of you on the lower end, and some on the higher. People think that if they go on the higher end, whether by raising their consciousness or becoming more successful or wealthier or healthier or whatever the case, they are betraying those on the 'lower' end, but the opposite is true when done with integrity.

By raising your self in a good way, you are doing your bit to raise the whole. You help to bring yourself, and the whole, into greater balance.

People think that one person can't make a difference. Not only can one person make a difference, each aspect that is vibrating at a higher level of consciousness within each person makes a difference - for that individual, and for the collective. x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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Mercury Retrograde Shenanigans and Opportunities

What happens when Mercury prepares to go retrograde in a day's time? Well, I just received 20 blank emails for one thing, and didn't receive a whole bunch of other emails that have been sent to me! Mercury loves a bit of computer/technology shenanigans. When you put him in Aquarius, which a) governs technology and b) is ruled by Uranus the planet who loves all things unpredictable, don't be surprised if things like this are happening!

If you are expecting an email or text and you don't receive it - follow up with the person. Likewise if you send something important and don't hear back, follow up.

On the upside, Mercury retrograde periods are fantastic for going back over things that have been left unfinished - contracts, communications, conversations and projects. They open doorways for things that need re-doing and re-viewing. Something or someone from the past can come up for the purpose of finishing unfinished business or re-connecting in a new way.

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap but as much as he can be a bit of a trickster with communications, ultimately his job is to ensure that everything is as clear as possible. He says: re-negotiate that contract, re-do that piece of writing, renew that connection, re-visit that project, re-visit that conversation.

Has Mercury Retro paid you a visit yet?

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False flags and such

Thank you to recent commenters bringing up the topic of what goes on behind the scenes of our society. You are really giving me some food for thought here - not regarding the topics of which I am aware, but regarding why I don't write about them often or in depth.

I used to write about the political side of things, what the elite were up to etc, all the time until about 10 years ago, and had a radio show called TruthSeeker. The more I got into writing about energy, the less I wrote about them as my focus seemed to always want to naturally gravitate toward focusing on what we wanted to create, vs fighting the old. I know it's a fine balance between this approach and sticking ones head in the sand, and hopefully I wasn't doing the latter, but I felt there were so many other researchers doing brilliant jobs of exposing everything week after week so I let that part of my 'cv' go.

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Je Suis Charlie

RIP #Charliehebdo cartoonists. In times of great social and political tension cartoonists help us to see the lighter side of every side. On Wednesday in Paris 12 light-creators returned to the light. They are being honoured by tens of thousands of people in the streets across France and Europe who are holding up, and laying down, pens and pencils in tribute, symbolising their right - all our rights - to freedom of speech and creative expression.

What a statement the people have made with their response, along with the millions of posts on social media. Where we could have seen anger and fear we are seeing unity and solidarity. Where we could have seen outbreaks of violence we are seeing witty, brilliant creativity, peace, strength and connection. It is easy to look at those who attacked and lose hope in humanity - but the greater truth can be found by looking at how millions are responding. The heart of humanity is awake. #jesuischarlie

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Feeling more crappy than happy?

Some of you feel more crappy than happy in this New Year. I want to talk about that because when one is feeling low, happiness and all this talk about 'forward momentum' can make you feel even lower, isolated and questioning what is 'wrong' with you.

It takes a lot of courage to feel ones feelings, and to express them. Nothing is wrong with having feelings, no matter what they are. Feelings are messengers. We can talk to them, and receive guidance from them. Journal with Doubting Dave, Sad Sarah, or Unmotivated Uma. You will surprise yourself with what comes through.

Many sensitive, awake people are so attuned on an inner level to energy that it is easy to feel down more than up at times. Feelings are felt more acutely - not just ours, but those of the collective. We are also finely tuned to what our reality on a higher dimension is like, and so anything involving a lower density - fears, doubts, worries, feeling not good enough etc - is absolutely suffocating. Especially now. Especially as we enter more and more higher vibrational energy here on Earth.

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2015: Readiness for the New!

The energy of 2015 feels like we are being shot like rockets into completely new territory, moving further in just a few days than it feels we have moved in the past two years!

Where delays and procrastination have seemed the name of the game for all too long, the last few days of 2014 had a strong 'hurry up and clean house' energy on every level. I found myself re-organising rooms, putting things in storage, and cleaning like crazy! Others have reported feeling the need to shed and let go of old habits, old attachments and other manifestations of old energy once and for all in those last days. Now, on one hand this is normal for the lead up to NYE. What felt different however was the push behind the releasing, and that was this massively increased READINESS for the new. Actually, readiness aside, it is more like a timer went off and after some years of feeling a kind of in limbo energy we were all told that it was finally GREEN GO TIME!

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Life is a spiral, not a straight line

Once upon a time we could be out of alignment with ourselves, out of alignment with our heart/truth/higher guidance/Source, and somehow get by. Not necessarily smoothly or healthily or comfortably all the time, but if we wanted to ignore or avoid something we somehow found a way to distract ourselves from our inner truth and highest knowing.

Now however we are dealing with a whole different ballgame. There is a distinct feeling of 'you're either in your flow/aligned, or you're not' with not much grey in between. The 'in your flow' moments feel fab....synchronicities happen, unexpected miracles and abundance manifest, you feel happier and lighter, there is a sense of openness and expansion.

The 'not in your flow' moments feel terrible, and I'm being polite with the wording there. Tightness, tension, chaos, drama, mental anguish, emotional anxiety, physical health issues, it is not a happy place to be. On many levels it is painful, and in most cases it is unnecessary pain.

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Money in the 5th dimension

An interesting question was asked on my youtube channel about whether money will exist 'in the fifth dimension'. The fifth dimension, as I know it, and perhaps as you see it also, is not another place, it is another frequency in this same space. It is a frequency that any one of us can, and do, tap into anytime.

When you 'manifest' something just as you need it - without going out to buy it - you could say that you are manifesting from that higher space of consciousness. That is, someone gives you their spare couch that they no longer need just as you really needed a new one.

Now, manifesting a couch is a long way from money no longer existing or no longer be required, but I do think there will come a day when money as we know it won't exist. I don't know how soon or far away that day is for the collective, but definitely I am seeing more people having a different experience around money.

Dana Mrkich ~ Bye Bye Masculine On Steroids ~ 17 February 2014

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Dana Colour Pic NewLately, a lot of us have been feeling a strong re-emergence of the Divine Feminine both within us and around us. So many qualities that have for so long been seen as weak (expressing our emotions, feeling compassion and empathy for others), less valuable (creative artists and traditional ‘feminine’ roles like teachers and nurses (not) being paid what they deserve) and disregarded (our intuition as a source of knowledge) are now coming to the surface from the spaces that they have been hiding in and pushed down into. 

As this happens, the Divine Masculine is by default becoming more balanced. The patriarchal system we’ve been living within has been the Masculine on steroids. As one side of the see-saw goes up, the other side must come down. Yet it is a healthy down, a retreat toward a more balanced version of the Masculine, one that plays a positive supportive role toward its loved ones instead of suffocating and restricting them like an overly-authoritative parent.

We are not swapping Masculine authority for Feminine, only the Feminine qualities are receiving a lot of focus now because they are experiencing an uprising, while the Masculine is gearing down, as we attempt to get this healthy balance happening.


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