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Growth-accelerator Eclipses

The time in between Eclipses is often uncomfortable. The Solar Eclipse brings in a rush of new energy. We can feel limitless with the dreams, ideas, goals and expansion calling us. The Lunar Eclipse is about shedding and letting go: old habits, behaviours, beliefs, patterns, and sometimes people.

Right now you may feel as if you are between a rock and a hard place, as on one hand you want to surge forward. Yet on the other there is all this unpleasant 'stuff' coming up for your attention, either within you or you are seeing it in others. Maybe you are surging forward regardless, in which case: fabulous!

This 'stuff' can make it seem like everything is going pear-shaped, but in fact it is just like the dust that flies around when you give your room a good clean.

Years ago (or even months ago) we may have invested a lot of time trying to work out where all this dust was coming from, why it was there, etc etc etc. Now, all we need to know is: the dust is no longer needing or wanting to be part of us. Likewise, we no longer need or want the dust. We are like that lotus flower emerging out of the mud, realising, oh wow, I'm a big lotus flower, I wasn't all that mud after all!

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Relationships: Shifting and triggering

A couple of people emailed me a similar question last week about big changes that are happening in their relationship. One has ended a long-term relationship, while the other is in a good marriage yet has found there is a strong energy connection with someone else. Both asked if there were any insights that could help their respective situations. I've covered this topic in this week's Let Love In webcast, but here's my response in case you are going through something similar:

Essentially as one person awakens or has a "growth spurt", one of two things are tending to happen: the relationship (and partner) is called to shift to a higher, deeper level or one person shifts while the other doesn't (or they shift in different directions), triggering the end of that union, or resulting in an uncomfortable experience until something changes.

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The week that was: Energies a go-go! - Dana Mrkich

What a week that was! Between multiple strong solar flares, a super new moon, solar eclipse and Equinox, it feels like we haven't been able to catch our breath.

You may have felt like more things than usual were jam-packed into your schedule this past week, meanwhile the clock was accelerated making it feel like we were running on the go constantly! That said, I noticed that anytime I thought "Actually, I don't want to rush. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing right now" it is as if time slowed down and expanded a bit allowing a much more comfortable and joyful experience. 

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One phase closes, and a huge door opens

This week we find ourselves at the end of a major astrological chapter, and at the beginning of a major new one. Since June 2012, Uranus has squared off with Pluto not once, but 7 times. Both these guys are transformation specialists.

Working in tandem, Pluto acts kind of like a building inspector, going through a high-rise building, entering every room from top storey to basement, inspecting, checking things off on his clipboard. Pluto likes everything functioning at optimum power. If there is anything amiss, anything not in alignment with occupational health and safety standards, anything a bit dodgy or untoward going on, if the foundation is not solid, or if the walls were created using low-quality plaster, Pluto will not hesitate to make a note on his bit of paper: Marked for demolition! Needs an upgrade and refurbishment!  Light wattage to be increased!

He calls in Uranus, the trigger-happy electrician/explosives expert. Uranus opens his coat and asks 'What do you need? I've got new wires for re-wiring, I've got sparks for extra shocks, and I've got dynamite if you want the whole shebang to come tumbling down."

Pluto issues his directions and the rest is, well, what is now your history of the last almost 3 years.

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Delays: your Soul's chosen detours

When we consciously want something, for example a love relationship, a certain level of success or some other life change, if it is not in our lives it is not always because of some big block or issue. Sometimes it is because we truly, honestly are choosing to delay that new change, on a deep heart and soul level. Perhaps not forever, and perhaps not even for a month or day more. But it is a peaceful moment when you realise....ahhhhh, so I did choose my current situation, and this is why.

Most of you reading this know that on some level we 'choose' our experiences, yet still certain situations are harder than others to accept. It is really comforting and empowering to connect with the part of you that has chosen a situation - and hear directly WHY you have.

Now yes, sometimes when we want something we don't have there are patterns and issues to face. Other times there are other people's free will and life paths to consider that differ from what you consciously would have chosen or preferred to unfold. And there are times where what we want, is not actually what our Soul wants, and is not truly meant for us. Today we are not talking about those instances - we are talking about things that are meant for you, that are for one reason or other seeming to be held at arm's length.

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Relentless transformation

Emotional releases are likely right now - it is the Full Moon after all, and a super-charged one at that. Releases are cleansing and transformational, helping you to see yourself or another in a clearer way, allowing you to let go of some sadness or hurt, and move forward with more space for greater freedom, and love for yourself.

This Full Moon in Virgo is absolutely pulsing with Transformation Energy. Partly because Pluto, Mr "Get in your Power" is aspecting it. Partly because Uranus, Mr "I will come out of left field and move you ten squares across the chess board before you know what hit you" is aspecting it. And partly because it feels like the Shift has decided to kick into high gear this year, moving us all along at super-speeds at every given opportunity. 

In many ways, I feel like more has happened in the past 2 months than in the past 2 years. For some of you this may mean dramatic external changes, for others it is all about inner changes and for a lot of us it is both.

If you are experiencing this, you are probably finding that there is not a lot of daytime down-time. That is, days where the waves of change aren't so intense allowing us to integrate all these changes. However you can be sure that integration is indeed happening - most likely when you are asleep at night, and your conscious mind is nicely snoozing and out of the way.

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Shake it off

It is very easy to write 'don't let other people's thoughts and opinions influence you or define you' - it's a really common phrase and I'm sure I've written it plenty of times myself. However, let's be real: it is one thing to write it or be inspired by it, and another thing entirely to learn to actually be that way.

It is a growth process that can take a lifetime, to be so strong within yourself that you don't sway from your truth and centre when others criticise, misunderstand or judge you. Some people feel completely debilitated by external harshness. Most of us fall somewhere in the range of small, medium or mega wobbling like one of those bowling pin dolls.

Last week I had to wonder if someone had thrown some kind of agitating dust in the air creating mass wobbling because there were more than a few comments happening (anonymously on my blog) mis-interpreting my words and the words of others, creating an atmosphere that felt extremely judgmental and button-pushy.

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We are all growing together

Last week I featured a guest post on this page, which created a storm of differing opinions. Here's what I know for sure: we cannot force anyone to change or grow, nor should we. Nor can anyone force us to change or grow!

Something I have always been averse to with this whole 'ascension' topic (a word I don't really use a lot), is this notion that a certain group of people at a certain level of growth are all the same, and different in every way to another group of people at another level of growth. Or that a group of people are suddenly all going to be lifted up into paradise and into a new earth that is perfect overnight leaving the rest behind to smoulder. This just isn't true, and I should add, doesn't feel true for me. Look, I might be wrong and if I am I am, but I can only write as I've always seen it and felt it personally.

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No more freezing up

To all those who have a recurring pattern of freezing up when wanting to move forward with something:

Banish the reality this moment of 'freezing up' with your work/love/abundance/anything. The you who froze is an illusion, a concept created by old fears that no longer live in your neighbourhood.

You are flowing with creative water. You are creative water flowing. That is who you are, and who you have always been. The ice is now shattered like the illusion that held it together.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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Correct your thinking!

Our minds can get stuck on a loop, repeating phrases that literally keep US stuck! I really noticed this the other day when another mum I met shared that they were planning on having another baby this year. I said: "We're trying too." Only suddenly it struck me - my tone was so gloomy! I may as well have said "We're stuck too, sad face sad face" OMG is this depressing tone the vibration I've been carrying on this topic?! Obviously yes! With fresh inspiration I took a leaf out of her book and re-launched the spring in my thought step. From that second on I decided to choose to correct my thinking: "We are planning on another baby too!" Ahhhh, that feels MUCH better!

Whether it is a thought keeping you stuck, or the thought is a manifestation of an underlying sticky emotional/energetic issue, (and it is ALL being revealed this powerful year) correcting a thought pattern loosens everything up in a good way. Try it right now with something you have been stuck on. The difference in feeling, and thus vibration, and thus what you can energetically allow vs push away is incredible.


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