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We are citizens of a cosmos

What a sight in the sky the other night: clear twilight blue, Full Moon Rising in Capricorn to the left of us, and Venus next to Jupiter in the constellation of Leo to the right of us. Nights like this remind everyone who chooses to look up that we are part of something so much bigger than us. These planets, and this Earth, have been here long before us, and will be here long after.

I am reminded of this constantly as we drive through this part of the US that I love so much with real life faces in the rocks staring off into the distance. The stories they could tell! 

It is so easy to get bogged down with stuff that in the grand scheme of things will not matter one iota when it comes time to pass on from here. When you catch yourself worrying about something, take a moment to ask yourself: Have I been in this situation before? Has it all worked out okay before? How will I feel about this situation on my last day of life?

Do you believe that there is something greater than you looking out for you? Connect with that energy and invite it into your heart.

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Venus Shadow starts today!


The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli

Today Venus enters the territory over which she will retrograde as of July 25, heralding the start of the 'Venus shadow' period. Venus Retrogrades happen just under every couple of years, and offer a fabulous opportunity to review, reshuffle, rewire, heal, clear and transform all that is Venusy: love, relationships, self-love, self-value, self-worth, our inner feminine qualities, how we view ourselves and others as women (both individually and collectively), our ability to receive nourishment, nurturing and pleasure, and express ourselves creatively.

Venus is most commonly associated with love, but really she stands for the Feminine, which ultimately affects everything from our relationships to our income, abundance, health, happiness and heart fulfillment.

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Solstice Solar Synchronicity

Solar synchronicity - the Solstice has occurred simultaneously to 6 M Class Solar Flares occurring so far, and with each one being stronger than the next more are likely to come.

I have lost count of the amount of times I get a sudden burst of writing energy after a period of relative quiet only to discover that the Sun is erupting high-grade Solar Flares after a relative period of quiet. All this energy can manifest as creative drive, but it can also manifest as anger or irritability arising out of nowhere: liken it to being plugged into an electric socket. It's either going to rev you up in a good way, or short-circuit you for a bit leaving you feeling a bit frayed and on edge.

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Solstice and Star Ancestors

Happy Solstice from Chichen Itza, Mexico! The Mayan Temple of Kukulkan is one of my favourites, designed with such precision and harmony. It has 365 steps one for each day of the year, 91 per side with the top platform being 365. Each Equinox and Solstice, shadows fall in perfect alignment specific to each of those 4 days. Genius and brilliance is an under-statement.

These sacred sites provide clues as to our ancient, stellar history, our connection with those who came from the stars who will one day come again. Our star ancestors are still here, living on through all of you who remember your star seed heritage...living on also through those who don't yet remember. 

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Sacred Feminine Fire

There is a lot of Sacred Feminine healing and awakening about this year. We have plenty of astrological alignments supporting this process, one happening this weekend as described beautifully in this article by Tara Greene and portrayed in her image below.



 We are officially in a new cycle of evolution, one in which the Divine Feminine is coming in like a big Goddess lady riding a chariot. The Divine Feminine influence is one of strength from within, grounded in our bodies and our Earth, connected to knowledge here and among the stars that is ancient as ancient can be.

Yet even as I write some of what her influence is, her nature is to stop me and say "Don't label me. Don't box me. Don't define what my influence is or is not. It is whatever it is for each unique individual. Don't use me to give people yet another energy to follow or conform to. I am what I am, and each one of you reading this are who you are. Don't let anyone define you or give you rules to define yourself by. Define yourself."

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Floating-free energy and life stocktake

There is a big free-floating feeling in the air these days. The more our consciousness becomes centred in our hearts as opposed to our minds, the more an 'unplugging' of sorts takes place. It is an unplugging of our former paradigm, including an unplugging of old beliefs that held our reality and identity together. More and more our awareness and focus is being brought into NOW, and so you may be finding it really difficult, detached even, to think about the past or future in the same way you used to. Recalling memories might feel strange, and planning for the future might feel like you are grasping at clouds that keep changing every moment.

This consciousness shift - from the mind to the heart - is a naturally occurring process at this point in our evolution. It is a process we can either go along with without even realising, actively participate in and open to, resist, fear, avoid or actively push against.

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Isla Mujeres and the awakening Feminine

by Dana Mrkich

We are off to Isla Mujeres tomorrow, Women's Island. There I'll visit the ancient ruins of the Temple of Ix-Chel, Mayan Goddess of Love, Fertility, Midwifery and Medicine.

Image: Sharon McLeod

The island and Ixchel have been calling me like a magnet since we got to Playa just over a week ago. This is my third time here and I've never felt this strong a pull to go there.

I will be taking some offerings for her, and saying some prayers. I invite you to say a prayer for something that is in your heart, not to write here but just to hold in your heart, and tomorrow as I visit I will pray that she hear those prayers in your heart. 

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Earth Changes: Cleansing and Gratitude trump Fear

Two themes are emerging in almost every conversation I've had or overheard in the aftermath of this week's Sydney/Central Coast/Hunter storms: Cleansing and Gratitude. People are saying they feel as if a big cleansing has happened, and how grateful they felt this week for any small thing: some warmth, candlelight, a hot shower at a friend's house.

Over the years people have often written expressing concern about potential Earth Changes events. What I've written about that topic in the past is that our fear of a future event is usually vastly different to the reality. 

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Electricity in the Air and Christ/Mary Magdalene Healing

Over the last couple of days it has felt like there is erratic, jittery electricity almost like static, running through the air. There are strange computer/technological goings on, and feelings of heightened anxiety, scattered mental energy, and difficulty feeling totally settled and grounded. You may also feel the heart pumping more than usual and adrenals going, very similar to solar flare energy.

The energy has felt very Mercury/Uranus in nature and sure enough Mercury and the Sun are both on/moving through the same degree that Uranus is sitting on (16 Aries if you know your chart).

This helps explain why everything feels a bit Mercury retrograde even though we are not in one, and why the Sun feels like it is flaring like crazy even though solar activity is technically low. When a planet touches the same space as Uranus it is like it receives some extra zhoozh, a bit of an electric shock or jolt, and of course we feel it down here especially if we have significant planets or points on or near that degree in our natal chart. (You can check out www.astro.com to see if you do)

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Healing Easter/Eostre/Eclipse

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend enjoying the Easter/Eostre and Lunar Eclipse energies. There was a palpable shift in energy on Thursday, as if the tension earlier in the week cracked open (like an egg we may as well say), with a lot of fluid, warm, loving, supportive, nurturing balm oozing out.

It feels like a lot of healing is happening on subtle and obvious levels over this period. Connections that were frayed or frazzled, whether related to your physical health or emotional wiring or regarding a relationship are receiving a repair or rebirth of some kind. I have the image of a wire whose outer casing was all worn receiving a new, healthy, strong casing.

There are multiple mythological stories about the root of Easter, and while we can philosophize and debate for eons about which ones are true, the fact remains that they all share a common, if not same, theme: that of death and rebirth. 


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