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Dana Mrkich ~ The Rrroooooaaaarrrhhhh Flares Of February

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Dana Colour Pic NewSix days into February and we’ve already had 14 M Class Solar Flares.

They’ve triggered a lot of anger and violent happenings, with bows and arrows being slung back and forth everywhere from personal relationships and intense physical body/health eruptions to government decisons and Hollywood stories spilling out onto the real life world stage. 

All of this energy is due in part to a) not owning something within you and projecting it outward or b) receiving someone else’s projections because they are not owning their stuff, which feels like being punched repeatedly or hit by a truck as it reverses all over you.

Breathe in your own Lifeforce. Ask that anything that is not yours be sent back to its rightful owner. Ask yourself if you always feel that something is your fault? Where does that come from? Do you feel responsible for other people’s troubles, or do you blame other people for your own?

There is a lot of energy flying all over the place as we strive to find the right balance with our boundaries and responsibilities. Where are we healthily handing down a rope to help and where are we jumping into holes to try to push someone up that doesn’t want to budge? Where are we healthily holding someone accountable and where are we holding onto bitterness, anger and resentment that keeps festering and holds us back?

Dana Mrkich ~ When A Mad Man Is At The Helm

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Dana Colour Pic NewOne of my favourite quotes is by Leslie Parrish-Bach: “Suppose they gave a war and no-one came.”


I am being reminded tonight of the way in which people give away their authority to the person in charge, usually for fear of losing their jobs or status or lives or sometimes just because we are taught not to question a leader.

As our political leader here in Australia is making one detrimental decision after another I feel like saying to the members of his party: “When a mad man is at the helm, stop rowing the boat!”

Can his party not vote this guy off the island already??? Many in his party disagree with his actions but oh yeh, he has forbidden them to speak to the media without his approval!!!!!!

Approval today was given to start dumping waste in our precious Great Barrier Reef.

Our federal government has also asked UNESCO to strip Tasmania of 74, 000 hectares of World Heritage Protected Forest.

Dana Mrkich ~ Thursday, January 30, 2014 Venus Direct, Farewell Snake And Welcome Horse!

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Dana Mrkich – 30 January 2014


Dana Colour Pic NewVideo Version to come. 

As Venus prepares to go direct and we say goodbye to the Year of the Snake, today is a great day to ask: What has the past couple of months (Venus) or past year (Snake) been trying to help me shed/let go of/see more clearly/step into without my old fears and beliefs?

Dana Mrkich ~ Success and Failure – 21 January 2014

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Dana Mrkick - 21 January, 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewYour Soul, your Greater Self, whatever name you choose to call it, has very different concepts of success and failure than your Ego.

Integrity and truth are two of the major driving forces behind the wheel of your Soul, and as long as you are aligned with those things your Soul sees success where others may see failure.

Likewise, when you are aligned with your Ego and doing something for the sake of status or external pressure, your Soul can feel sad even while the world is applauding your success.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Dana Mrkich ~ 2014: From The Mud Comes The Lotus Flower – 21 January 2014

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Dana Mrkich - 21 January, 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewA video version of this will be posted….once we get a Cicada free day! They’re singing their song here in Sydney, Australia every day, all day. On the positive side they represent rebirth and renewal!
If 2013 was the year of walking through mud, 2014 is the year we emerge like a Lotus Flower in bloom.  Our whole energy field is awakening and coming to life. Light is being shone onto every aspect of us. Every inch of our Sub-Conscious carpet is being lifted off us so that we can see what is underneath. The veil that has been covering our Super-Conscious is being pulled back so that we can see what is truly within and all around us.
You can see why we have been guided and called year after year to clear our ‘stuff’. On some level we have known that there was a time waiting for us when the renovation crew were coming, complete with their removal trucks, garbage bags and heavy-duty cleaning gear. If you are up to your neck in dust as it is, can you imagine what you’d be dealing with right now if you hadn’t done all that clearing ahead of time?
We knew they were also coming with interior stylists who would, once our home was relatively clean, start overhauling our residence with a good upgrade and show us home highlights that we had no idea existed: “Did you know if we take down this wall here, it will give you a whole new, expanded living area?”  “If you put a few shelves in here you can double your available space.”  “Let’s add some pink here and green there, now feel the difference!”
The interior stylists are frequencies of light, entering our Earth’s energy field, as well as our collective and personal energy fields, activating everything they touch to awaken, to remember, to expand, to rise to match the frequency that is our new ‘home’.
We can fear the idea that there is yet more ‘hidden to be revealed’ but whereas our past personal inner revelations were more of the difficult kind to confront, now we are confronting amazing, brilliant, creative, wise, intelligent, intuitive, compassionate aspects of ourselves that we have never before connected to as fully as we will.
Yes, some of what we’re feeling and discovering right now doesn’t feel great – especially on the collective field level – but it sure beats being in denial and illusion. Awareness creates the opportunity for empowerment and conscious action.  Awareness calls us to accept a greater responsibility for that which we are choosing to create and participate in whether on a personal, community or global level.
We will be discovering and called to embody powerful, exciting aspects of ourselves this year that we have not previously allowed to emerge or be fully expressed. We can be just as scared of the potential of our Light and Power, as we have been in the past to look at our pain and wounds.  Don’t be afraid of your Light, your Power or your Emergence. When the interior stylist nudges you to do something quite out of your comfort zone, (like the experience I recently had with the Emergence of my Red Self), and you’re freaking out a bit but something inside is jumping up and down saying ooh this feels good..…do it.
You may feel at times like you’re undergoing a complete identity re-construction and in some ways you are, although in truth you are just opening to more of who you really are – and more of who you have always been. Many of us have thought of our Higher Self or Greater Self or Soul as being something outside of us, or separate to us. Yet it is not. This is YOU. The YOU looking out through your eyes right now is your Soul, is your Greater Self, only we have had so much of ourselves covered, hidden and influenced by all kinds of filters and lenses we found it difficult to connect to our own self as being, well, our own self!
Now, we are going to feel ourselves embodying more and more of who we really are and receiving our identity from our greater, whole truth, rather than as before receiving our identity from that which covered and influenced us.  Those influences were important of course, but now we are learning to integrate them and put them in their proper place rather than taking them on board as our primary identity. Exciting times…as always!
(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive who offers empowering Soul Sessions to clients all over the world. She is the Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her onFacebook or follow her on Twitter.


Dana Mrkich ~ Emergency Of My Red Self: Which Colour Are You Not Owning?

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Dana Colour Pic NewAre there some colours that you just don’t wear or don’t really have around you? Maybe you have convinced yourself a certain colour doesn’t suit you. Perhaps it’s just never occurred to you to try something on of that colour or you have an unreasonable aversion to it?


I used to be like that with pink. I just didn’t think I was a pink sort of girl until one day, at age 32, I was invited to a ‘pink party’.  The girls who lived across the corridor from me at the time stared in shock when I told them there was no such colour in my wardrobe. They immediately leapt into action, dragging me into their bedrooms and within seconds I had the choice of every shade of pink imaginable. I threw on a hot pink top and then it was my turn to be shocked. It felt fantastic, and may I say it looked fabulous! It brought out a whole other aspect of my personality, and I haven’t looked back. Today, hot pink is one of my absolute favourite colours to have on or around me and always makes me feel happy.  I love all the ‘pink’s now’!

Dana Mrkich ~ 2 Updates ~ 10 January 2014

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Dana Colour Pic New

Navigating through Solar Flares and other Energetic Influences
The current Solar Flare activity is coming from a sunspot on the Sun that is three times as big as Earth! The way it is facing us triggers images of a cannon that has swivelled around to give us a direct hit. Thanks Sun:)

Solar Flares and the resulting Coronal Mass Ejections push our buttons in extreme ways. We can feel immense fatigue or hyper-energised as electricity coarses through us. We can feel emotionally overwhelmed as our sensitivity meter goes to high, or we feel super-motivated as clarity washes and opens our minds and hearts. There is no right or wrong way to be feeling, you feel however you most need to feel depending on the day!

~ Dana Mrkich ~ Stop, Revive, Thrive

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Dana Colour Pic NewIt’s been a challenging year and many of us feel our old roles are over but aren’t yet clear on what new directions we want to head in. We know that we can no longer do anything that doesn’t feel right and are feeling compelled to be true to what our heart and soul really yearns to do, say, create and express. Venus Retrograde has begun, and is an ideal time to stop, revive, reflect, and then thrive as you re-connect to what you truly value, and to what it is that truly fills you up and nourishes you. From this space we can then nourish others in a healthy way from our closest personal relationships to the relationships we have with those we don’t know but have a connection to daily via our food, clothing, media etc. I’ll be posting regularly on this theme throughout this 40 day period!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013 - http://danamrkich.blogspot.nl/2013/12/stop-revive-thrive.html


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