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Day 100: Ascension Process

ASCENSION PROCESS   The word “ascension” has many meanings, depending on your cultural beliefs. The term literally means, “to rise above.” What is it that you are rising above? It is the menial nature of humanity. All of you have the ability to rise above mundane living and live in a world you co-create with others, both on Earth and with those living in other Dimensions.

Time and space are illusions to allow this experience to feel real. There was no other way for you to have the experience of Not-Love when you were fully immersed in Love. Birthing into a Realm where you have forgotten your true roots allows you this experience. Many of you have been on Earth for scores of lifetimes and have now tired of the tedious nature of mundane living, having experienced all there is to offer here.

We suggest you no longer be concerned with the “what ifs” and spend your time making the changes necessary in order to fill today with joy and peace. What do you need to do in order for this to happen? It is imperative that you take time each day to monitor what you are feeling and then make changes in the areas that cause you unrest.

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Day 99: The Path to Peace

THE PATH TO PEACE   Although your life may be in turmoil, you have within you the ability to stay calm and peaceful every moment of your life. Like any attitude or emotion, you are fully in charge. Can anyone else make you happy? No, you may feel happy, but that is your choice. It is this way for all emotions. In your daily life, your attitude of gratitude will open doors to realms of deep personal peace that you have possibly never experienced before. If you often get upset over small details or things that others say or do, it is likely you would benefit by taking more quiet time to remain balanced.

With practice, you have the ability to master your emotions to the point where nothing can upset you. You will understand that each person is walking their Path and responsible for their actions. You will be in a place of unconditional love, knowing you are responsible only for the things you say and do. Within you lies the ability to overcome any obstacle, whether it is a physical ailment, difficult relationship or challenging event. You have the ability to choose what you wish to experience. With your conscious intention and focus on changing speech patterns, negative thinking and reactionary behaviors, you will mold your life into magic, experiencing peace beyond understanding.

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Day 98: Mirror Images

MIRROR IMAGES   When you feel emotions such as anger, fear or frustration, it is the result of an unresolved issue. Like a mirror, the person or event triggers a past experience, which was either too painful or too bothersome to deal with when it first occurred. It is imperative to live in the now and deal with all issues as they arise. This will keep your energy clear and retard any stagnant issues that cause disease in the body or emotional realm. Your senses also bring up emotional issues from the past.

Photographs, scents, songs, fabrics and tastes all have the ability to instantly take you back to a memory, sometimes one that has been deeply locked away for years. If the memory that arises causes you distress or discomfort, take time to go back and observe the event. Find ways to release any negativity related to this event. Perhaps there is someone you need to forgive; maybe your behavior was less than honorable and you need to forgive yourself. If you hold a victim mentality regarding this issue, now is a good time to release it. Accept full responsibility for your actions without beating yourself up with shame or guilt.

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Day 97: Breath of Life

BREATH OF LIFE There are many forms of light, for it means many things to different people. The light we wish to talk about today comes from within; it is the eternal flame that comes from your Creator. Once upon a time, there were no individual lights, all of you were an integral part of the whole, similar to the light that shines forth from your sun. At one point, this light fragmented to allow for a variety of experiences. This light inside your heart is similar to one candle flame.

Each of you has this flame of God Essence within you. Even those that do the most horrendous deeds on Earth have this light within. Many of you have hidden this light so deeply that you cannot enjoy its flame. Yet no matter how deeply it is hidden, this flame can be brought forth to shine brightly. All it needs is a little oxygen. We call this oxygen “breath.”

Your breath is the most important element you need to exist on this Earth. Try not breathing for just a few minutes and you will understand what we say. In order for your light to shine brightly, it needs oxygen. Breathing consciously while setting intentions is very powerful. There are many techniques on how to use the breath to energize the body, mind and soul.

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Day 96: Veil of Separation

VEIL OF SEPARATION   The veils of separation are rapidly dissolving. What does this mean to you and how will it affect you? Soon you will see that each of you are brethren. Not only do you all have the same blood running in your veins, but you also have the same spirit connection on the Other Side. You truly are children of God; in fact, you ARE gods, each of you being one aspect of the whole.

Many have already grasped this teaching; most of you are still grappling with it, not understanding how we can all be One. We suggest you take time each day to go within and find ways to make this connection with your fellow man and all of creation. There are a few things that need to be addressed in order for you to prepare yourself for the removal of the veil.

We will enumerate a few key points here: Think only positive thoughts. Build a feeling of love for all of creation. Allow everyone to be who they are. Face all fears. Forgive yourself and all others for past wounds. Focus your attention on what is happening in the moment. Follow your intuition each step of your journey. Many of you are feeling deep sorrow and isolation from loved ones, both those living on Earth and those who have crossed over.

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Day 93: Move Beyond Lack

MOVE BEYOND LACK This world has an unsurpassed amount of abundance available to you. Having a sense of lack in any area is not healthy. Break through these codes and the behaviors that keep you in the poorhouse. Expand your worldview and way of thinking and allow yourself to flow with nature and enjoy the blessings offered freely to you.

Return to your roots where life is simpler, less stressful and full of healthy food and family values. You have lost your sense of tribe. It is time to gather with like-minded souls and create communities in which you support and nurture each other. These communities can provide great wealth in food, knowledge and love. What better commodities can you think of?   Selamet! Ben 2

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 93 at: Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Day 88: One With Nature

ONE WITH NATURE   “Isn’t Earth a lovely place to spend some time? Take a few moments to drink in the beauty of this planet. Focus on the flowers and plants. Feel gratitude for the animals that hold everything in balance. Be appreciative of the water sources that provide nourishment for your body and soul. Feel the magnificence of the mountains, the prairies, the seaside and deserts.

Breathe it all in and receive the nurturance that Mother Nature provides for all. We offer you an exercise to help become more in tune with the energies and sentience of the Beings around you. The best place to do this is in Nature, away from the noise and interruptions of humankind. If you have trees nearby, choose one for this activity. Second choice would be a bush or perennial flowers.

If you are in a place that has no outdoor space or you must remain indoors, then cozy up to a houseplant. Lean with your back against the tree or sit near the plant. Take several deep breaths while relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind of the day’s activities. As your mind clears, focus on the plant. Scrutinize the plant, looking carefully at each part, including the underside of its leaves. Notice the coloration of the various parts, the shape of the leaves, the bark or stem, each section of its blossoms.

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Day 87: How are you?

HOW ARE YOU?   Practice this little exercise on a daily basis. Stop all you are doing, take a few breaths, then notice how you are feeling. This is a good way to monitor where you are emotionally. Notice how you feel inside. Is there tension or calmness? Are you feeling antsy or at peace? Are you afraid or confident?

Whenever you notice you are feeling tense, take time to go into a deeper state of relaxation. By making this a habit, eventually you will find yourself being more at peace and centered, no matter what is occurring around you. Decision-making will be much easier.

You are likely to make better choices when you are relaxed. Your body uses many muscles and more energy when it is tense. Your whole system becomes over-stressed when tension is allowed to build up on a daily basis. Release the stress and enjoy a more fulfilling life!” Manik 9, Day 87

Read the Mayan Messages at:   Please include this web address when posting and sharing with others. Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Day 83: Befriending Your Dragons

BEFRIENDNG YOUR DRAGONS There are several layers of emotions that need to be peeled in order to release the patterns and behaviors associated with deep-seated hurts. The goal is to free yourself from fears, habits and belief codes that no longer serve you and keep you locked away from a life filled with joy and peace. The following are some layers to address in order to change belief codes and heal wounds from past experiences. Forgive your perpetrators.

Know that all persons are operating to the best of their ability, even though they may be choosing things that are not for the highest good for themselves and all concerned. Allow all persons to be who they are, whether or not you are in agreement with their behaviors. Release all judgment of people, places and events. Release any feelings of victimhood. Recognize the blessings in all situations, no matter how horrendous.

Change all negative thoughts aimed at yourself and others. Stop re-telling stories that keep your unresolved issues alive. Face buried fears and emotions and replace them with love. Today’s Message offers one method that will allow you to begin working on problems you are ready to resolve. Like the dragon, you will become empowered, and react more gracefully so you can live a life full of love and harmony.

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New Thoughts, New Beginnings

NEW THOUGHTS, NEW BEGINNINGS    One of the laws of the universe is that like attracts like. If you are continually focused on being a victim and believe that everyone is out to get you or that you have bad luck, this is what you will attract to you. Your thoughts and things you pay attention to are what create your reality. In every situation, there will be people who see blessings and those who will focus on its curses. The good news is that each of you has the ability within yourself to transcend negative thinking.

Once you gain control of your thoughts, you will then be able to release belief codes and change behaviors that have kept you locked into negative thinking. Many of you are locked in suspension, not knowing which way to go. Those of you who are afraid to make the wrong choice, we suggest you go inward and allow yourself to experience what feels best at the time.


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