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Day 212: Enjoy Your Work

What is your passion? Can you answer this question? If not, then it is likely you are living with belief codes that are not in your best interest. Take time to go within and remember the things that jazzed your energy when you were young. Why did you set these dreams aside? Which ones are worth resurrecting?

Often people feel they should do big things in order to make an impact without realizing how much they impact others by doing small, everyday things. Look around, what needs to be done? Choose things you find interesting. Perform services that energize you. When you are performing services from the heart, there is no need or expectation of being thanked; the service itself is your gift.

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Day 204: Be Loved

As we gather and share each other’s knowledge and experiences of love, we bring to All a spirit of Oneness and Love. There is no other way to experience love than by being Love. Therefore, every act of love you bestow upon yourself or another magnifies the love received by All. When you send love to another through prayer, they will receive it.

Find a quiet place; breathe in and out several times in order to relax and release the concerns of the day. In your mind, visualize the person(s) you wish to connect with. Call their name out loud three times while thinking of them. Although it is not necessary to state their name aloud, doing so may help to maintain focus, especially if sending prayers in a group setting. Know you are now connected energetically. Your Spirit knows no bounds when it comes to time, space and place.

As you hold the image of the other person(s) in your mind, visualize a stream of love and light flowing in your upper heart region. Allow it to flow unhindered, feeling gratitude for having known them. You can thank them for the good times you have experienced together and you can thank them for the hard lessons you learned from each other. You can also apologize for any hurt you have caused them.

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Day 203: Astral Hugs

Today we invite you to close your eyes and allow yourself to feel our energy. Relax. Breathe in and out at your own pace, comfortably sinking into a feeling of deep relaxation. Note any feelings of calmness, of love, of warmth and know this is us. Receive this love as we honor you for being the wonderful and beautiful Being that you are. Remain in this state as long as you choose. Know that you can return at any time to receive more of our astral hugs.

This is how you connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Once the mind is calm, the heart can expand and allow our energies to flow more freely through you. You can also increase your ability to make heart-to-heart connections with friends, family and those with whom you have difficulties.

Have a wonder filled day! The Day Keepers

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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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Day 197: Respect Children

RESPECT CHILDREN   Many parents attempt to spare their children the pain they suffered when they were young, going out of their way to protect their children by sheltering them. What happens as a result is that the child is denied many experiences. They are not given the trust or respect needed to make decisions that will enable them to live a full life. Their maturity is stunted, for they do not learn how to solve their problems or learn to say “no” on their own terms.

Instead of making choices for them, teach them from very young ages how to act appropriately. Teach them to solve their own problems at an early age and allow them to experience the result of their choices. Then, when they reach adolescence, they will have the skills necessary to choose friends and recreational activities that are in their best interest.

As parents release negative thought patterns, change undesirable habits and out-dated belief codes, they will be much better equipped to raise their children.

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Day 164: Infinite Possibilities

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES   When you make a clear intention that you desire a specific thing to occur, such as a job that pays well and is more inspiring, you begin to take steps to make this goal a reality. You begin to note synchronicities that happen during the day, following leads and checking out various opportunities (doors).

Each step, you pay attention to your intuition and gut feelings, deciding if these opportunities are truly what you want. Do not settle for anything less. Create situations that will make things happen; choose doors that best fits your needs. Know that sometimes what appears to be a wrong door could lead you to something better.

Perhaps by taking the “wrong” door, you met someone or gained skills that led you to the door of your highest choice. The key is to not be swayed by fears and belief codes. Have courage in yourself and know that in reality, there are no wrong doors. There may be missed opportunities, yet within these lie myriads of learning experiences and adventures. Move on through your day, seeking doors of opportunities.

Reach beyond your comfort zone and open the doors to see what lies beyond. You may find the perfect mate, career or adventure lying before you. Enjoy life to the fullest, for you indeed are in a time of utmost curiosity and adventure. Selamet!  Kan 8

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Day 160: In a rut?

IN A RUT? Know that there is more that you have to offer in life besides your daily routine. What is required is that you move out of your box and open the doors to the vast array of possibilities that are offered freely to you. You may need to turn off your television and other sources of information that keeps you bogged in the doom and gloom feelings of despair that are currently bombarding your energy grids.

Place your focus on your passions. Take time to ponder what you would like to experience. Look at these possibilities openly, without setting parameters such as, “It costs too much. I could never do that. What would others think?” Allow your thoughts to wander to things you once dreamed of. Ponder things that might give you satisfaction. Where do you wish to spend your time?

How much energy do you want to expend on current projects? Is there a talent you would like to express? Is there a project you would like to be a part of? Is there a skill you wish to hone? Set aside all of the negative reasons that keep you from moving forward. Begin to list the things that feel energizing and fulfilling. Research the steps you need to take to experience your dreams.

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Day 157: Receive Our Love

RECEIVE OUR LOVE   Today we wish to honor you. We ask that you take a few moments to quiet your inner and outer self. As you relax, breathe in and out while clearing your mind of any concerns. Begin to feel gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Allow yourself to receive the blessings we wish to bestow upon you at this time. Bask for as long as you wish in our loving presence, receiving the love we are sending you. When you are ready, resume your day with renewed energy. At any time, you may call upon us to receive more of this loving energy. We thank you for all you do and for being an active part of our life!   Selamet! Caban 1

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Day 155: Take Chances, Make Changes

TAKE CHANCES, MAKE CHANGES   We cannot overemphasize the necessity of looking within and pulling out the thoughts that keep you from experiencing your dreams. Know beyond any doubt that you are loved and worthy of all the Earth has to offer. You did not come here to be in misery or to solve all the problems of the world. You did not come here to save the souls of others.

You came here to enjoy this realm and to be part of the solution, yet when you wallow in negative thinking, you create more problems. You have the ability to change your thoughts by focusing on things you desire. You have the ability to change your actions by doing the things you want. You have the ability to change your words by expressing your truth. You have the ability to change your attitude by focusing on gratitude.

Only you can make you happy. Do not give this power to others. Recognize that at all times, each of you is doing the best you can. Sometimes you may know what you are doing is harmful to others, yet fear and belief codes motivate you to continue.

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Day 153: Perfect Love

PERFECT LOVE   Source allows all to happen, knowing in the end, there will be a return to perfect Love. There is no need to judge, for each will self-correct or experience reactions to his every action. When you can see this world as an experimental place that allows for all experiences, you will be much better able to accept what others do without conditions.

This is a time of great transition. It is imperative that you bring yourself out of the low frequency role so you may become more capable of awakening your friends and family who are playing the darker roles. Not all will want to change. Many will ridicule you, yet stand steadfast in your beliefs. There is no need to be concerned about their souls, for they will continue on a Path that will ultimately lead back to Source.

Continue loving all unconditionally, knowing this is a temporary illusion we are engaged in. As you learn to tune in with your Higher Self more, you will understand this to be true. Many of you wonder how can the world be allowed to have such cruel people in it. Why must others suffer at their hands? My dears, it was set up this way by you and all of the others before coming into this world.

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Day 151 Smile Awhile

SMILE AWHILE   Today we have a simple exercise for you. It is called “smile.”

If you are reading this in the morning, then we ask that when you go out today, smile and nod a greeting to everyone you meet, making brief eye contact when possible.

If you will not be going outside today, send smiles telepathically to the people you find yourself thinking about, especially those you may be having any problems with. Consider taking a few moments to go through your address book and send a brief smile to at least twenty people.

If you are reading this in the evening, then make a note to yourself to remember to smile at everyone you encounter tomorrow. Make smiling a habit. It is a great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exercise!   Selamet! Chuen 8

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