Intraoperative Reiki: A Case Report

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Impression: Intraoperative Reiki is a powerful tool. It helps to establish rapport. It helps to address the underlying conditions, both on an energetic level and a deeper soul level, that result in the manifestation of physical disease. It is non-toxic, safe, and does not need to be documented or charted or even discussed with the patient at the time it is given. People come to us for healing, in the hospital. It would be remiss to leave something clearly in need of treatment, untreated, when we have the ability to treat it at the same time that other work is being done. Anesthesiologists and CRNA's are the perfect providers for this purpose because we are at the head of the bed in surgery, and our anesthesia weakens the aura in the first place. Why not take the opportunity to shore it up and strengthen the aura at the time patients are most vulnerable?

This treatment itself took about seven minutes. Talking in pre-op and the lobby took about ten minutes total. For seventeen minutes, that is about one unit of anesthesia billable time, which is not much 'work' but yields much benefit for humankind! Intraoperative reiki, like all reiki, strengthens and heals the energetic system of the healer while it is given to the client. It is a total win-win for all parties involved.


Full case study is at this link:




I do not bill for Reiki

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Note: I consider Reiki another tool to use in my care of patients. Since my fee encompasses all of my anesthetic care, I do not charge for my energy medicine services separately. The statement about billable-time is to show that much benefit is gained through not much more 'effort' on the part of the provider, in the context of total anethesia 'work' being done during the case.

Reiki and Permission

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Hi Doc!


Great post, enjoyed reading. One thing I was not clear on and not sure if I missed it, do you let your patients know ahead of time you are doing Reiki? Because I am sure you are aware that as Reiki Practitioners (even tho you do not charge for that service per se), are not to perform Reiki without permission. 


Was just curious. Not at all meant to ruffle feathers ;-)

~Karen S. Falcon

On a Soul Level

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I ask for Reiki Permission on a Soul level with every client. I also have permission to do an anesthetic, and Reiki is one of my tools I use to enhance patient comfort while they are under my care. I can 'tell' when soul permission is not given: the Reiki won't go in. I then direct it to that patients Guardian Angel for the patients Highest Good. Patients come to surgery wanting to feel better. Thank you for raising this important point. Namaste.

Inoperative Reiki

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Hi, Reiki Doc! Much love to you and your mission. I must say, I was surprised. I have never come across this term before. Could you go into a little more detail, as to what it is, how to use it, etc. I'm a Reiki practitioner also and would love to know more about it. Thanks!

No problem!

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Prior to me, Reiki has been given in surgery by a Reiki Practitioner being invited to the OR by the patient request and surgeon permission. Doctor Mehmet Oz, whom I have met, had Pamela Miles come in and do reiki during heart surgery, for example, there are operating rooms where the entire staff does a Reiki Share at the start of their day, I have seen photographs of people in scrubs holding hands in the OR for this purpose.
There is a nursing equivalent called The Healing Touch. It is learned by RNs and others, and here the goal is to silently give healing energy while doing routine care. A CT tech hear fixed a bruise from an I.v. Instantly with a patient (went completely away in one second) using the Healing Touch. The patient asked him, and later, related it to me.
I combine both concepts: I am in the OR anyway, and I give. Whether it is 'my way' or just from being in contact with my aura, the healing is done at the same time as surgery is taking place. I hope this answers your question. Mahalo.

No Problem/explain inop Reiki

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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain. I am so glad to read that Reiki has reached the mainstream medical profession (at least the nurses, etc.) I would like to see more doctors get involved in this healing practice as well. Is Healing Touch Reiki or more like Quantum Touch, i.e. using your own kee energy?

Not sure

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There is one book on it, and I started reading it, but I couldn't understand it enough to answer your question. In reiki, the healing 'flows through', in Healing Touch, I don't know. I never finished the book...I read three quarters of it.