The Galactic Free Press Update: Missions are Complete, Prepare for Planetary Awakening

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Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~


Photo Taken By Earth Ally Luas Love Family Thank You For All!!

Heart Opening In the Clouds


Greetings Love Beings, WOW and More WOW! We are really almost speechless as to what is Currently Unfolding On Behalf of The Light and Truth On This Planet since Yesterday's Portal Opening with Oneness Energies Pouring in. The Messages of Success of this part of the Mission also Came Pouring Out of The Galactic Free Press Today. Love is moving in Quickly! Humanity is awakening. This Planet is transforming Into Light! Embrace Yourselves for the Brilliance of Truth On Planet Earth=Heart to Light US UP Forever.



Quoted from Cobra" Diamond of the Unseen has been revealed. The doorway of the 11:11 is hereby being completely open and activated and will stay open forever. This is our dimensional bridge to Oneness. This is our pathway Home."


~11~11 Gate Activation Meditation~ Love Wins

Looks Like We Made IT!!



The 11~22 Gate Activation, Meditations and Missions Were all Completed Yesterday. Placing The Planet completely into the Oneness Energies. All Portals on the Planet and within the Planet were Opened and Love Energy began pouring in, in High Amounts. We Have Accomplished this Part of the Mission which Will Spiral those Who Are Ready Quickly Upward into The Higher Vibrational Frequencies, which Inevitably Brings More Magical Events for those Who Are Awake. The New Earth is Being Born and this Is Unstoppable.


Quoted from Bill Ballard"Yesterday we passed through the 11th Gate of the 11:11 Doorway out of duality to begin our living in the Oneness from whence we came. ..I have such gratitude and respect for everyone who have held to their truths and kept on their mission even in the face of danger and threats to their freedom simply for speaking out and their truth! WE DID IT! LOVE!" end of Quote


Quoted from Paul ".... As many of you are aware, last night a major shift and influx of love flooded in. This is not a coincidence (as we know there are none) that this occurred late on Thanksgiving Day-a day of Thanks and Gratitude. I noticed this Big Time at around 1:00 to 3:00am. The energies were so intense that it felt like the Earth and I was/is shifting at a fast and Large scale. I also noticed the moon had shifted south and grew exponentially in size and color in a matter of minutes. From this shift I am noticing clarity. Clarity in the aspect that the veil is hardly there if at all as I am adjusting quickly. Star brother and sisters are Now easier to see in the day time which is Amazing! Also, the elemental and Angelic's are now in continuous visualization. This is soooooooo exciting as knowing we are ONE and being able to feel the constant LOVE and see our divine family is an absolute blessing. Love reigns supreme! In regards to our Star family, I have been getting what I call Love operations almost nightly and Consciously!!!!! The aspects of these operations that I would like to mention NOW is of the HEART. I and many of you Consciously or sub-Consciously have been getting the same operations to various extents....Change is here! Love is here! It is time to celebrate....whoop, whoop. I love you ALL and thank YOU for your service to beloved Gaia, the Elementals, Humanity, Star Brothers and Sisters, and all the Kingdoms. Let LOVE and Gratitude lead the way. Much, much Love! Paul


Daily Sun: 23 Nov 12

Sunspot AR1618 has a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

Message from Skype to MotherGod [2:03:16 PM] Andrea: CME impacting NOW


We are Currently Being Energized By a Cme Which Impacted us synchronstically beginning at 2:03pm today on 11~23~12. In the Past 48 Hours Many CME's have Come out of Our Sun Assisting Everyone In our Current Energy Upgrade!


Weather Report from Earth Ally Rain "Volcanic activity continues to be moderate (slightly more activity than usual) with two notable exceptions. Mount Lokon, one of the most active volcanos in Indonesia, erupted twice Wednesday morning. And Mount Tongariro, also known as Mt. Doom in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, erupted on Wednesday, spewing ash 1.9 miles into the air. Mt. Tongariro also erupted back in August, for the first time in 100 years.
Earthquake activity has subsided some (recently we had 9 days in a row with quakes over 6.0 each day) but Chile was shaken by 7 moderate quakes in 24 hours on Wednesday, one measuring 5.9.
The recent storm system in the Pacific Northwest of the United States created record rainfall in Washington state.
On Thursday, fog caused a massive pile-up on a major highway in southeast Texas. At least 100 vehicles were involved and there were some casualties.
A cyclone named Medusa is forming in the Mediterranean and although it is still too early to predict exactly what will happen, Medusa’s impacts will be evident in four or five days.


Photo taken 11~22~12 Via Tiny Chat for Mission Success


All Portals are Open, Love is Pouring IN!

Missions have Been Accomplished All Activations Complete!


Quoted from Gaia Portal Update "Reflections of the Highest Vibrations Amplified Upon 11-22-12…Amplification of reflections via Gaia dome energetic structures has occurred via group actions on this date. Selected Gaia personnel have answered calls to service for Hue-manity. Gaia radiates and amplifies all energies from 5D-7D." End of Quote


Quoted from Earth Ally Rain "I AM so honored to have been given this assignment. I AM so honored to have received so much help from The Agarthans and The Angels to complete it. My Heart is full and My Soul is singing. *Tears of Joy* And I LOVE YOU." End of quote

Mission Clearing The Eastern Gate




 Light and Life

Bringing Light to the New Day

The Union of two rivers that become One in their flowing generating Life for New Realities


The Lion constellation reflected on the Sacred Path of RA created by the egyptians while travellin north and used by those who believed in a dream.




 Earth Ally Andrea Accomplished Mission in Switzerland on 11~22 at 9 churches following the Above Path. "The Return of The Divine Mother and The True Humanity of Love to Planet Earth.

"The Golden Hill (Collina d'Oro): Mirror of Heaven, the return of the Mother and her children.


Bringing all that was lost into the illusion of separation and darkness to it's True Love Vibration as All has Been Created As Love and Into Love All goes Back as It Already Is Now.

No more illusion will walk the Planet as ONly Love is Now allowed, due to Love's presence that dissolves the illusion.

All that was used to keep the dream... is Now a New Vibration of The True Manifestation of Love....


some of the sybols that were brought back to Light


Beloved Divine Mother

Full of Heaven and Earth

You protect innocence

by freeing True Nature in All Beings

gifting the wisdom of Reality

Vision of Spirit and Manifestation of God Gifts

Temple of Living Water

Eternal Source of Love.


Wife and Divine Mother

Spark of All that Is

Your Return is the Gate

of the Return of All Children of Love

Nurtured and Safe

in Your Sacred Womb

As the One Self united as One with All Creation

Sun of Truth

Light of the Planet


Breadth of Infinite Sparkling Love


ALL is Now enlightened!
As All the lost temples were Seen as Pure Light again, the last Temple is has been Opened as the New Light Portal:

The Hu-man Soul, for no external Temple is needed when the True One awakens from the dream.

Thank You Humanity for remembering Who You Are.

Orino Cermony:

In a sacread Space out of time, for All Living Beings, natural inheritor of Prime Reality

In the Presence of All Creation

We, the Suns and Daughters of God Decree the Return of the Divine Mother

The One that re-Unites all Paths in One

The One of the Divine HEART...


And this [Mission] would not have Manifested if "someONE" would not have come to kick me out of the dream I almost believed was true... 


and for all the lives we shared together...

and for all the adventures we had on this Planet and beyond time and space...

and for All The Love You Are...

Here and All Ways...

Thank YOU MotherGod" End of Quote


~ Gate Activation Complete~ MotherGod Thanksgiving Day~ Picture Surprise

Mysteriously taken On ThanksGiving day by a phone on the Couch, LOL


 To Read this Entire Brilliant Mission Completion You can Follow this Link:


 Quoted from Ron Head "Once again we send our heartiest congratulations for a job well done.  Your many group meditations at the opening of the eleven-twenty-two, while passing through the window or gate, whichever term you prefer, have been amazingly successful.  The influx of further energies has taken another great jump.

Your current state of consciousness and intent have , of course, determined exactly what you are experiencing and how it is manifesting for you, but that is exactly as it should be.

We see also that you have given yourselves another boost of the rate in which you are absorbing the changes, in order to be ready for the final developments which are approaching.  Please relax into this.  We assure you once again that you are more than on schedule and nothing may now deter your further awakening....Be at peace and in greatest joy and gratitude.  Your highest versions of yourselves are about to introduce themselves to you.  The exact timing of this, and the rapidity with which it occurs, will be determined by your highest Selves and your guides.  No matter how ready you may think you are for this experience, we assure you that a full scale and immediate onset of this could quite easily “blow your minds”.  Allow it to occur in the highest and best way.  You know what is best for you, and the you that we speak of is about to be experienced in ways you may not even have imagined yet....As we have already said through other channels, “Expect miracles.  You are one.”  I, Michael, and all of my legion, walk with you now, as we have throughout your journey, and ask you to request our help whenever you feel the need...." End of Quote

If You Have stepped into the River of this Oneness Energy Your Lives Are really going to be Lighting Up In Amazing Ways. Our Current Events Completions are Showing Up for everyone as A Sign of The Brilliant Moments Ahead, for those Who are Awake! We are getting reports and personally witnessing alot of shifting and changing taking place. Its truly a Miracle Unfolding Before Our Eyes! Each Now Moment Love Wins Again and Again and Again and in grander ways.


Quoted from Meline Lafont "Shifts on a high energetic level are to be expected.The portals in and of themselves have brought you so far already that awakenings are happening now on a global scale, and even more is still to come forward.  Events are happening on this Earth which are no longer tolerated and we will arrange matters partly by your consciousness and our assistance. You are definitely not alone in this, you can expect our continued support at all times.  That's why we are here in the first place, along with the great love that we actually feel and send to you all.

You and your planet are being taken care of and we oversee all that happens on your beloved planet. We are stationed and scattered everywhere around the Earth as well as in countless places in your spheres. Many times our fleet of space[star]ships have been observed by individuals and more observations are expected of course. Everything in its time, we know all too well what we do and what can be expected in these times.
The longings and the yearnings for first contact have considerably increased lately resulting in a shift in this regards what only can signify that our presence is already known by many. With each passing day we feel your request for contact increasing. We are extremely pleased with this and we continue working on our plan to announce our presence officially and to meet you all effectively.  In case you are uncertain as to our intentions consult your hearts and you will get to know for yourself who we really are and what we stand for. We only have your best interests at heart and display only loving intentions towards you as we feel so close to humanity and its planet. We do not differ that much in appearance from you, a fact that will become quite obvious really soon now.
What you will feel in your hearts at the moment of our meeting will be our true nature and Light, be it on an etheric level or on a physical level. You can never ever get deceived by the feeling of this : it is what it is. The only factor that would bring deception is the feeling of fear.[which is not real]..." End of quote



These are The Moments The Hopi's Shared with Humanity About The River or Oneness Energy Pouring In which occurred yesterday during our portal opening. They also shared to Stay in the middle, meaning Stay In The Center of Your Heart! Love is truly Moving In!


Quoted from Oraibi,"....There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration."

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation


Everyone is being effected by this current energy whether they are aware this or not. All which is not in alignment with this current powerful river of Oneness flowing into the Planet with this current energy will be transmuting and transforming as We prepare for the Birthing Energies of The New Earth=Heart, Where Love WINS ALWAYS.


Yesterday, was truly a Day of Overflowing Gratitude and Overflowing Joy which is Continuing today! Everyone We connected with over Our Network of Light Across the Planet, everyone had Kleenex ready, as the tears of joy kept arriving overflowingly! Truly a Magical Day occurred for Many! Its time For Lift OFF Into The Manifestation of The New Earth Everybody!


quoted from Slider 1313"The angels are telling us that positive energy is pouring onto the earth right now and increasing as the days pass. Wonderful. I have been feeling very calm and happy, very happy indeed as of late."’t-easy-being-me-5d-23november2012


With this Much Energy Pouring In, Humanity is Truly going to Be Lighting Up Like Christmas Tree's!! Everything is happening Brilliantly as We head towards another Whammy Eclipse on November 28th Preparing us for the 12~12 Portal which will Light Up Your LIFE! Here We Go Everyone, no stopping Us NOW or Ever!


Decreed by Heaven~ Gate Activation and Missions Have Been Accomplished. The Moment has Come to Light Up This Planet! We intend a Smooth Transition into the New Earth=Heart. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.



 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~


 Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!


  ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~


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You Can Join Us at this Link: Thank You for sharing with Others, the More who gather in the Oneness energies together The Quicker our Events Manifest!


 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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 Artwork Thanks to


 (Yojman Chase), Mt. Shasta is~of all Power Points here in the Northern Hemisphere~what could truly be called “Headquarters”,  Mt. Shasta is many things to this planets protection and service into the Light. She is also known as Ascension Mountain.



 ~WE are Going Home~

 ~We Mother and Father God, Represent the Atoms you are made of. Our Pineal Glands are Completely activated and opened. We are of "Divine Intelligence", and Represent the 2 becoming ONE. We are also the Very Essence of the Unknowable, which Equals Source, Equals Love, Equals Truth, Equals God, and Equals LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT=YOU.~



Taken 8~8~8 at 9:11am Divine Marriage At Stupa

Mother and Father God Amon Ra

Answering Humanity's Prayers of Love Everywhere

WE Love You With The Highest Love, Honor and Respect, for this is How we View Ourselves, and the Brilliance We Are. We are Your Examples of Love and Truth in Action, We Love You Unconditionally, Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra, All Your Angels, All within the Inner Earth, All The Elementals,  and All Beings Throughout Creation.



Angel Numbers Through Doreene Virtue...333 ~ The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you.


Important Link for Current Moments:


Tao[Ashvatha], Will, and FatherGod On Shasta Mountain

Written this poem awhile ago just for this moment;


"The never ending story of Eternal Divine Sacred Love as it either has a beginning nor end. All existence comes to be through loves inner breath & outer breath though beyond both and resides in the subtle stillness sacred space amidst invisible veil of dreams. Our pilgrimage path of Love permeate entire longing of beings and none beings yearning for itself to unfold into pure selfless faces. All are here from Love and will return back to Love. So let all be an expression our perfection of Love and create endless stories that belongs to Eternal Divine Dreams OnenessLove."


Love dedication to our Beloved Divine OnenessLove

MotherFatherGod Amon Ra

We Love You Unconditionally


This song is a prayer of Awakening. I Hear You Knockin refers to us becoming aware of God's presence in our lives, He is calling us Home, He is tapping us on the shoulder and saying "Check This Out". This of course represents my awakening to His presence in my life.  As a Lightworker this is what I came here to do. Let's get this Party Started!!! Dr Moe Posted 11~23~12




Upcoming Events

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Dear List,

A new Flurry is to arrive in a few days. I also have a few things I wish to say regarding its contents and then a few remarks by those you know in spirit follow.

I have been informed that the new FLURRY (Number 10 of the 2012 series) is somewhat a misnomer in that it far exceeds the idea of what the FLURRY is supposed to represent.

I am also told that Michael of Nebadon is delighted that he can prepare some remarks about the new Paper that represents a milestone on Urantia since the publication of the Urantia. That is because this Paper is the first time since the Papers were prepared for the disclosures of the fifth epochal revelation that staff of the Michael government convened on Urantia to help write the paper (going out as Flurry No . 10) you will soon see delivered via the BCC list, hopefully before the coming week is finished. It is in intensive editing right now and I can not name a time that it will be done.

Here are the remarks Michael prepared for the release on Flurry No. 10, and I hold nothing back from you and reprint the dictation as received on November 20, 2012 as I pondered how to finish the FLURRY. I have since then removed these remarks because of the length of the new FLURRY and because I thought it might upset people reading the Paper unnecessarily as sometimes off the subject.

(Remarks from Michael of Nebadon)

In conclusion, we have finished a very difficult paper to transmit. It has taken nearly five days of intermittent discussion, transmission, and correction, and STILL, it remains unfinished as of this evening. We are not sure you are being able to hear all we have to say [to the Editor, Ron], but we are confident that you hear enough to be able to write a document that should be in the Urantia Book after some additional work could be appended to it. Nevertheless, we consider the work finished on this subject for now.

In preparing this document we have had several disagreements over who should be allowed to speak. We had visits from J. Robert Oppenheimer; two Presidents of the United States, Roosevelt and Eisenhower; and two Saudi Kings as well as Winston Churchill. In all my days as a Creator Son, I have never seen such interest in a subject about such a small Paper as this one has been. However, it was decided after some considerable disagreement, to eliminate their remarks as historical as they were, in order to present a Paper that contains mostly about Ultimatons and how they behave and their nature in space. [Ron's comment: I have retained the addendum remarks, or you might call them the Afterward Remarks to the Paper, for future use but I can not predict how and when they will be used right now. There is some great history in them and a real eye opener in the case of the Eisenhower story related to me quite wide-eyed when he speaks about Caligastia materializing before him in Germany. Eisenhower knew not who he was or what he stood for at that moment, but he later learned what Caligastia wanted and was totally disgusted!]

Our mission on Urantia is to complete all pages of the forthcoming Paper called Ultimatons and the loss of sovereignty on Urantia by the scientific community should they ever believe what is written here, I am not afraid of them, nor is the editor of this Paper, nor is the last of the scientific community going to laugh when they learn that the end of the sentence of the last page of this document is the final statement about Ultimatons until I arrive in the flesh sometime in the coming years of the beginning of the Magisterial Mission.

We conclude that the last of the years of scientific experiment with particles and sub-particles was about over. But now we also think that the end of the rainbow for science on Urantia is appearing outside your windows come the end of this year (2012), as I have authorized the last day of the year to celebrate the coming of spring for the people of Urantia. I offer this mention in this Paper because this Paper represents a spring to come for Urantia that will never be lost again. We see that the time has come to end our association with the sciences on Urantia in order to prepare our presence in the flesh among you.

Then I too will be asking, where are your Papers on the Ultimaton, and why have you not begun to study the universe as it was meant to be studied? We stand on the brink of another discontinental monument to the appearance of another land mass off the shores of the city of New York. Its appearance will come when I arrive sometime beyond the next year, but I promise you, that I will become the Mayor of New York if you become the scientists I believe you all are capable of in spite of your disagreement that nothing of God exists in nature worth studying.

My study is for you. My heart is for you. My leap in faith is for you. But my understanding of what is to come is not for you to know until I arrive. Thereafter, I promise you, the scientist, you will have a new university, a new placement among your brethren, and a place among those at the table with the Magisterial Mission. My wish is that you bring to the table an idea of what an Ultimaton is going to be used for. I anticipate that somehow, somewhere, my work among you as Jesus, and as my self as the Creator Son of Nebadon, that these last words will resonate with your minds when we decide to make all public about your failures and your successes. In this I am deeply indebted to the Saudi Kings whose remarks have been deleted from this Paper, and from the Presidents Eisenhower and Roosevelt who placed their trust in this editor and for whom they have been provided with an outlet of their views of the Palestinian debacle and the ruse that caused Word War II to end before we, the Michael government of Nebadon, could end it with a bang.

In this I regret that the end of World War II started an arms race rather than ended a war, and while I am beginning to understand I have exceeded my time to end these remarks at the conclusion of this Paper, I would remind all of you that the last of the wars to be fought are now taking place in the Middle East. But before I preface my final statement, let me tell you all that if the atomic bomb had not broken the backs of the Japanese, I would have ended it from the land of spirit in a final solution that no one would have appreciated for centuries.

Our congratulations to this Editor and his helpers to make this Paper a point of interest in our history here in Nebadon, and a point of thought for those of you who read these pages on Urantia.. The Creative Spirit, my Spirit Partner, advises me that she also finds that the Paper is to be enjoyed and released as soon as possible before the celebrations begin on December 31, 2012, when the skies over Urantia become ignited with the showers of Ultimatons that will have their chains pulled and be consumed in spirit by the Father himself in order to prevail on Urantia thereafter. The sky will glow and the hearts of many will be glad.

In this I am with you, and my beloved Nebadonia, and for Urantia, I am Michael of Nebadon. My peace be with you.

END of Michael's Remarks of November 20th.

Ron: I do not know what happens now. This Paper on Ultimatons has only scratched the surface of the subject, yet it sometimes reads well without adding a lot for you to know before you read it. The Paper contains revelations you will not hear even in the coming second volume of the Urantia Book because we receive permission from Uversa to hear our discussions with the Personalized Adjuster assigned to Urantia to represent, and to actually be, Michael of Nebadon.

Xavier, the Personalized Adjuster is direct from Divinington and has been modified by the Father himself to portray Michael of Nebadon. I point out to the reader, that Xavier stood by my left elbow as I wrote and walked through every sentence with me and Rayson, the Chief Scientist for the Magisterial Mission, and with the Chief of Archangels, Coreli, to put his paper in readable English to laymen. Rayson's word pictures about the behavior of the various elements in the universe is enjoyable to read for me and I hope for you.

December 30, 2012

In about a fortnight I will make available to all of you and the BCC list an announcement I am told is coming about the celebration to be seen on the night of December 30, 2012. In that announcement I will be advised of the plan of Michael to provide all who can hear in their minds, the voice of Michael as it is heard on Salvington, and he will address all who can hear this voice of his so that they may know how they are being viewed from heaven and what each will be asked to do when the celebrations begin.

In this announcement I personally will be aided by the Archangel Coreli who also with me right now as I write this to you. He connects me up on the higher communication circuitry from Urantia. It is a powerful influence and I can hardly keep the tears out of my eyes for the spirit of an Archangel is potent and runs my fingers over the keyboard as though they were water over the surface of a dam.

The Archangel Coreli asks that all of you who hear this day of Thanksgiving, to prepare yourselves to be made available to Monjoronson when the day arrives for his fleet of vehicles to be seen by a select few. This fleet is organized as part of the celebrations in the skies of Urantia and each of you will be advised when and where they will appear to show the colors of Michael of Nebadon, the blue and white triangular banner that flies over the sacred mount on Salvington.

I must now conclude these remarks as I am aware that Michael himself wishes to make an additional statement to each reading this work:

Michael of Nebadon, Thanksgiving Day, 2012 on Urantia - -
Hear Me Now

I am Michael of Nebadon, and I assign each of you on this list who can hear me in your minds as you read this. I make the voice inside your head noticeable as you read this. I am making Urantia mine and I wish you all to become mine as quickly as you are able to say the words out loud: "Michael. I am yours!" Then we shall celebrate together the night of December 30th and the day later, the last day of the year of 2012, I will be yours forever when the new dispensation allows me to state that all things on Urantia become my ward on high, and that I declare to you that I am now proceeding to hear the voice of others come in to greet you all.

I am Michael of Nebadon, and I promise you the peace that shall endure!

The Most High

I am the Most High Andrononson.

I speak with authority of the Ancients of Days. I prepare you for the entire spectrum of change awaiting all of you at the end of this year. I propose that the end of this year begins with the end for many and the loss of their life on Urantia. These losses will be substantial. In this I praise the Father on High for his compassion and for his work to prevent wholesale slaughter of innocent children of the Most Highs. It will be done slowly and with compassion as the earthly population that believes in Caligastia and Monjoronson, that each shall be suborned no longer as mixing together. Such will be the danger near the end of December of land masses colliding among the seas of Japan and of China that we fear many will go forth that day and awake on mansonia the next.

Our work on Edentia for Urantia is just beginning. It was begun during the age of revolution during the 18th century and consists of several stages which we will now relate to you:

Stage 1: The last of the rebellion figures are identified and relegated to their places of discernment;

Stage 2: The last of the worst offenders who used Edentia and Salvington to further their purposes of rebellion on Urantia were interned;

Stage 3: The last of the offenders on Urantia were rooted out and the placement of the grid that was corrupted was taken out with portions destroyed and/ or repaired;

Stage 4: Our hearts go out to those on Urantia who shall leave no mark of their existence on the soil of Urantia when the fifth epochal dispensation is declared the last day of the year 2012.

Stage 5: The end of the world as you know it is ready to be declared. This represents changing the nearly 5 million volts of power need to provide the life giving morontia atmosphere existing in the grid area on Urantia for those in morontia states will be changed. That morontia atmosphere known to many as the grid, shall become affixed to the new regime of the Morontia Power Supervisors being brought to Urantia for this purpose.

In conclusion, I Andrononson, ask that all of you become involved in the statements from Michael that preceded my remarks. I ask all become dedicated to Michael, Monjoronson, and the staff that arrives on Urantia beginning tomorrow, the 23rd of November, 2012.

Chief of Archangels, Coreli

Here me, I am an Archangel of status on Urantia for the last 2,000 years. I have been awarded the Cross of Honor on Urantia by Michael himself. In this I am deeply indebted to Michael and to Divine Minister, my Creators. The Cross of Honor is now given to me (Coreli) by Michael, and to those others who were unafraid of Caligastia when he terrorized the System of Satania, and left us all aghast at the hatred and the devious nature of his purposes.

I address a letter that is well known to most of you for reasons you will understand:

Dear Santa Claus,

I regret to inform you, that Christmas this year will fail to blaze with lights. I call upon the Power Directors to obtain extra batteries, because we, the Archangels, refuse to watch one more Christmas without joy and without expectation of the peace that endures.

We send the following greetings to all of the commercial outlets who depend on Christmas to make their yearly goals for profit. You shall not be surprised that this Christmas is your LAST Christmas with the idea of making money. These offenses end December 31st when Michael and Monjoronson jointly decree the end to Christmas as you have celebrated for centuries.

Christmas will now become a holy day of the year for providing thanksgiving. as this day was given, the third Thursday of November, when President Lincoln declared it to be a national holiday in October of 1863. The idea was wonderful, but it has fallen on deaf ears for decades as no Thanksgiving erupts across this land anymore.

Coreli, Chief of Archangels on Urantia and medal bearer of the honorary degree the Cross of Urantia.

Michael of Nebadon responds to Coreli:

I am Michael of Nebadon, and I salute you Coreli for your work on high for me and for your dedication of the letter to Santa Claus. In that letter I would like to add just one new phrase, and that is:

"Dear Santa, I cross your name off my list of Saints, and I bear you no ill will forever, as you have prepared Urantia for the idea of gift giving and love from the outside sources we represent. In this gift giving I provide all of you the last idea of Santa Claus when I tell you that I will arrive in a machine considered obsolete, as that machine will be the wind. I arrive quietly the night of December 30th and I depart with fanfare on December 31st, 2012. Thereby, I tell you that I have now declared Urantia corrupt and broken and that it will be fixed and provided a new home in the bosom of the Father very soon.

We leave you with one word of advice, writer. Leave no trail alone in sending this information out to your outlets as quickly as possible. I await your affirmation in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, that you shall do so forthwith. Keep me in your heart and hold my hand as the whirlwind of thought is about to take hold of every mind these words, b chance, will find residence and with affirmation of your intention to do so, I now leave you as I have much work to do for Urantia and for Nebadon.

From the Ancients of Days of Uversa
The Soul of Jesus Speaks

I am Antoli, and I serve as liaison for the Ancients of Days on Uversa. Antoli is of an Order not revealed on Urantia, and provides the remarks of the Uversa Ancients of days regarding a Primary Supernaphim to be assigned to Urantia. The Primary Supernaphim is the personalization of the soul of Jesus. I am the soul of Jesus so many of you have sought my whereabouts for so long.

You have wondered who I am and where I am for years. You considered it a mystery that may never be solved in your lifetime. I stand here before you as you write these words on the screen, and I tell you, you will never quite know where I am coming from as I am ready to serve on Urantia the moment Jesus returns. In this duty I feel for you and for all others, I remain Jesus.

Jesus so loved the world, he fell no further than the death on the cross.

He lived his life as you live yours. I am returning to the Father for a brief stay on Paradise as I have been confirmed on high to serve on Urantia as a Primary Supernaphim of the First Order. In that work, I propose that the life of Jesus be given to the midwayers to revise so that we have a complete history of the Life of Jesus now partially told in Part IV of the original Urantia Book. In this request to the Ancients of Days on Uversa, I ask that the spelling of Jesus be changed to Joshua as I am known as Joshua and I partake of the last meal on Urantia as Joshua.

In this petition before the Uversa Ancients of Days, I wish to convey the idea that I shall return without the moniker Joshua, but that I shall become known as the man who died on the Cross I.N.R.I..

Hereby in notice, I provide each of you a statement of profession of faith for me. It is as follows:

Give me your daily life as I have given you my Father and his spirit of joy to all. I stand ready to give all that can be given in one short life on Urantia. In this I am indebted to my Father and to those who loved me more than I can bear. To you my children I give all that the Father can give in the flesh. To all of you who hear my words, let me be the one who knows you heart first and your life to become in the spirit. Life is beyond my name but I convey all to those who know my heart is pure and I sing the praise of a Father to the Father Of Us All.

I write one more sentence before I end these remarks:

I hold no one in obedience to me that has no wish to be mine. I hold no one in thought who wishes no thought of my reunion with Urantia these coming days and hours. I hold one in danger of the loss of their life for not coming to me quickly in the days ahead. I provide no one a thought that all must end soon, for that is not to be done. I ask that all receive me graciously and with good intention to serve our Father in Heaven.

I am Michael of Nebadon. I testify to the remarks above as that of my soul mate, and that I leave you tonight as I leave you every night, to see to the end of a rainbow that will appear on the night of December 31st in the dark, and that at the end of that rainbow you all shall see will be a larder of light the likes of which you have never witnessed. No clouds will obscure these wonders. I bid you all good day and good night, and ask that you find the peace to seek me as I ride the wind to be with you every moment you so allow.



Thank you so much for this

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Thank you so much for this information if this would be for the benefit of all humankind, if these are for the purpose that we would again worship them as god’s, sorry to disappoint you as we have known this coming ascension/transformation is for us to be one, we are all part of the creator. I will quote of what Tolec of the says about this demi-god' aliens attempting to present themselves as our "saviors" at his FAQ page. Tolec, have you seen Alex Collier's recently released video with Carlos of "Shiny Demise", this month [March 2012], and heard what Alex had to say? Would you please comment on this. ANSWER: So many people have written to me about this matter. I've now watched all four (4) parts of Alex's recent telephone interview with Carlos. And therefore, I will respond to the relevant part of this video, the part that people are asking about: 'demi-god' aliens attempting to present themselves as our "saviors". First of all, it is my strong belief that no one, no one entity, or group of entities, no beings from anywhere... should ever be worshiped as our "saviors". Not. Don't do it. Good people of Earth, you are your saviors, no one else. You have the incredible power, knowledge, intellect, wisdom, willpower & grace to choose, to evolve... and to continue evolving... to determine your own destiny... to become the great race of people you were meant to be. Now, while Alex and I are each in telepathic contact with different commanders from different Andromeda Council flagged biospheres; my five (5) contacts, including Tania, the Vice Chairwoman of the Andromeda Council itself, they are on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere where many of the formal Andromeda Council, advisory board & sub-committee meetings are held. Please see the page 2. of this web site regarding the composition of the Andromeda Council: And; Moranae, Alex Collier's now primary contact, because as Alex has said Vassaeus has transcended to the next dimension of life, Moranae is the commander of a different Andromeda Council flagged biosphere where Alex has visited. Therefore, our information, the information he receives, the information I receive, it is segmented. And, because it's segmented - Alex & I each learn different aspects of different strategic information about what is going on regarding the 'war' on Earth... for the freedom of Earth people's hearts, minds, and souls. That is what this is about. That is what is what is going on right now, at this moment in time, this transition moment in our planet's history... as we are about to become higher dimensional human beings. Therefore; I have no problem with anything Alex said in his recent interview. However, if you listen closely, he did not say that [paraphrased] "...another extraterrestrial group is going to land on Earth." Alex did say, a group of extraterrestrials connected to the "Cabal, Illuminati, Powers That Be, etc.", [claiming to be gods or demi-gods... Annunaki that have been hanging around on this planet for a while] is going to be presented, &/or is going to try to present themselves to the people of Earth by our own local [to this planet] 'bad guys', the power structure on the planet, aka - the 'Cabal", 'The Powers That Be', the 'Illuminati' - you get the idea. If Alex is right, and if this happens, then NO! It's plain and simple. No one on planet Earth should worship these beings. More important, know that this is just another negative power play distraction... by the 'Powers That Be' to attempt to have the people of Earth continue to give up more of their sovereignty & freedoms. That's all it is. A negative power play distraction. Based on fear & intimidation. Nothing more. Don't believe it, don't 'buy into it'. In closing, regarding this specific topic, a.) the people of Procyon, of the Andromeda Council, continue to have consistent success in taking out Draco & Hydra Reptilian underground & undersea bases all around Earth... and are sending these beings to the far outer edge of this Universe. Further, the people of Procyon have already said if these alleged 'demi-gods' try anything serious... the people of Procyon can & will easily take out this bunch as well... given the fact that Reptilians are far larger, meaner, malicious & more vicious than these alleged 'demi-gods'. b.) this is a time of transition on this planet, and eventually, the local 'bad guys' - the 'Cabal,' the 'Illuminati', the 'Powers That Be'... they will lose. That's the deal. Their time here is ending, this is the reality of this end game. It's really a matter of timing and difficulty, or lack of difficulty, for the people of Earth... depending on what choices they make. Are the people of Earth going to give away their power again for a short time {bad move!} like they did during the time of the reign of the Annunaki & the various Egyptian dynasties? Or, are the people of Earth going to smarten up and say, NO. Not this time. Earth, this is our planet. This particular group of ETs, so called 'demi-gods', or any other self serving ones like them, go find something else to do with your time... somewhere else. Leave Earth humans alone. Earth people have the freedom, sovereign right... and the power to say this. In the end, this planet and the people on it are evolving. It is the destiny of this planet, and its people, to evolve. Nothing can stop it. It's that simple. They will evolve into becoming far more beautiful, far more incredible, far more naturally gifted, higher dimensional human beings. It is going to be a glorious new existence for the human race on Earth. It is just a matter of how easy or difficult it will be along the way... depending on personal choices. Choose wisely.

To both of you

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It doesn't need to be complicated. This one takes only the thought that collaborative writing is a very good idea....yes, and editing.

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wonderful update. just amazing. i am out of words for today. all i have left are tears of joy.

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What exciting times to be incarnated here!


I thank You, The Universe, for all this blessed connections!


Love, Luas***