GFP Newsletter - 10/14/2017

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Thinking is digested into feeling - it becomes your heart, so love is still a more subtle bio-energy than thinking, but that too is not the end.

Again in love, that which is more subtle is absorbed and digested - it becomes your witness, your meditation. It becomes your awareness, but that too is not the end because still the witness is there, and when the witness is there the division is there.

The division has become narrow; you are coming almost to the center but the division is still there.

You are a witness - the subject and the object. Of what are you a witness? The division is still there.

Then at the last jump energy has become totally centered; the object and subject disappear. Then there is no witness, then you have gone to the Beyond, then you are as if you are not. You are and you are not; you have become the Whole.

This is the state, the final state where in one way you are totally, utterly annihilated, and in another way you have become the Whole. The son disappears, now you have become the Father. Now there is no Jesus, just the Supreme-most Father exists - the son is absorbed. Where will you draw the line between that which is outside and that which is inside?



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