GFP Newsletter - 11/22/2017

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One night, a policeman saw Mulla Nasrudin. It was late, the whole city had gone to sleep. Mulla was passing, drunk, playing on a mouth-organ. He stopped Nasrudin and said: You are drunk again Nasrudin. You will have to accompany me. Nasrudin said; Sure thing! What you wanna sing?

'You will have to accompany me,' he had said, but when a drunken man listens, he interprets in his own way.

Once he was caught and brought to the police station. He was very angry and annoyed. He was shouting: Why have you brought me here? What do you think I am? - and many things, as drunken people do. Then the sergeant who was at the desk said: You have been brought here for drinking.

He said: Then it is okay - when do we start?



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